HWS 14 Pre-Information

Hello HWS Community,

on 13th November our HWS 13 season would have regular ended. But since the next Empyrion Patch will be bigger and I am still working hard for it, we wait at least for the next Patch.
I have no clue when this will be, statistically before Christmas.

That means I want to give some short pre-information.

  1. To all Supporter Playfield Owner, who bought their playfields on 13th August or the beginn of HWS 13 season: your playfields will be kept alive until the end of the season, due technicaly and time consuming database stuff. For the rest the 90 day timer is still running.

  2. So far the only thing I will touch on the OCD full wipe related is the Epic Oxygen Boost. It will technically disappear from HWS for now, until Eleon fixed the Armor indexing. In summary, we have to get rid of 1 Boost or different put, in my opinion the Epic Radiation Boost is more valuable than the Epic Oxygen Boost. So we try to auto-replace them in everyone’s OCD. No action from you required. Just as info.

  3. We have to buy a new Server for EU unfortunately. It was one of the best Black Friday Deals, spec wise, but since it has only 450 GB SSD disc space, it is useless for Empyrion. We need at least 1 TB, especially for the next season…
    That means I will check Deals (Black Friday) and do the switch for the new season.
    Relevant for you is only to re-search HWS EU in the lobby then.

  4. I am thrilled to tease stuff for HWS 14 but I want to avoid half-finished work shown but full rumors going around.
    I think by now all elements are in progress and I just need to finish everything bit by bit. Hence I will release Teasers on each finished part then, if time allows.
    Real life issues happened, so it is overall… not that easy for me right now to handle everything.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for a hopefully game changing HWS 14 season, the biggest and best :crossed_fingers:

Your HWS Team


As always, we thank you for your dedication to giving us this home. The team has our gratitude.
@RexXxuS @Jascha @Ju @Hayawen @Achilles @ anyone else missed, the work here is amazing and does not often get the recognition it deserves. Keep being excellent!


Thank you for the hard work RexXxuS and entire team. Looking forward to the new season.

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Don’t forget cyber Monday :wink::wink:

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Transportation boost is even less useful atm Rex, unless there are plans to reduce epic carry capacity.

Rex, Can you be a bit more clear on what will go away at 90 days versus what stays? Bank levels, Recycle levels, stuff like that

Thank you

He is.
So far, the only change is one item in the ocd.

dQ, I am talking the temp supporter packages for levels versus doing them in game. “For the rest the 90 day timer is still running” So if you have temp patreon bought recycle levels versus purchased with credits or a mix what is going to happen. Thanks

If I only speak about Supporter Playfields, you can be very sure, I mean only Supporter Playfields.
I did not mention anything about Patreon, anything about other Packages.
Beside that only the Supporter Playfields have the 90 day timer.
Rest is labeled as either One time use, permanent or seasonal.

So your question rather address common knowledge about a full wipe, which can be found here:


Thank you for the hard work RexXxuS and entire team. I hope to continue enjoying the server and the community for years to come!


Very confusing information. Can we say exactly what will happen on November 13? WipE? Reset the Bank, recycling? Delete the purchased system?

nothing is happening on Nov 13…that date is 90days from the start of this season, nothing more. the official wipe is yet to be determined. supporter playfields older than 90days will not reset until the wipe.


On the behalf of our fallen (banned) brethen, I thank you for your service. (this is a joke)

some have nothing better to do than try to make others miserable :frowning:

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