Donated/Bought Two HWS Donator packages, what happens?

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What happened: I’ve accidentally donated/bought two HWS Donator
Player(s) with issue: Brythsana
Server: NA
How can we help you now: I am wondering what happens to the second one? Will I receive double the amount?


Hey @Brythsana

Yeah, I was about to contacting you about that but saw that one package got used and after that refreshed already. So I was not 100% sure it was intentional or not.

So in general: if you redonate for a HWS Donator you get your packages refreshed.
If you don’t want that just let me know something equal different I can apply

Ah thank you! Yes I was trying to tell if it had stacked or not. I understand. If you wouldn’t mind can you apply it to the HWS Alien Core?

Thank you very much for your help!


sure, gave you the Alien Core instead.
Just make sure to read the super Alien Technology® manual first :wink:

Thanks again for your support

Awesome, thanks!

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