HWS 12 Pre Announcement | Era of exploration and piracy | New Features | New dynamic Galaxy

Good Evening Dear HWS Community,

I don’t know how much sleep I get today and what else comes up tomorrow, so I go a bit different this time and release a semi pre HWS 12 announcement today - especially explaining a bit more behind the scene stuff…

So what is going on?

  • I set a clock since 3 days to wake up at 3AM and go to bed at 11PM. ~20 hours straight on the PC for HWS 12
  • I am quite tired and just has to admit that I won’t be ready as I wished I would
  • Don’t ask me where the time went. I was not prepared well enough but obviously also made not the best decisions. (see below)
  • I touched a lot of new stuff (see below), totally excited and happy but most of them are not finished yet. Imagine a little crazy happy kid seeing Lego the first time and touching everything but not finished one build :sweat_smile:
  • It is at it is and I don’t want to delay the release, because it’s a great opportunity to test at least what we made so far (see below)

My questionable decisions

My thrill

Let me start by the hardest part. Even though I’m doing HWS for 4+ years, every day I still learn something new or have a new idea for you guys. And one thing I was so frustrated about was an unfinished EGS HQ Stargate Room for almost 2 years by now. It was even a Patreon Goal.
So I told me, now or never! And finishing all 36 Stargates did cost me incredible a lot of time. Just… Months. Not only adding new ones but also rework old ones. For example the very FIRST Stargate Mission we ever had: The Elemental Space Race.
It is now Dialogue driven with a real Time track feature. Compete against your own and others time.
Alien Asylum as well. Completely reworked, making hopefully everyone mad :slight_smile: And many more - BUT still not all perfectly balanced and ready. For the next season!
But in comparison to a fledged out balanced cool universe, it had not that big priority…

My responsibility

Second most consuming thing were @Hayawen and my three tools.
He warned me to not do it but… I was a fool :smiley:
I released those tools for everyone, even my competitors of course and kept them updated along ALL difficult, partially completely savegame breaking patches.

Whatever they are doing with it, but for me they were a deal breaker. Really easy and fast usage, so I could make with them all 36 Stargates.
You see my brain pattern here already: “let me finish this Stargate mission… wait a tool for it would be awesome… ok I have a tool… I can make Stargate missions faster now…”

Apart from that the third most time consuming thing were testing things. Bugs. A lot of them.
There are of course still many in the game but Alpha 12 is a big step forward in the right direction I think.
This is a mixed priority, since it helped me too but I would make it different the next time if I could.

Oh look, more toys!

Well, it’s cruel but Alpha 12 is totally mind blowing for Server Owners and Scenario Creators. You can realize infinite ideas now…
So I started with a lot of cool things.

  • The new SV Alien weapon I showed you
  • a reworked Techtree with new categories
  • HWS Connect Skill Tree up to 50 days skills
  • new POI ideas
  • new Event ideas
  • reworked EWS and Config ideas like Crews for your ships and more
  • new features
  • new Economy and so much more
  • reworking the PDA
  • reworking Origin mechanics, especially Pirates
  • and too much more :grimacing:

All of that are not finished yet and obviously not implemented for tomorrow
BUT since new toys finally stopped coming I can concentrate on finishing them!
Additionally most of the above can be implemented during a season. It’s not hopeless :slight_smile:

The time missing status quo or pre HWS 12 announcement

Okay, you ask. What’s the deal then. Dropping 10 000 Stars in the Universe and call it the day? :sweat_smile: Nah, you know me.
Except from the 36 Stargate Missions (which will cause a PvE hotspot in the center of the Galaxy :wink: ) there was still time and blood left for new toys for you!

