HV Deleted for Unknown Reason

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What happened: I returned today after being away a week to find a HV I was working on has disappeared.
Player(s) with issue: TheState
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): N/A
Playfield: Stella Morti
Structure Name(s): Raid Home and Garden
Structure ID(s): 25716643
How can we help you now: I’d just like to know why this structure was deleted, whether it was recycled or deleted by admin/server. Structure commander tells me that it hasn’t been touched for 7 days and 23 hours as of this message but when it was deleted is unknown.

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A Drone cored it and decay triggered.

Well, that’s unfortunate. There are half a dozen ships down there and a bunch of turrets and somehow that’s the only thing touched. My luck is terrible.

Thanks Rexxxus

It is indeed.
That is always the reason why I cry when I hear player want more Drone fun. They are coming from Single Player and think they are cool.

In fact they are the buggiest thing in this game and even the loading screen is more dangerous than them.

i am all for moar drones. There is another aspect of survival, as they aren’t defined by borders, origins or PvE areas.

We need moar drones and indestructible drone bases.

Since they’re so buggy as you say, what are the chances of getting this ship respawned? 9m and 4 hours of time aren’t fun to lose to something that was likely a buggy event.

If not, I won’t lose too much sleep.

Yeah here comes this page in play:

If we would do an exception for you we should have done for the hundred of others before.
Not possible, sorry.

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