HWS Skill Tree

The Skill Tree is a new feature of HWS Connect and it allows players to customize their character’s stats. It’s another HWS exclusive!

The HWS Skill Tree options gives players the ability to raise their Character’s skills within the game.
Be sure to carefully choose your Skills wisely because you cannot change your choices easily!

How does it work?

A new ‘currency’ has been added to the HWS story. They are called: Skill Points (SP).
Players get 1 Skill Point each day by clicking on the Daily Loot button and claiming the contents.
The more Skill Points you gather, the more options you unlock.

By choosing the left or right Skill Point, your choice applies immediately if you are online. For example, it is possible to Boost your Health to a higher maximum amount. A player’s health could be as high as 1000!

However, you have to be logged in to use this feature. If you are offline and are accessing HWS Connect via smartphone and apply collect your daily loot this way it won’t work.


Please note that your Skill points aren’t SHARED between your EU and NA characters if you play on both severs. So you can collect Daily loot on both EU server, and NA. But you still have to be logged in to collect it, which you can do with Cross Server Warp

Skills do not persists on the server since CSW does not transfer or overwrite your skills on the other server.

Furthermore, a cb:reset does not affect your HWS Skill Tree. It will reset your character stats ingame.

Once your skills are selected, you must wait 20 days before you can reset your skills back to Day 1.

A full server wipe will reset all character skills as well.

Future Plans

Coming Soon: Origin Skills!

Each origin will have special abilities unique to their group.

Players who log on often or daily to play or just to collect their Daily Loot will be able to customize their characters much more than before and this will provide an Empyrion gaming experience unavailable anywhere else but HWS.