Combat Difficulty

Are there any plans on addressing the combat difficulty and the lack of armor functionality? I have noticed and seen many others say armor basically gives no protection and fighting shooter style with weapons, infiltrating poi’s etc is really dialed up. It doesnt seem to matter how much HP you have, you are dead in two seconds if you get shot at first. This really makes that aspect of teh game not much fun and many have said they avoid teh shooter aspect for those reasons. I am inclined to agree and I think it’s sad that to have to miss out on a part of hte experience that can be really fun due to the difficulty and frustration it presents.

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Are you talking about HWS RE or HWS+?

I’m sure HWS RE. I agree with his accessment 100%

I see.
On the one hand Reforged Eden is as it is. Best if you ask the creators what their opinion is about fps combat.
On the other hand HWS has unique features to help with that.


That way you can have more than 500 Health, which helps a lot.

But I know that even with 10k health and a broken Armor, you die fast, if tanking shots from a Zirax Minigun for example.
Especially if this game bugs out again and they shoot through walls or what not.
That would be Eleon territory to complain about / making a bug report.

Combat wasn’t like this in the vanilla server I played on before I came here so I assumed it was possibly an admin controlled difficulty setting specific to this server or to RE. I was wearing medium armor with one defense boost all the time and although I still needed to be cautious and try to avoid fire, it was not a case where 2 seconds you’re dead through advanced heavy armor with 2 advanced defense boosters and 1k hp survival bonus. Maybe it isn’t so much the enemies do more damage and maybe it is a case where armor is broken and doesn’t actually offer any protection? I tested once since my armor was zero durability anyway by taking it off and going back to the same enemy multiple times then put new full durability armor on with boosters so 725 or so armor rating and each time I died just as fast from the same troop (I believe he had an assault rifle of some sort) as I did without armor on at all. From my experience there is definitely a big difference in combat survivability between vanilla and this mod. If there is nothing to be done that’s too bad because I very much enjoy attacking POI’s as an infantry assault but sadly it is just too frustrating as it is.

Technically it is, but making such scenario changes is not something that gets done, unless it is important.
In this case, as Rex said, you need to contact Vermillion or Ravien, the creators of the scenario, if you want change.

Absolutely I think it is worth dropping them a note however I want to locate their boards to see if it has already been brought up to them which I have to believe it has been in which case I’m not sure my two cents will be worth much. Or maybe Reforged Eden was just intended for the fps aspect to be way more difficult.

All that said, I’ve logged 223 hours on this server so far and I am loving every minute of it so I plan on being a part of and supporting this community for a long time to come. You guys are great and the whole HWS interface with the game is just fantastic.

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Here is their forum on the official site, this is the best place to ask questions or raise issues.

Then there is also the workshop page discussion and comments section. They are good about responding in there too.

I think they also have a discord and/or a section on the official Empyrion discord too.