Bug: ship disappeared

What happened: I am stop my CV in planet at ~30m to orbit(in 2nd case ~12m). Then I leave CV and enter in small vessel(it docked to CV). While entering in small vessel I die.
After I dropped the ship(CV) to the ground (via Switching power in registry) and enter in docked sv - it disappeared. In registry small ship is visible until i leave playfield. Control panel is not available. I do this twice, and bug reproduced.
Player(s) with issue: nat
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 15:01
Playfield: Mars X7
Structure Name(s): “ntc”, “.”, “mt” (without quotes; mt - CV)
Structure ID(s): 3995162, 40887780, 40411767
How can we help you now: fix bug and restore ship(only small vessels, CV is ok)

You ignored even the message telling you that you will die if you continue doing what you did.

Bug is on the list for devs but not fixed yet.

3995162 - can’t be found.
Other ships are still active.

i didnt see any messages

typo. correct is 39951623

Sorry but I don’t understand and can’t restore.

You have ~300 playhours. 4+ million credits. 700 RP and asking for my time of a 16 block & 16 device & 27 blocks & 27 device ships. And you even knew that is a bug.

Very time consuming.

Please check this topic before asking for our time:

ok no problem, at first this message is a bug report.

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