Pre Alpha 8 / HWS 8 Announcement | 12th June

Hey @everyone,

it’s time again for our ritual…

Alpha 8 = HWS 8 will be released on 12th June!

As always we take this opportunity to go to our big major HWS version — even though it means that our run time of HWS 7.X.X season was not 3 month by then, but almost (end would have been the 17.06.).

What will be wiped?

Common question and the general answer can be found


But with HWS 8 we also wipe additional things because the game changed in a bigger scale. This was already announced but just a reminder again:

  • All Emergency Ratios (500 credits per item)
  • All Epic weapons (5k credits per weapon)
  • All Repair Bay (BA) (1 credit per item)
  • All Repair Bay (CV) (1 credit per item)
  • 50% of Canned food (veg + meat: 50 credits per item)
  • 50% of small and large medi packs (50 credits per item)

So you get some credits back for your OCD content and can enjoy to farm it properly again.

HWS 8 Teasers

I am still in the middle of progress… can’t share much but some insights — known and not known:

  • No Epic weapons can be crafted again – find them in POIs, get them via PDA Mission rewards or trade them or win them

  • HWS Config updated based on old Config and new situation – mainly making more custom templates to fit better to the HWS Universe and improving performance in combats widely

  • New starter experience – new POIs you will discover and fiddle out their puzzles; eventually

  • Reworked the HWS Universe to create more PvP challenges but also making PvE more spread, interesting, challenging. Both, PvP and PvE in the whole HWS 7 cycle revealed a lot of data for me to consider now. While we have a very big unknown variable in HWS 8 about the planet sizes, Mining system and overall changes, we know what more or less worked and what not…

    • PvE worked not that well because the permanent PvE planets and orbits were full, all the time. And even if some could spread out more to other playfields, most of the player didn’t.
    • PvP worked not that well because Gold totally spoiled a lot of player, Gold attracted glitch wars and accusations, Gold attracted intrigue and Gold hoarding was the brother of boredom

    With HWS 8 we go not only bit more back to the roots but also make some cuts here and there. While PvE is still legit and reasonable for Multiplayer to a certain degree (instead of just saying “Play SP if you like PvE”), it will be now controlled by the EGS organisation, which means Taxes are applied on those as soon as it gets too full, to help spreading out. But not all PvE playfields, there will be some new ones far out, unknown, worth the discovery.

    PvP on the other hand needs a new fresh air. The Poll here was very interesting, even though not taken serious from some players…
    Anyways beside the fact we get a lot of dynamic with no base bp spawning out of the pocket and a Land Claim device which needs to get destroyed for no Anti Grief there will be changes to Armageddon and Golden Globe. Not 100% at that point in my list yet but overall less bases, more in-out fights, challenging planet areas for Gold and just a focus on PvP rather than camping, hoarding, hugging. That lesson was made.

  • Supergates will be your new travel system around the universe

  • Reputation Points will have massive impact on a lot of things, hence some things will change how to get them etc.

  • Much more I am still working on…

Last but not least three notes:

  1. Patreon has to be delayed. If I want to make it good I need much more time

  2. The Orbital Factory and rework of the HWS Skill Tree will come also on a later point where I can focus on that 100%. Coding them needs quite some time.

  3. Donator Playfield Owner need to report to me what should happen with their current planet. Last time it was way too much stress so you have max. one week to let me know your plans or they are free for new player again.
    Sidenote on Donator Planets: the max. Class for them will be Class 3 as a test. So you can choose Class 2 or 3 with the rest unchanged.

I’m in a hurry again, sadly can’t make it more “catchy” but just hope all will be cool in HWS 8! Trying my best!
Stay tuned…

Your HWS Team

I laughed my ass off on the camping, hoarding, hugging. Too funny.

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Ah taco no fair I wanted to be first

on a side note look like for once I planed my vacation just perfect for alpha

No matter what you do Rexxus your true fans will enjoy HWS 8. I have yet to find another server that can compare to HWS. I can not believe that I did not get hooked on HWS before 6. Just remember Rex there is still a world out there so go get some sunlight for 5 minutes a day. LOL. I hope you see that as the joke it is meant to be. See you in 8


If people keep voting for HWS regularly then we might be Server number 1 pre-8.0! :slight_smile: That’ll be great as it’ll bring in a flood of recurring players to HWS! :slight_smile:

Best regards


I’ve heard rumors of saplings and vegetables themselves not transferring to the next season too due to changes in 8.0. Is that true or just a rumor? I want to make sure so I can optimize my OCD.

Thank you!

Dont know about carry over but they can definitely no longer be pre-placed in your blueprints.

“Gold hoarding was the brother of boredom” will be my new mantra.
Thanks for the update on what will not be carried over.

I didn’t hoard that much gold. Actually spent about 90% of it.

No moar mining! It’s evil drain has stopped!

hopefully they will be repairable then.

I use my gold to pay my alliance kill fines. Has cost me 8 mill this season so far. RP to cred conversion should cover most of it as I too avoid mining.

I had to get the ever-elusive OCD7, to support my hoarding habits. 70000 of one item per slot, isn’t enough.

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If your saying normal warp drives/system are being replaced with this object. That means no one can just warp jump from any location to a system. Meaning if you are being chased, you better run to the nearest gate.

This also means people can use camp weapon satellite bases better. As long as the exit point from one of these super gates are not static. Unless you also give each gate like a 2-5km diameter “no build zone” bubble around the gate. Then all is fine so that no one can drop bases on these new gates.

Language… I didn’t mean “replace” even though this would create such a dynamic you are talking about.

In fact it is an addition. Not only for Prototype guys to take their ships with them this time but also for shortcuts here and there.

You have to reach the Supergate zone, yes. But the zone is a random drop off / or take away zone. So in PvP it will be quite big to don’t make warp camps that easy happen.
The anti Grief zone isn’t that high in space so I guess the don’t camp rule has to be extended a bit.
We will see.

Yea no problem Rexx, just that to us “your new travel system” at least for me meant that : ). You know me, I like building things in places people did not expect lol.

my bad. I’m in a rush at the moment :persevere:

It is a brand new big feature and we see first how it goes, hence the warp is free, no cost doing it.
Excited to see how all turns out

hey @RexXxuS i was thinking about the congestion on the Origin HQ planets and how you were saying people were not spreading out to the other PVE planets.

Would setting RP cap on the HQ planets be a feasible solution?
for example: Alliance HQ would be capped at a 100 RP, once a player has reached that cap they have a timer similar to the Starter planet where they had 7 days to move or lose their cores.

That is an interesting idea. It is only missing the “counter part”. The motivator to earn a lot of RP. Otherwise everyone is happy to not collect RP anymore.

While I made RP dramatically more gameplay relevant for HWS 8, the bigger thrill (why) to earn them is still missing I guess. Beside buying stuff with it, entering planets, etc.

RP = bigger e-peen?

Maybe RP can also be used to determine the number of assets on HQ planets, but in reverse. Low RP less than 100 you could have say 5 cores, every 20 more you get 1 less, to a max of 1.

Or maybe have allowed a 1 size larger BP on a restricted play field for X number of minutes.

Or conversion for 1 time discounts at the garage.

The only thing that would bother me is that the RP would be too easily received for freelancer, 300 Pentax is nothing to lose compared to 999 ingots or 77 AM cores, it’s weighted heavily in that favor.