Golden Globe Patch

I meant the guild.

Yeah why not to allow it, its not bad idea at the end.

Rexxx what about friendly faction shooting at my private SVs etc? You asked how it works…can we expect this being solved/fixed? It seems logical that friendlies shouldnt be shooting at me even in private, also i might be visible to them in green, not red.

Cant find ant reason for keep it liek it is, its a bit unconvinient, also we forget to set faction (me especially) also allies cant spawn close because turrets will attack that.

15+1 pls

no 30 but 15 pls

Let me run a bit of maths by you. I’m a software developer in my spare time, and this turret lag is similar to the collision-detection problem in many games.

Each new entity (bullet) must share data (check) each other entity (structure). So the amount of projectile calculations is squared, roughly …

Imagine two CVs fighting. Each making 200+ bullets per second (and they do)
Thats 2 x 400 = they create 800 new collision checks per second. Each one needs to collision detect, move itself, get rendered, data sent to other players, etc etc

Three CVs fighting, that’s 3 x 600 = 1800 new calculations every second

Ten CVs fighting, that’s 10 x 2000 = 20,000 new calculations per second

Yes, I know they are not firing all the time, and bullets despawn, but you get the point. You see how it gets real bad real quick? All autofiring turrets (CV, BA, HV) will add to this giant netcode lagpot. Too much data being sent to too many people at once, the netcode has a heart attack.


Now go to Eleon and say there can you for the love of god made slower fire rate with less projectiles and higher dmg so system wont get overhelmed by calculations…PvE players will kill you right after that :smiley: i tried

In 2.0 we tried to shoot at Mitzogu station for 5 minutes, we was watching blocks disappering slowly for another 5 minutes…but who cares when we have NPC crew.

I wish they find time to do something with this, well now that miniguns would ignore all the blocks so its and improvment :smiley:


Or they can just cluster guns together so they share the same target and same firing animation -_- but nooo that would kill the realism… how many people watch turrets firing while they in a fight to see if different turrets are shooting randomly in different locations?

thats what I said but in simple laymans terms :smiley: The server also has to relay all that info to all the clients hence you can have great fps but latency based lag. Server will not use all its bandwidth or other resources for 1 playfield.

I do actually. I don’t want to spread the damage over multiple areas, I need all the damage concentrated in one spot and move on to the next afterwards.

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I have nor red anything above my last comment and to here…

With this new warp zone, can i still use my CV in BH space at anytime? Or did we just make the server a big war faction gold diggers only?

Yes, i am allot alone, and then i mine gold in space!


  • Add a new ship classification “Class 0” defined as zero guns and ~3,000 triangles. Only class 0 CV allowed on GG and certain playfields. I really think a new class 0 option would solve most of the issues.
  • Recent changes to anti-grief zone should be re-visited before any of these changes go through.
  • CVs need full access to planets at all times.
  • Class 2 ships should be ejected immediately from planet (or after only one warning). And if opting for “Class 0” CV, then class 1 CV should be immediately ejected.
  • Gold mining should be drawn out to take more time.
  • Maximum of 2 faction bases
  • Up-classing via damaged blocks should be a top priority to fix

Golden Globe will be full wiped at 1st December

Go for it

CVs are not allowed on planet during prime time anymore (from 5PM until 9AM server time. From 9AM until 5PM you can spawn CVs / bring your HVs to the planet

CVs on GG are not the major source of lag. The 10-20 bases and HVs firing their turrets are the source of lag, not the ~2 CVs firing their ~12 turrets each. The proposed BA limit and/or “Class 0” CV will fix this.

Many players only play during prime time (work and school during the proposed non-prime time window). Meaning we will not be able to join a fight in progress, or even START a fight, when certain factions are basically encouraged to login during the proposed off-prime time, and use the CVs when they still can and know it will be safe to use.

Warp distance from all directions would need to be brought into SV warp range to address and compensate for this change. Even with a warp distance change, we would not be able to bring in HV. There has been multiple instances where players login after getting home from work, and rush to golden globe with a CV carrying a SV/HV to help with attach/defense. With this change, we would not be able to join the fight in progress or even start new fights.

Also, this change is focusing solely on golden globe. Have you considered other playfields? If the no-CV limit is imposed on all PVP playfields, say goodbye to all organized PVP outside of golden globe (which is basically non-existent so eh). Warp distances in ALL playfields would need to be adjusted so we can warp around in SV to actually enforce our PvP bases on other planets. Otherwise, PvP would basically be choke-holed to golden globe, and literally forcing the lag to its space and planet playfields.

This prime time window is also open to exploitation. It actually encourages offline/low population raiding. If we know the window to bring a CV to tank the one BA (very easy for one CV to tank one BA) then you are basically asking us to low-pop raid on GG bases.

Rexx wrote that CV tank tactics against BA/SV/HV have encouraged this new CV limit idea. The class limit restriction needs to be enforced more strictly and changed to; CV/SV/HV class 2+ are immediately ejected from the planet, and unable to re-enter the planet.

CV tanks accompanied by SV and HV players is a valid tactic. CV tank brick class 1.49 by itself with no supporting players and riding out the 5 warnings is not a valid tactic. Definition of “Ammo Drain” should be adjusted to address this.

If CV turrets are the problem, remove them and add a new classification “Class 0” CV that is defined as zero guns, and ~3,000 triangles. Class zero would basically be warp sleds/carriers.

Faction Base amount drops from 10 to 1. People with a bunker have this as their bonus. People without a bunker can build a good custom base.

Change this to: "Faction Base amount drops from 10 to 2 or 3. Factions with a bunker have the bunker have this as their bonus. Increased the turret caps for bases?

