Commodity Trading 2.1 Patch


Hi HWS Community

More than 2 weeks have passed with the Commodity Trading 2.0 update.
5 Days I tested it myself with Notes I made along the way.
Overall it was the right direction but needs some tweaks here and there to make the time and danger in PvP worth the trip! So here we go with a bigger boost to Commodity Trading!

Old Trading Data

Rarity Buy / Sell Price¹ Buy Quantity² Sell Quantity²
Common 10k - 30k 0-12 4-24
Rare 30k - 90k 0-9 3-18
Epic 90k - 180k 0-6 2-12
Ultra Epic 180k - 360k 0-3 1-6

New Trading Data

Rarity Buy / Sell Price¹ Buy Quantity² Sell Quantity²
Common 10k - 50k 8-12 20-30
Rare 30k - 120k 6-9 16-24
Epic 60k - 240k 4-6 12-18
Ultra Epic 120k - 500k 2-3 8-12

The green numbers are obviously the changed values.
As you can see we boosted not only the quantity but also the price span to reflect the distance you have to travel with the risk of overall cargo transporting.

Depending on your trade route you are now back in million businesses.

Note: the plenty feedback I got still showed me that you underestimate or don’t understand the Economy Playfield logic. I highly recommend you create your own Excel Sheet and carefully document your trades. Only then you will get behind the deeper logic we have implemented here.

The changes are live now!

Thanks for the feedback and Happy trading everyone! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team

P.S.: As a next step I will re-evaluate the Vanilla / Non-Commodity Trader


Nice! When can we expect these changes to take effect?


Not sure if its working I just bought leather at ECC racom for roughly 20K and trying to sell it at Binomi Racom the trader is buying at just over 15K so not worth trading leather at this put I know the price can fluctuate but to be profitable there has to always be a profit margin in place.

Price loss was similar with the deco blocks.


@Bloomsfield Have you studied @RexXxuS chart from the 2.0 post? Binomi is an unpromising economy.


Binomi is sustainable

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Sorry confused system and planet. =D


I have a few notes I would like to leave concerning the commodity trading.

  1. The recent price and volume increase made trading now worth exploring. The previous values rendered trading not worth the reward vs work/risk involved.
  2. The system is mentally taxing. I enjoy a good puzzle and numerically analysis. However, I feel the average player will not enjoy the need of an excel document and trade route map to maximize profits. I could be wrong. Mindlessly mining gold still makes more credits per hour than trading. Not a complaint just a compariative analysis.
  3. If the idea that commodity trading should be a group effort would be rediculous. The profit I have earned solo trading would not make the time vested worth it if the profits needed to be split amoung faction mates.
  4. I haven’t found a vendor that sells ultra epic items. The new chart suggests that 2-3 should be sold.
  5. Lastly, I am glad the value and volume of sales was increased and the community concerns were addressed. Thank you for listening.
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