Freelancers not earning any RP

Is it just me or do we not earn any rp for not living in pve? havnt been to pve in a long time and i’m still at 0.

U must have NO structures in PvE. At all. Thats for one +7 rp. For another - u need just make 1 warp per day…

Freelancer can only get Rp by not living in pve. There is no warp way because they don’t have a special epic weapon.

And it is not only you but the whole faction. If at least one guy has something in pve it is ruined for everyone

Ahh ok that’s why thanks.

To be more clear – Freelancers dont EARN RP – you need to buy it from EGS.

No its becuase a faction mate of my mine has a survival constructor on pve planet which is canceling the RP.

It could be that… OR, it could be like Jascha said – Freelancers DONT earn RP - they must buy it.

Edit: No disrespect intended here @Kogami - I had recently helped Rex rewrite the guide and distinctly remember the ruling they don’t get RP (see below).

Admittedly, they could have changed it after we made the bid guide updates; but last i checked for that effort, they didnt EARN RP.

Alas, im no Freelancer, so i could be mistaken – cant test it.

… Or some one VERY blind, and didnt see what Rex already answer here…

you have an interesting way of communicating like a troll every time you speak. Please see above. Things do change and even admins can be wrong. Try using nice words from time to time, and consider people have good intentions. Or you can just be a troll. This would be the last response i’ll provide on the topic in respect of the forum ----- As im sure you’re going to continue to respond like a child and create drama, as you do…


Try to accuse Rex :joy: I want to see his reaction ))))

Or I could read, before writing some madness :slight_smile: There was question, and Adm gave answer… But u sure that Adm wrong! Accuse him and tell us what is right :laughing:

All is good:

Taken from the new guide found in the forum:

That was before we had the new Guide. He patched it afterwards to have a better gameplay for freelancers.
Also I just rechecked in asking him and warping is a general need for everyone. So the correct version is once again:

Freelancers, can only earn 7 RP per day if they are living in pvp playfields (the whole faction) and warped once that day
Can buy RP at the EGS building

To reduce confusion I will remove all google doc guides.

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