Gold Planet wipe!

Hey guys,

found another reason why there are so horrible crashes: it is Gold Planet. As soon as you die on Gold Planet the whole server crashes.
Don’t ask me why. Hot spot or not the planet should be playable. But for now I see it causes problems for everyone - there is no other choice right now.

Gold Planet wipe on sunday 9 AM (UTC+1) / 3 AM (UTC -5) on both servers!

Make a blueprint of your stuff, fly away, push everything to OCD.
We can’t restore stuff there since everything there can be corrupted!

We are sorry for this but stability has the highest priority and it is an alpha game - never forget this!

Your HWS Team


Is this going to be a weekly wipe or done on an adhoc basis?

Adhoc emergency!

I prefer the idea of a weekly wipe. means not one faction can take it over unless that’s what you want. I only go there to mine gold so never there for more than an hour.


If I would know that the game is generally not capable of a hot spot planet then I would go that route.
For now I wanted to have PvP Base fights there as its best.

Have to see not cool for me right now

Does that mean that before that time the server will be this unstable?

… well I don’t know why I wrote this either. Wanted to be stupid friendly again.
I revert this call as soon as the server goes down again (I changed a bit right now)


Hey Rex,

As you may or may not know, 5AT has been spending the last week 4 - 8 hours a day developing our base on Gold specifically to have those awesome PVP base fights :slight_smile:

This wipe on Gold represents a massive lose of time and resources for us. Is there anyway we can get resources to compensate for this since you cannot back them up? Token and I both used several donator resource packages, spent hundreds of thousands of credits, 30-40 hours each, and I used a donator spawn on that massive tower, all so we can have a solid permanent presence on Gold.

I completely understand the need to wipe to maintain the server integrity, but this news brings a sharp pain to my chest because of everything we’ve invested to get it started, and keep it standing despite the dozen or so attacks that have been done on it.

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Gold field has be bugged out now for 2-3 weeks. Was really buggy when RaT lived on it and pretty sure it caused both sides 5th / RaT to have many , many crashes. Even the play field crashed a lot.

Imo I don’t think the current game can handle large active bases for very long before it breaks the play field. Maybe the answer is keep it smallish and go the CV route.

Perhaps give them a ton of credits/gold then as compensation? This would also mean that all PVP planets would require regular wipes? Like once a month? Wiping it now will only fix it for now. But who knows how long it will last when a lot of activity is going on there.

Yeah I’m sure the guys who have had full control of Gold planet need more gold to compensate them.

It’s really an issue of lost time.


You know the funny thing about that is ? We don’t even mine the gold lol

I’ve mined maybe 5 meteors since making my base man :/, lots of time goes into maintenance/repairs/reloading ammo. If I had another week to mine gold it’d be a different story.

Aye , thing we really wanted to create was a bases for pirates to come attack , but you know they too busy " cough cough ’ camping warp-ins for pvp

Anyway, let’s keep this thread short and relevant.

i agree with weekly wipe on gold planet. Actually its a pretty good idea. Make the gold farm harder avoiding an inflation and geting the “gold value” higher and even more… avoiding a “monopoly”. Thats really a good ideia.

The real issue is not just gold but any planet that a large / active faction decides to live on. If not gold today Sathium planet tomorrow , or Erestrum pick one.

Just make gold planet pve :stuck_out_tongue:

This change will become more intense and dynamic fighting, fighting between hovers, SVs, temporary BAs and even CV medium and small CV aimed to combat the atmosphere. I think the the other home planets holrd should also be cleaned once a month to prevent corruptions.