Clarification of Server Rules

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FullSized, a member of [5-A] 5th Armada Alliance engaged our T1 CV on a warp in from Gold world to Hunter World. We are L-H LowSecScrubs Hunter.
He claims to have engaged in self defense, however as sever log would surely show, we had no ammo loaded in our ships guns to begin with, ever, on that ship.
To be clear, we expected this at least in half, but we have received conflicting reports as to if is both camping a warp point, and engaging as Hunter vs Alliance is ok or not. Some Admin clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, now you get a story to go with your coffee or tea.

The given scenario is that while in warp back from the resource planet cluster, loaded with gold and smirking. Lo, and behold! Upon landing at the orbit of our new home, Hunter World, we are immediately fired upon by an yet unknown entity.

Now, we aren’t silly carebears gents, we know what to do. I order the jump tank loaded at nearest continence while consider my next choice of flavored soda, while aligning out like a good little pilot. We come from a universe where you die somewhere alone near planet five, if you forget to stay aligned, you see.

As it came to be known in this time, the gentlemen testing the viability of his weapon systems was of the Alliance, and with us being Hunters, we had received mix reviews on the engagement protocol going on here.

Well, our weapons had no ammunition loaded for ship to ship combat, and by now our jump engine is offline and we are drifting waiting to die. We dont just give up of course however.

Our accountant, diplomat, and Master at Arms Mr “Dup” Cho ever quick on his feet manages to grab most of the precious gold, and escape in the docked small shuttle on the aft platform of our Colony Ship. At least we were ISK positive.

Eventually after a lengthy engagement of shooting vainly with a handheld rocket launcher, we are killed, our remains looted, and a lesson learned to always fly with guns loaded, and ready to auto fire.
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Here is a list what which faction can attack.

Alliance cannot attack a hunter on sight. And if you didn’t have weapons it was not self defense, The admins can look at the logs to determine how long the players was near the warp point before attacking you to determine if it was warp camping.

Make a crime report here so they can look into it.

punishment is swift and stern. I have been on the receiving end of it.

Thanks friend!

I looked around for a RoA of some sort, but, being terrible at forums, failed.