HWS 14 | Work in Progres... | CCC IV?

Good Evening,
after all the trouble and tasks the last weeks, I am honestly in a not so good shape I have to say.
I try my best to go through my many to-do’s but more and more are added on daily basis, so old tasks, some important ones are drowned sometimes.

Today for example I realized too late, that a bug happened on HWS EU, and the whole Universe is revealed already :pensive:
Normally the Star Fragments did this job, one by one. I can’t revert this to the proper value anymore, cause some would be stranded in the Void then.
On HWS NA it should work as intended. Lessons learned.

I know some other things don’t work properly too, it bothers me more than you, so please be sure, I’ll get on everything once I’m back in full strength.

Meanwhile I wanted to ask you, if you would be interested in a fourth Community Content Contest? If yes, leave a :thumbsup: and/or let me know what topic you would like to see the most in channel #events-and-missions
Here is the third one as reference for some, who didn’t know what it is:


Great I will try to do one in Space, I believe that ground POI are not for now !
I have an idea, what about a Space POI who look like a cube, and the inside is like “the cube” movie ?

So if you like it i begin working on it !

I have never traveled to EU since I joined this server and Im hearing I might have to due to perks. (Universe unlocked)

Im hoping the effort on TEAMs NA is still worth it in the long run.