  • The Galaxy got changed from the Bing Bang Video Teaser we showed you (technically reasons). We still try my Big Bang idea but a little different. The impulse spheres are now PvE, not PvP.
    Starting from the second day, every third day a new PvE Sphere is created. Up to 7 in total - after 21 days. In total 7000 PvE Stars (planets, moons and spaces are inside of them)

    Note, for explanation reasons I colored PvE = green and PvP = red. In real it will be not like that

    PvP on the other hand will grow equally every day by 7 Light Years with 3000 Stars in Total. Until the whole HWS Universe is revealed after 62 days (the universe has 450 LY radius).
    Instead of an impulse sphere, PvP is the foundation of the universe. The ever growing spiral universe:

    While at the beginning some shenanigans can be made, especially PvE guys taste carefully PvP experience near the PvE impulse spheres, the spiral arms become longer and longer. Creating a kind of “tube” gameplay.
    Claiming one area and prevent others from reaching the outer, still growing spiral arms.
    Why? Except from possible HWS Star Fragments… there is more to discover :slight_smile:

    Be it special POIs, special Commodity Trade Routes from top to bottom and more…

    Hands down: the Galaxy with so many stars are a test guys. I don’t know if it 100% works out (considering I’m not done with it but still) but I think it can work with some efforts from my side. Talking about them.

  • Common questions I read: what is the incentive to go out? Why killing PvP and so on. There are a lot of ideas to make it fun and interesting but for now I try to release following:

    • the inner HWS Star mini galaxy in the center is more or less like the current HWS 11 season (GG reworked)
    • that means you know by now roughly the resource distribution. Some more or less very lucrative places.
    • outside from that mini Galaxy, the random generated 10000 Stars have some patterns like: no regenerating resources. After some time you just have to move on. Like in games like Age of Empires, it’s all about expanding and fleet management.
    • Stars have a resource pattern. You can’t find everything in one star system. Plan and reach your required resource. Keep in mind that some resources will be always exclusively or in huge quantities in our center HWS Star galaxy - hence it keeps a chokepoint and place to return.
    • as said above there are interesting things to find outside. VERY profitable long trade routes for example.
    • in near future all of that and more driven by Dialogues aka Quests of course. You get bookmarks to find something out there and bring it back etc. (No Man’s Sky style Quests)
  • While there are for sure more Universe driven balancement possibilities we additionally boost it with some new HWS Features and changes

    • We added a HWS Discovery Reward feature:
      The first explorer of a playfield get a cumulative reward system. 1 RP per playfield and 10 credits * amount of visited star per playfield. So about 10 000 HWS RP and over 70 million credits in sum. Be the first, be the first - you remember? :slight_smile:
    • We added a HWS Conquer POI feature:
      Be the first and claim a POI (spread in PvE and PvP playfields) to your faction with a new command egs:conquer. Some conditions have been met like 10 meter near the Core for example. Then you get instant rewarded with HWS RP and credits. It will reset to Alien faction regulary, so you have a constant income - if others don’t conquer it before you :wink:
    • We added a new HWS Scan feature for PvP and reworked the old Exploration Reward feature

      If you have additionally the Radar Block on your base, you get daily generous rewarded.
      BUT watch out, it is a trade off you always have to keep in mind:

      Our HWS Star mini galaxy in the center has the biggest reward and different ones depending on the playfield. All the other 3000 PvP playfields out there have all the same daily reward.
      Others will see if there are Radar Bases in PvP playfields! Make your decision…

  • Just as a reminder, lastly we implemented the new HWS Star Fragment feature. There are 7 around, spread throughout the whole HWS Universe. The more the Galaxy grows per day, the more likely you will find out… no worry, some hints can be gathered after a while.
    Once you claimed one there is an instant reward of +1000 HWS RP and +1% EB Interest for this season

    But if you collect ALL 7, you will get permanently +1 OCD Slot.

So yeah, probably I forgot more … like purchasable Supergates, Appartment Keys, Tokens? Ah well, time will show guys. I’m at my limits.
But since I have no time at all I think tomorrow, I wanted to give you some more brain food for now. There are still some questions but it is all a work in progress - for now.

After the season is before the season!

I keep working on everything non-stop to provide you the absolute best Empyrion you will ever get - that is my goal!
Still, I hope you got excited and be open for a fresh HWS gameplay in our 12th season…

It’s a pleasure to see you all playing on our server and thank you very much for all your feedback the last months! Please note those are important to me and even if some of them didn’t make it in tomorrow, they are all queued up!