A single base can be taken by a single player with ease. In addition, if a single player decides to use their faction base spawn as an ‘attack base,’ they can easily take multiple bases piled on top of each other. The ‘attack base’ can be built as a thick-walled, line-of-sight brick designed to intercept turret fire while the SV peaks in-and-out to easily snipe turrets. One base can be easily taken by one SV+BA, or one CV+SV/HV. Whatever update Eleon has in store for BA spawns near other BA, I doubt it will fix this issue, especially considering the recent patch addressing the issue of factions extending the anti-grief zone distance. In the current live state, we have extended our bases’ anti-grief zones, and yet players are still able to spawn ‘attack bases’ and snipe out our bases; this recent update has heavily nerfed base defense

Surface will be golden again and surface wiped every day (5PM) to provide best perfrmance as currently possible.

I didn’t even notice the surface gold nerf in the slightest bit. The only thing I noticed was the change in color. If nobody told me there was a ‘nerf’ to surface mining, I would not have noticed it. A 24 hour deposit reset will indeed encourage planetary PvP. There needs to be far more deposits, with less gold in each deposit. The deposits need to be far deeper underground, or take far longer to mine.

Gold deposit amount will be boosted by setting the current random 17-30 amount to random 25-30.

Perfect. Reduce the gold amount in each deposit and maybe even raise the total amount of deposits range. Make the total deposits last so long that there is something to fight for and defend within that 24 hour reset range. Change the mining mechanics back to original status - no more underground giant rocks that grant +3000 gold upon breaking; make gold harder to mine; re-introduce the mineral rich ground that requires digging the entire area.

Max BA Class you can build on top of your spawned class 7 BA will be increased to Class 10.

Great - this enforces the idea to actually build by hand and be vulnerable during base setup. However, this class increase will not increase the survivabilty of a base, not without increasing the base turret cap in addition.

To be honest, a lot of us support no blueprint spawns on PVP playfields at all. This brings about the idea of having unique PVP and PVE playfield rules - the recent patch put the nail in the coffin for shotguns/snipers damaging terrain. There needs to be unique anti-grief rules for PVE and PVP. With this patch, a faction can bury a base underground (core, components, power, constructors, etc) and be 100% invulnerable and untouchable - completely broken.

If no blueprints are allowed, then we are forced to defend a location while setting up. We are forced to haul SV/HV into the planet upon setup. We are forced into a more intense setup period. With this in mind, bases must be stronger and have an increased turret cap and/or increase BA limit beyond just one base. No BP enforces the idea of no ‘attack bases’ and favors the established defenders. All of this revolves around the idea that a 1 BA limit would need far increased strength or higher total base limit.

Max. FA SV count will be increased from 10 to 30.

Change to: Max. FA SV limitted to 10 (same as live; more than enough, more than 10 encourages massive factions). HV limited to 5. HV are contributing to lag. With the BA limit, we are encouraged to design weird HV configurations which act as turret bases. We should have to choose between active combat HV or active HV defenses.

REST is untouched

Recent changes to anti-grief zone needs to be re-visited before any of these changes go through.


My thoughts regarding Class Sizes:

  1. The moment a CV reaches class size 2 - insta boot for the CV into space, and the pilot gets ejected and dies horribly.

  2. SV/HV would be seized by server as per normal, but at a much faster rate.

We have to have it so CVs can land so we can drop off supplies, or at the very least change it so there are more 15AU warp points connecting to Black Hole.

[quote=“Ranzeth, post:95, topic:8268”]
My thoughts regarding Class Sizes:

The moment a CV reaches class size 2 - insta boot for the CV into space, and the pilot gets ejected and dies horribly.

The CV’s built to take the abuse your garage tanks throw out up size quick because of all the damage. No one is wondering why you want this change so badly.

[quote=“Ranzeth, post:95, topic:8268”]
SV/HV would be seized by server as per normal, but at a much faster rate.

Normal ships dont have the advantage of cv engines and rcs2’s like your garage ships. Pirates dont have to worry about the restraints of having to put on 60 rcs and 80 engines to get something to move that will work. Ships take damage, they go up a size, they win with this change. Build ships far enough below the cap so they dont upsize, the pirates win. How about fix the upsize problem caused by damage upsizing and then use this?

They should absolutely fix up sizing from damage


This, and ELeon needs to add some check for what class is entering playfield and if its allowed. If not then what Ranzeth said.
Pilot ejected, dieing by horrible death. Tool is too slow in all that, its not checking that often.

Simply ability to exactly specify what and which class can enter and stay. THey ahve it half way done anyway already.

One problem i have seen is someone bringing in signifigantly larger ships, size 5, 6, and 7. In my opinion, anything 2 sizes too large should be immediately booted.

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Instant boot isn’t optimal as It might be better to only allow CV’s on planet for like 15 minutes so they can land drop off stuff and leave again, CV’s do increase lag a lot even with only 12 turrets + sentries, but being able to drop off or pick up a bunch of HV’s would be cool.

Luckily my CV doesn’t jump class size, even after taking massive amounts of damage.

Make the proposed changes, still won’t affect me.

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You must be doing it wrong my man, I build every SV I fly to have 2 cargo 3 in it with a contructor. They are well protected, Almost as well as my core. I carry my base ammo and my turrets/spare parts etc with me in that stuff and I have never needed more room. I usually slap more cargo on if I’m looting bases etc but I’ve never needed a CV just to bring in supplies. If you need a CV to bring in supplies you’re doing it wrong! xD Guess what CV cargo is the same as SV cargo! Lmao!