Commodity Trader 2.0 Patch | Mission Dealer | PDA Up-to-Date


Hi HWS Community,

the time has come! It’s somehow a huge patch for me, with months of work behind, even if it’s for you most likely just one “F” button press…

IMPORTANT: you have to close Empyrion and start it again + join HWS to be able to see all the new changes!

Anyways, I’m excited to announce all Commodity Traders are implemented and you can start your big trading journey now!

Find cheap items to buy and sell them expensive somewhere else!

Create profitable trading routes! :slight_smile:

I tried to make a very quick and uncut video about the Traders and especially Mission Dealer.
It’s probably too long and sorry for the sound volume fail but whoever like, check it out here:

Once again thanks to @Hayawen for his insane help and skills to be able to do all of this. Especially updating the PDA Guide so easily! The whole Forum guide is now ingame up to date! Spread the word!

Commodity Trading Guide

Please make sure to read and understand this Guide very carefully now!!

Especially this info graphic :slight_smile:

Other than that… I must to hurry here and I just looking forward to this “new” gameplay.
I know some waited long time for it and me as a player, like trading a lot!

Hence, as I said, I will start Twitch streaming a “Let’s play on HWS as an Owner” tomorrow or so. Experience everything as a player, without any godmode command or whatsoever :smirk_cat:

But I will also push further updates to implement Missions to all Racom Stations - giving you in the end over 100 unique and interesting missions! :slight_smile:

THANKS a lot for your patience and good luck and have fun trading! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team

Commodity Trading 2.1 Patch

We are waiting for you in PvP area :smiley:


So the ingame PDA will automaticly update when the guide does?? Or did you just fully update the PDA.


Yes or well, with 2 mouse clicks it’s instantly up to date now!!! :slight_smile:

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #7