Elemental Bank (EB) / Market Zone

HWS has an active Economy and players are allowed to store their credits independently from the game. This convenient and valuable feature is called the Elemental Bank.

Credits are very important because they allow players to purchase increasing levels of HWS features such as the Orbital Cargo Drone, Reputation Points from EGS, NoGuilty status, EGS Recycle Levels, Orbital Autominer upgrades, HWS Garage ships and more.

The main branch of the bank is located in the Elemental Capital City (ECC). Explore the universe and/or the HWS Guide to learn of other bank branch locations.

Elemental Bank Commands

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type eb:? for all available commands

Make sure to stay in the Bank Zone for transactions if you don’t have the proper EB Level

Send credits to other players

You can instantly transfer Bank credits to other players (they must be online) by using their exact name (case sensitive) or their bank account number. (find this number with the command eb:info)

eb:send:12345:4500 = send player with account number 12345 4,500 credits.
eb:send:StarCitizen:4500 would work as well. (eb:send:starcitizen:4500 would result in an error)

Hint: Use HWS Connect for easy access

Faction Bank

To enhance the economy also within factions it’s possible for you to store your credits in a “Faction Elemental Bank” - only per season though! (Credits stored in the FEB are wiped after a full wipe)

The permission system is adapted from the game:

  • Owner & Admins can pay in and out
  • Member can only pay in

Type eb:? In-game for more information.


All fees etc. are meant if you are not in the Bank / Market Zone

General Info

  • Your Elemental Bank upgrade level gets reset after every season!

  • Bought Keep Credit packages will be stacked on top of the Bank Level upgrades
  • Bought Keep Credit packages (After Season) do NOT stack on top of each other but do stack with 1 permanent Keep Credit package (only one of them).
    You have EB Level 5 = Keep 50m
    You have Keep Credits 100m permanent
    Yout have Keep Credits 400m after season
    => you keep 550m credits after a full wipe.
  • Retain current bank level acquired by purchasing a support package

Elemental Bank Zone

Most of the times you need to be inside an EB Zone to be able to interact with the Elemental Bank. Such Zones are invisible for now and have different sizes from location to location.


The most popular EB Zone location is at the Elemental Galactic Services HQ in the Homeworld PvE System > ECC Planet.

Your Own EB Zone

We also offer a convenience Support Package , where you can automatically create your own EB Zone around your own Base Structure.

Once bought, you go to your desired Base that should have the EB Zone around it and type:

do:ebz:id (id = your Base ID, found in HWS Connect > Structure Commander or with console command: “di”)


  • if the base is removed, your EB Zone is removed too
  • the zone area is about 50x50x50 around your Core
  • you can buy unlimited EB Zones and stash them until usage
  • every player can use this EB Zone, you can’t limit the usage to you or your faction
  • the EB Zone can only be created in a PvE playfield
  • the zone can’t overlap with other zones such as an OCD Zone for example


Players must visit the Elemental Bank Zone daily to earn their interest!
With EB Level 5 and above, players can use the command eb:interest to collect it globally. No EB visit is necessary.

  • Interest is processed when a player visits an Elemental Bank Zone. Confirm its delivery by watching for the message that the cash drone is coming.
  • Interest is deposited into player accounts daily at 9AM (server time cb:time)
  • If you…
  • … you get the convenience benefit of getting your Daily Interest without typing a command or visiting the Bank Zone (Master Origin)

Sell Your Structures for credits

You can sell your own structures for credits with the command


Your structure will be instantly destroyed and the credits transferred to your Elemental Bank account

  • You can sell your structures in PvE globally if you are in the Dealer Origin OR bought a Master Origin OR be a Master Patron or above. The rest needs to fly to a Market Zone

  • You can sell your structure in PvP only within a Market Zone

  • In PvP you can sell your structure only if nobody is near you (~2000m)

  • Per structure you sell it cost you as many HWS DNA as the class size is and Credit Price/1 000 000

  • You have to be near your structure to be able to sell it

  • The credit price is calculated of all the blocks/devices your structure contains of.

  • The Percentage of the credit price you get out of your structure is based on your EB Level:

    EB Level % of credits you get HWS DNA Cost
    1 5% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    2 15% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    3 25% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    4 30% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    5 40% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    6 45% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    7 50% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    8 55% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    9 60% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000
    10 70% Class Size of ship + Credit Price/1 000 000