Golden Globe Patch

For me CV combat is all im interested in really, only went planet side because the gold was absurd. I miss LBP and the other big cv fighting factions.

Great except anything near the class limit goes up a class size when it takes damage. You get a msg, you have time to fix it. And an HV that isnt store bought getting shot immediately into orbit doesnt sound like a lot of fun. Though im sure even the store bought ones shot up there is no picnic.

And this only benefits the defenders.

Easy enough to build them so they dont class flip :slight_smile:

Easier to build them right up to the class limit and fight for 30 min. See what gets blown off. A few extra thrusters goes a long ways.

This is Right, scorp, works same for us.
But the first part of the post is realle good . stop bases, custom build and fight for svs and hvs.
Imho we might enter in the planet only with class 1 svs, and limit could be more than 10.
Lag is affordable and gameplay with svs is great… much fun with it.
I would suggest to RexXxus to let GG jumpable from an orbit with Sv… so this would fasten GG playfield load without all the CVs parked around and around, and give the possibility to all players to use this damn sv jump, completely useless atm.


I would like SV jumps too, CV no good. We should be able to use our lovely SVs more. At the end its one of few things seasson 7 brought. (of course tools are awsome but doesnt do much for gameplay)


That sounds amazing! more power to SV’s wooo! Tbh only time iv used Sv jump so far was off starter to ECC needed a CV for everything else. But now one of the problems would be home option, if we jump into a system with a SV and die would our home option be greyed out and then we cant get back into the fight? Happened yesterday with a cv parked right in orbit thou -_- damn bugs.

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Ye, risky but it is players choiice to do it…
A rescue operation is more and more gameplay to the server…
Pve is ok, we need some pvp heartbit to renew it…
Cvs are pratically indestructable, a fight cant last so much…
Svs instead are a good option to…
Lets try on San and see, RexXxus could add some intermediate empty or lowasteroidfields spaces sv-entry only, not so hard to do it…

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Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about it also for some time and yes, it would fit with the GG changes on friday.

I updated the universe map


I like it. Now heres the thing. Defending base has usually turrets facing also other direction, 360 degrees. Attacking bases is made with one purpose to kill defending ones, firepower is focued and it might be stronger than defensive one.
Its just such thought…

I dont know how AG will work in future. But maybe we need, oh god but i have to say it, rule…that BAs must be defensive only? Im not sure about it, rules sucks as we tend to break them and rules complicates things.

Maybe best is to just keep it at 2 BAs let players adapt to whatever will happen. Whole thought was about defensive thing is usually somehow more powerfull and attacker should work hard to get it.

Thinking loud :smiley: Not sure if we like that BA vs BA combat or not.

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Great job. I would add some intermediate sv orbits, making the jump to GG one jump for CVs and 2 jumps for Svs, a few asteroids orbit, with a mission into it to give more utility to the route, or fulfilling it with drones and freighters…
I still suggest a dedicated Sanctuary universe for Svs… Sent you a pm in Discord some days ago, and the invitation is still open :wink:

Why its NEED?
It is no feedback, so necessary do it?

Why ask the players, if the decision is different from the one proposed?

To make it fair for everyone.

What was proposed where?
The poll was an idea of me, people commented on it and I took that feedback and changed my original idea a bit.

Why do you want private Svs?

Need a ship from which no one can get the ammo or spare parts for large fractions is very important.

And what about players without Faction?

then i would find a faction with people you trust :wink:

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Hmm I see where you are coming from…
Maybe that is an issue yes. I’ll ask around and if private is really important we just keep it as for now.
10 faction and 1 private.

They get rekt anyways and always.
You HAVE to be in a faction in Empyrion MP.


They could simply have their private things in a different play field as we already do. Seems to be just a desire for convenience.

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