Dealer Origin

Story and Gameplay

The Dealer Origin was born out of all other Origins. After few Clone Cycles the EGS saw the Trade Volume of certain Clones and decided to investigate into an own Origin with specific Dealer DNA.
At the cost of combat abilities those Dealer should give the EGS Corporation some side income… “should”.

Here are some of the guiding principles, requirements, features and benefits if you choose Dealer as your Origin:

  • The Dealer Origin weapon is the HWS Dealer Origin Gun
  • Specialized in Trading
  • Dodge fights as long as it’s not related to efficient trading
  • Start RP Friendly with the Trader NPC Faction

Dealer Supply Packages

This supply package can save your life or get you out of a tight spot. The HWS Universe is not without danger, so if you find yourself stuck somewhere without supplies, use this command - but be sure there is room in your inventory first! Every Origin has access to different versions of these survival supplies, so use o:supply wisely. This command can be used once every 7 days.

Tier I | Unlocked at < 1000 HWS DNA

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Tier II | Unlocked at < 2000 HWS DNA

Tier III | Unlocked at < 3000 HWS DNA

Tier IV | Unlocked at < 4000 HWS DNA

Tier V | Unlocked at < 5000 HWS DNA

Tier VI | Unlocked at < 6000 HWS DNA

Tier VII | Unlocked at < 7000 HWS DNA

Tier VIII | Unlocked at < 8000 HWS DNA

Tier IX | Unlocked at < 9000 HWS DNA

Tier X | Unlocked at < > 10000 HWS DNA


  • 10 HWS DNA for an HWS Marketplace item purchased by a player from a different Origin player
  • 7 HWS DNA for one HWS Dealer DNAHWSDealerOriginXP

Faction Activity - Coming Soon

Note: All HWS DNA Gains require that you have your Origin gun in your inventory when the qualifying action takes place. You must also be online once per day to qualify for the Living Exclusively in PvE perk. The trigger time is from 8:50AM to 9:10AM


  • Comfortable in PvP or PvE - depends where the best Trade Route is
  • Get daily EB interest (if you are active daily)
  • Allowed to purchase 5 HWS NPC Trader packages per day
  • Easy and moderate gain of HWS DNA


  • Predictable
  • Lose 5 HWS DNA as soon as you become guilty