CSW Obduction

I personally must csw from Eu to NA? or swivel?

I am on NA what do I do now?

You, since CSW is “reserved” for your player and your private ship is waiting on EU.
If Golden Boi, HMSS Loon Refit are your ships let me know when you are on EU.
Then I switch it to your faction and you jump with all 3 ships back to NA.

ok logging into EU

I am on Eu and I cannot move lol
or type commands

The 2 ships are set to you.
Can you jump with all 3 to NA now?

ok I will try to csw to NA with these 3 umm what do I type when I get there? and should I do anything before?

this isn’t the cv I took however it was the loon refit eye and black banshee

ah I found them I hope it doesn’t take this cv you brought me here with also

so I have no clue what I should do? should I dock the 2 sv’s onto my cv?

Ok here again, and everything is working like this and not different:

You are in faction CAT.
You have 3 ships around you, 2 set to faction CAT (Golden Boi, HMSS Loon Refit) and one private one the Black Bansee), right?

Now just type “csw:start:na” and follow the chat.

CSW is essential to play on 2 servers.
More info here:

ok your info. is correct and they are all docked going to csw now!

it wanted to take my daybreaker with me I flew a bit away from it hopefully there is a distance rule

It needs some time until it recognize them. I can warp the ship away from you too

it is saying “you can only warp with a ship” I am guessing because I said NO to the 1st CSW that wanted to take the daybreaker and the rest I don’t want to take the daybreaker but only what I am in and what is docked

would you warp the daybreaker to where it originally was in Peacekeeper west where I was by my repair station?

TY rexxxus for saving me! I will check my bank etc on both servers. I hope I didn’t lose anything :slight_smile:

No problem - now you know how CSW works. It’s used ~ 100 times per day.

Yes, check everything and let us know later. On HWS 99% is never lost.

Eu and NA’s ocd bank RP etc seem in tact all my stuff seems fine TY so much I hope anyone who reads this ticket or anything you add to guide knows that CSW is a special feature that needs to be researched heavily

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