First 6.X starter wipe delayed

Hey @everyone,

because the Inception Orbit has over 250 cores (which is by the way very critical technical terms) we delay the wipe for one day.
So the starter wipe is now tomorrow

13.07.2017 - 9 AM

The reason is of course that now 5 planets are in one orbit and everyone parking there.
But if we watch closer it isn’t the true reason.

The true reason and a very disappointed one is that even veterans, players with hundreds, thousands of hours playtime, full OCDs and what not parked there for no or stupid reasons.
Really not cool and I better don’t mention names here

Will think about this closely but for now I implemented another parking Orbit “Inception Space II” where everyone from Inception Space needs to move there to give people from the planets a chance to fly out.
I am writing need because I will punish every veteran still parking in Inception Space.
This is a massive workload for me so again, very disappointed about this selfish behavior.

But I guess the only right move will be wiping the orbits also on Wednesday. I tried the gentle method but I see where it brings us.

Last but not least I reworked all meteorites on the starter planets now.
It is a continuous adjustment job but I am sure I will find sooner or later the perfect drop rate.



Can I make a suggestion? Wipe planets weekly, and orbit every other week? Not dogging on ya, I like this version of 6.0 but these A-holes all holed up (pun intended) need to get out and explore. Death is not the end.

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Hope I’m not punished. I left starter at the earliest opportunity and left a very small sled base without thinking that it would be a big difference since
it would be automatically removed in 7 days anyway, if I knew it would turn out this way, I would have dismantled it first.

so… the new rule is, if you are veteran, no parking in inception space, you must move to inception 2?
Ok i understand… but… i guess my one argument against this would be recruitment of new players of course.
I feel 1 valid reason for staying behind, is for recruiting, and helping noobs. As you may or may not know, Once you go out, its really hard to make friends. And not just hard NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!.
Well most people start on the starter, so they cry out for help, nobody, whos got experience can help cuz they cant get there, So they find some other noob, team up, and go out alone together, with really no idea what they are doing.

What I am suggesting is that, if you impose these limits, then what is your solution, to having experienced factions give help to noobs on the starter planet, and try to recruit them?
I wanna have a presence, on the starter to recruit, I feel that is valid, and fair.

Now in the opposite scenario, where you are saying, ok now 50 veteran factions are doing the same, thing, now its all full, huge problem, ok yea I get that, but Currently I dont think that is the case.

I kinda just looked at it like… well probly no-one is doing this now, so… why not?
Starter wipes, move to inception orbit, re-spawn recruitment camp/base after wipe.
Again, yes it could be an issue in the future, But I highly doubt that, the reason trader starter is full,
is not because of too many veterans are filling it. It is the most popular origin, because its the easiest. Wipe it, and I will help all the noobs there, haha.

idk, man, anywayz, this is just one man’s opinion. If this were a vote-able decision, I would vote that you dont make a rule like this.


I also think it’s wrong to be putting the blame on other players when it’s clearly more of a design issue… Personally I have already left starter at the earliest opportunity but left a small sled base thinking it would get removed in 7 or 9 days anyway so I didn’t give it much thought just as in previous versions…

There wasn’t a rule for it clearly written either so you can’t just expect people to “know it all” Like some other guy suggested, make the structures in starter space automatically wipe if untouched for a day.
Or even say something like "Warning, max structures reached warp out now or your ship will be removed

Again, this is not the player’s fault!

Good move Sir.

I dedicated a lot of time to get a ship and off the starter planet but to hear veterans aren’t is a bit shocking and disappointing.

It’s not a design issue, veterans have a massive advantage already to get out into dangerous space, find a spot to settle in and get set up ready to defend or attack other players. Plus its not that difficult to get started anymore, not with the meteor changes anyway.

there were several people on pirate starter and orbit who just camped there to crush newbies who started there. So they put bases and ammunition down there to shoot at everything on sight… and bases in the orbit to have a shortcut.

Of Course Pirate start should be hard but i think that (base) camping is not fair in any terms. and i agree to the descision to wipe that starter planet more often as well as the starter space.

Maybe this was true for HWS 6.0. But all of that is not valid for HWS 6.X anymore.
I made the starter planets bloody rainbow. Butterflies and Fireflies everywhere. You can fly now straight away to PEACEkeepers.
There is now a Black Market straight away in Inception Space where veterans could push trades from ECC and Noobs could buy it.

We did our part with limits and as I said with balancement and universe alignment.
Sure I see why some veterans parking there wanting to help but there are also some reports of veterans killing noobs on Pirate Starter (but that is another topic)… I know exactly what is going on and where is the fault and where not. And people which I not mention know exactly who they are.

And regarding not knowing or ignoring. Since days a clear message popping up every X minutes:


Ah well it is pvp after all, so griefers will always grief at every chance they get. So how about no structures allowed at all in space. Players can only go to space for the sole purpose of warping out or temporarily staying before a wipe, maybe give like 10 minutes time for being in space before the structure gets removed?

I went to warp to the Inception 2 space and after roughly a minute or so it warped me back to inception 1 Saying I entered a freelancer planet. I am hunter. Far as I could see the map showed no planets.

Resolved now. Tool needed to update still.

that was quick thx!

Or that could at least force people to remove their cores?

RexXxuS, if you wipe the orbit I am sure you will loose a lot of player. There was a lot of problem with recources mainly Promethium which hold some back to leave and than where to leave ? 50 km out in space to save the bit you have on resources running out of energie in short time or be the cannon fodder for the big PVP groups. Lot of things change and also on this server rules changing faster than someone can read it. It should be time to have constant rules everyone can work with it. Wipe the orbit right now or tomorrow and I am sure a lot of players will leave the server and will maybe come back when the rules are more constant for the future.

As I see already save space is again full and warping on contrib planets is not save as I read from some in discord.

So what will be next? everyone must leave starter area as soon have the recources for the minimal warp ship? would be nice rule for all bif fractions because they just need to wait for them out of the starter.

Do not know if this go all in the right direction right now on the server. I have really respect of all the work the team do on this server and I believe it is hard work to keep running all this day for day but if you have more and more frustrated player all the work will useless. May performance is not all and in my opinion clear constant rules are necessary.

Hmm I see the problem. Now I know my faction have left CV’s their for fellow faction members to get to us as soon as they can. Don’t think any of us thought they would be a issue 250 cores that’s crazy.

So lets go back to wipeing orbit once every 2wks.

Then all the ships will just return after the wipe again.

Put a 2wk limit on new players on starter. I am sure we had that before as well. Everyone needs to leave starter planet and orbit in 2wks.

We reach the 250 cores in 5-6 days guys.
2 Weeks is a dream from nowhere.

I will settle things and announce the orbit wipes on another day.
Wednesday Starter Planet wipes and Tuesday Starter Orbit wipes. So either way real noobs with only SVs can move their stuff back and forth. But these nasty veteran campers will get wiped off.


So what are they doing? Are they just using it to mine? only real reason to stay. Hope my faction didn’t leave too many cores. When I we just left one cv.

If only those veteran campers don’t just go back to the planet and respawn their structure in orbit after the wipe…