HWS 14 Full Wipe Announcement | Date | OCD Changes

Hello HWS Community,

time is ticking and unfortunately so much is still to do and so much time is missing…
The possibilities Patch 1.3 contains are endless, on top of the old stuff I am reworking as well.
It does not help, I try my best but at the end it’s all about the deadline.

Once again the decision is very hard. If Eleon releases Patch 1.3 on 15th December it would be not cool, if we don’t do HWS 14. On the other hand I am done when I’m done.
This time though, I have to limit myself, otherwise it would not be ready in 2020 I guess.

So all is left is our ritual I guess with the reminder of our full wipe procedure

IF nothing horrible goes wrong expect the full wipe around 15th December.

The biggest issue here is that time is absolutely missing for big cool advertisement videos I guess. This project is just too big for me alone…

OCD Changes

Some already created Topics about it and contacted me, but I was never able to keep up with everything.
As I said, the last months, I am not in the best shape overall… for you it is all fun and game and so on but I try to do my living with this crazy idea of uncertainty and non stop existing pressure. On top with financial stuff like taxes, mental stuff like toxic fools and somehow trying to stay alive too - sports, family, sleep, etc.

Anyways, I digress… what I’m saying is that things changed from here and we have to adjust some OCD things for HWS 14 / now.

Adding new items and stuff is cool, but they all need to stay balanced and in line with everything else. In this case, HWS 13 saw many new items but the OCD did not reflect them. Or I thought I put them in the list but somehow missed it or a revert happened in bitbucket or I don’t know.

Category changes and the meaning of it

As happened many times already some items need to be moved to different categories to balance them. Why balance? Well, because only quantity makes things special for the human greed. And with special I mean the value, the time, the fun.
So here it goes:

  • All HWS Crew: Common => Ultra Epic
  • Alien ION Gun: Common => Ultra Epic
  • Alien ION Charge: Common => Epic
  • Antimatter Cannon: Common => Epic
  • Antimatter Cannon Charge: Ultra Epic => Rare
  • L77 Torpedo Launcher: Common => Epic
  • L77 Torpedo: Ultra Epic => Rare
  • M77 Torpedo Launcher: Common => Epic
  • M77 Torpedo: Common => Rare

  • Red means you can’t put more of that any longer in your OCD and overlimit stacks will get normalized on full wipe.
  • Green means you can store more of that item in your OCD now and nothing will change after full wipe.

What to do now?
Check the amount of the category you can store here:

Make sure to split them up in multiple OCD slots before the Full wipe.
Example: If you had 1000 Alien ION Guns in your OCD, and you have OCD Level 10, split those 1000 into 100 slots a 10 of them. Done.

That’s all for now. I will make sure I update the Categories next season at the start!
Sorry for the inconvenience if it impacted you.

Last but not least… some uncommented Teaser nevertheless :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


as always thank you for the dedication to bringing us this wonderful home. very excited to explore the new universe :slight_smile: remember to take time for yourself to unplug.

i am wondering when will ocd:put auto stack to the new requirements?


Looking forward to this. Great job all around. Patch is when YOU want, we can wait =)


Hey, nice job !

I have a small question about this " Make sure to split them up in multiple OCD slots before the Full wipe.
Example : If you had 1000 Alien ION Guns in your OCD, and you have OCD Level 10, split those 1000 into 100 slots a 10 of them. Done."

how to split in our ocd ? i can get some alien ion gun but i used the put command it will stack with existing alien ion gun, any idea ?


@Jascha will patch the Tool today or tomorrow, so it will at least respect the stacks.

Click right in OCD to just move a specific amount to your player inventory.
Overall ask @Jascha nicely if he can implement something like ocd:swap:slot-id*AMOUNT


a few of us have wondered why carbon blocks are still in the epic category and other block types are not. i remember it was due to the diamond mixture in the past. are there plans to change the rarity of carbon blocks for next season?