All the Best.
Your HWS Team


Thank you Rexx for all your hard work. Your an inspiration brother.

Looks cool! I think perhaps you meant to say more of the universe is reveled each day rather then the universe grows each day? cheers


This looks more and more amazing :slight_smile:

Keep working like this, and i may just loose my adm to play it all to the full =D

outside from that mini Galaxy, the random generated 10000 Stars have some patterns like: no regenerating resources. After some time you just have to move on. Like in games like Age of Empires, it’s all about expanding and fleet management.

This i think will keep people to explore the “center” and pvp on the hotzones… Great idea :slight_smile:


Hope people will try the hwp mission as well =D

This season we will have one specific mission, and one hidden lootbox at a secret place :wink: Just so players know =D


This new universe looks incredibly cool, and I can’t wait to go exploring!

I also want to say, Thank You Rex and the whole HWS team for building such an amazing server! You guys are the best!


Awesome work.
Can’t wait to try it out.
Just 1 question.

Isn’t this a bit too little? Let’s say someone plays for 10 seasons straight, that’s only 10 slots in around 3 years.


I think I see what your saying, if someone with OCD 9 collects this it’s OP, if someone with OCD 1 collects this they wasted a lot of time. Rex could do something like OCD is raised from 1-3 to 5 (that would raise anyone with OCD levels 1, 2, or 3 to OCD level 5) 4-5 to 6, 6-7 to 8, 8 to 9, 9 to 10 and 10 to 11 instead gains 100 million credits. Or something along those lines.

Isn’t it just 1 slot, and not 1 level?
I think you misunderstood it @WillEatsPie

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I remember when i first started on HWS i was the guy who had to travel to every planet/star ASAP…what resources where there…how could i get the edge over my competitors (resources)

how far we have come…no longer 15 planets/moons/stars…

we will have 10,000…

and never has exploration been more exiting especially given resources don’t magically respawn.

i will be the first to find the golden planet, and by the time you get there it will be only me in my golden house, and you will pay me taxes muwahahah :money_mouth_face:

(or you could find another golden planet for yourself) :wink:


Maybe, but I thought he wanted people to work hard to find this stuff and he has upgraded entire OCDs before.

Rex’s its okay us War veterans we know that you need time to make the system perfect.
if there is a day or two US veterans always understand. you got a hell of a lot of coding to do.


How far HWS has come! I can’t wait to explore the systems! It’s weird thinking of non-respawning res, but then I remind myself that there’s more planets and asteroids than ever before.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but when HWS 12 draws to a close i’d love to know if there’s a way to see how many playfields+systems have been visited out of the total! :smiley:

Best regards,


That’s an insane work!

My faction colleagues and I will understand any possible problems and will support you on this huge task. So thanks for make bigger and bigger this game. We understand the preassure of all those changes so no hurries.

I would emphasise once again how we will do our utmost to support and help with this.

Best regards!


thats an awesome idea, did we manage to discover the entire known universe in a season.

and maybe a scoreboard for who has discovered the most with some kind of incentive system for ‘Top Explorer’

and maybe maybe we could have a seperate forum area where we can upload pictures/location etc of stars/planets/moons that people might wan to check out themselves…

and and and and…:smiley:


That is my goal for this season :slight_smile:


I thought something like this, a registry of all sectors/planets/traders you have discovered and a bit of info for each, all for extended trading use, but I assume that’s alot of work to implement to the server, so I’ll go over there with my old excel… :slight_smile:

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‘Jazzy’s Blueprint To The Trading Universe’

where can i get my edition :joy:


Quick question for anyone who might know,

(Official Eleon Release video)

1:35 in the video

is this going to implemented into the server? Maybe i missed this, or is it only for single player?

Actually this is one of the features of alpha 12.
You can see leaderboards of tons of stuff, including who has discovered most playfields.

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just give Wise another Barbie (inside joke) and he’l be fine :wink:


for what i understand, it’l be implemented into server mate :wink: