EGS Recyle rework to level 10 and more

Good Morning @everyone,
as I announced last month, today we release a bigger HWS patch that many of you should read about.

  1. With the introduction of the sell structure for credits feature and the Star Fragments, credits and Origin XP got greatly injected into the economy. Thus we adapted our feature prices too now.
    Please check the guide regarding the new EB, OAM and EGS Recycle upgrade prices.

  2. The new Sell structure for credits feature gained high popularity and usage count. However, I didn’t consider that some players found a sweet spot to get a lot of credits with just 1 Origin XP. There is always something I can learn from you. :slightly_smiling_face:
    That’s the reason why the Origin XP cost does also scale with your EB Bank level now.
    More information here:

:warning: 3. After more than 4 years, the EGS Recycle was finally stream lined with our other features.
EGS Recyle has now 10 Levels instead of before 5.
This has big impact if you just go and recycle your structures now, because you won’t get 90% back at level 5 anymore.
To the few who bought the EGS Recycle Level 5 within this season, I offer to contact me to discuss the details, if needed.

  1. EGS Recycle got also a little rework. With Level 10 it’s also global available to every Origin. Make sure to check the new level stats here:

  2. The HWS Star Fragment got reworked to prevent the account boosting and other bad side effects I had to take care of the recent days.
    The Origin XP is now given directly to your account instead of Origin XP items.

We keep observing the changes for the next weeks now.
Feel free to give <#1002075186826330214> / <#1004685018804785213> if you want.
Thanks for your attention.

Some price for recycle lvl 10 :smirk: will it be as ocd, or it resets every season?

Anyway, glad to see that lvl5 still gives the core back :heart:

Keep up the good work budd, can’t wait to get home and start to really explore hws+ :star_struck:

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Still. I didn’t change that logic.

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