Cant Store epic armor in OCD (lvl 6)

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What happened:
=> Few days/weeks i ve tried to put an epic armor in OCD, but it says i need ocd lvl 6.
Then i’ve been frming gold and RP to lvl UP my OCD for maybe 1 week.
Now, i’m lvl 6 and i try again to store epic armor, i still have the same error message:
“Sorry, please upgrade to level 6 to store such valuable stuff in OCD”.

Player(s) with issue:
=> m1ckeyten

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 20:02 20th may

=> OCD zone

Structure Name(s):
=> None

Structure ID(s):
=> None

How can we help you now:
=> Don’t tell me i can’t store my epic drill/armor because this is the only reason i’ve been farming gold for several days.

“Don’t tell me i can’t store my epic drill/armor”

Not gonna get many correct answers then mate :grin:

Fallen is right. This is sadly an old message.

You can read more in the guide section.

Nothing is written in this guide : Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD)

Is There a way to save them ? I ve just farm for nothing?

Is the HWS marketplace reset after wipe ? Otherwise i will try to sell my armor and pay x% for getting my armor back after wipe.

I ve just played for 1 week farming gold (which s borring as fuck for a “non- farmer” like me) for nothing ? I m sad :frowning:

Well, technically as of you writing that post it does say that.

The message you receive is not correct and is on the radar of bugs that need fixing. OCD 6 is a worthwhile purchase anyway and you should definitely not feel that your time has been wasted achieving it!

I’m sure if you’d rather have your credits and RP back the admins would be happy to reduce your OCD level if you request it due to this incorrect message.

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I know farming is boring, but you did get ocd6. More storage, more slots, first big step towards the big ones 7-10… so you did not do it for nothing.

Also, a new epic after the wipe should be not to hard to get… I can help you if you want when we get there.

But, if you just got it, maybe @RexXxuS would refund the money and lvl down this once.

Everything on the marked is deleted. Also, if he refunds 70mill, you need to save the money as well.


sorry that message is indeed wrong :frowning:
We changed the OCD levels a while ago and did not change the error message…

Let me know if I should refund it or if you want to keep it.

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