HWS 6 | Big changes coming! Update!

Hey @everyone,

So after long thoughts of how I should write this I will try to make it as short as possible.

With the help of this overwhelming post and other opinions/feedback everywhere:

We have a better vision in mind of how we’re going to change HWS; again.

Yes it is true that we spent a lot of time into 6.0 but as we always said and feared: we didn’t know 100% if it will work or not since the patch was just too big and unpredictable.
Now we are here and have a very good understanding of what worked and what didn’t.

Some things are so essentially broken at the moment that we have to break the 2 month season cycle straight away and have to
#announce a full wipe coming on 7th July (fingers crossed)!

Chill down, no panic, please read:

  • a week or so before we make the EGS recycle feature level 5 available straight away to level 1. This means you can recycle your ships everywhere and get 70% back with some default costs involved
  • you will keep your bank credits
  • your RP will normally be converted to 7000 credits per reputation point
  • For a short amount of time your fa:supply package for each origin will contain a temporary boost with auto miner cores after the full wipe

With that sad you can continue to play on HWS smooth as cookie and lose almost nothing. At least this is the best we can give to you in exchange for massive work and pressure for us; again:

  • A new universe is coming
  • Meteorite drop adjustments - no “only iron” anymore
  • All POIs reworked + New ones coming
  • More and fixed (PDA) missions
  • All weather / temperature / radiation adjusted
  • 3 HWS servers…

Should be enough as a teaser and motivation.

Most important FAQ straight away:

  • Blueprint Class 3 or 4?
    – Not decided yet. Either initially 3 and you can build on top of that on certain playfields up to Class 4/5 OR Class 4 but only allowed on few playfields

  • What happens with my donator planet?
    – You will keep it. All good. Even better: you got 1 month for free and the normal season counter starts on 7th July fresh

  • So what will I lose?
    – Your player progress, your structures if not recycled, your OAM fuel, your RP (but existent ones converted to CR), your player inventory credits (make sure to use eb:payin:all before the wipe!)

Quick Update notes

In the meantime we implemented some things which didn’t get announced properly I guess:

  • implemented a credit limit of 1,000,000,000. If you have more than this amount of credits in your bank you will not get any further interest on that to prevent crazy amount of interest rates

  • HWS Connect major rework in the backend. More secure and less data to transfer by switching from XML to CSV.

  • improved even more CSW (Cross Server Warp) since it will become very important soon. Please test it heavily and create dedicated posts for it in the forum

Last but not least more is coming such as independent OAM fuelling, an updated guide, your NPC Trader, etc.

I hope I don’t need to tell anymore that we are quite overloaded but still give everything we can for your best gameplay experience!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: I said short, right? Damn…


These all sound like great changes, and while… unexpected, its definitely understandable.
To add: I have not experienced any severe problems myself, but I understand the strain a dedi server imposes, and running at 100% CPU is not good. So changes definitely need to be made to ensure a quality play experience.
Class 3 blueprints though… you’re already bending our creative arms as it is. Class 3… we’re just gonna have 5 block pea shooters.

Great been waiting for this. Thank you

I agree class 3 will kill me lol. If we do have class 3 we need reduction on turrets.

3 servers I like. I wonder if it will be donator planets on one server. or even homeworld on one server. Could be a mix of EU and NA exciting.

Meh. I had the same reaction when they brought out the 20k block limit, then the size class restructuring, then size class again. As did many people. But once you get past the frustration of not being able to use your exact existing blueprint it is not too bad. For all intents and purposes lagshots appear to be gone. So take your bp, go through and kill any 6 way connectors. Chances are it will now be class 3. Could honestly even shave off a good deal of armor. At this stage in the game, fights are determined by movement, numbers, and how long turrets survive. The age of the light frigate has arrived!

Let me be clear I am specifically responding to the class 3 fears. Not the wipe announcement

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Thanks RexXxus and team for addressing the key issues.

Even more so, for the will to continue driving this forward as evidenced by your tone and words of your post.

Well done, lead on!

Not so. One of our members has already adjusted our primary battle cv from class = 4 to 3. Still over 140k iron (wont say exactly how much). No, it has style - not a cube.

Sadly, my design perfected over many hours and testing will not as easily be reduced. But, good news - this provides incentive to build new again, using the principles learned and blend them together into an even better ship at a smaller size.

This is good to hear. I fear simply the cube. While effective, they’re ugly. Nothing worse than killing or being killed with no style involved. haha.

Agreed, I enjoy building new as well. Its a fun experience, and imposed limits add challenge. I’ll just have to leave my pretty designs for workshop uploads though, they have no place on HWS.

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Far from a cube - you have yet to meet the Shadow. Eu server. Cubes are for, sorry - no offense intended, lazy builders. There are far more effective designs than a cube.

I just want to say that I think the change to class 3 for blueprints is an excellent idea. This will help with two problems:

  1. Lag in CV fights will be reduced by the shrinking of CV size. Crashes should also be reduced.

  2. CV’s will be killable again. With the combination of weapon targeting and the elimination of lag shots I have not seen a properly designed combat CV die in a fight in 6.0 unless it was stationary due to the pilot crashing. I personally have been in a 45 minute 1 v 1 CV fight and neither ship was even close to being disabled. What happens is all of one ship’s guns get shot off, then they warp away. Since Eleon has not yet recognized that weapon targeting is a terrible idea that turns CV fights into long stalemates, at least this change may offer a chance to kill enemy CV’s while at the same time making the fights less laggy and more enjoyable.

I know some of you will complain that this restricts creativity, and while I certainly understand where that sentiment comes from I disagree. It takes more creativity and skill to design within tighter limits than to build something enormous. If you take more time to detail and design your smaller ship you’ll find that you try more complex and interesting things because you’re not spending as much time filling out 10 layers if armor or painting 25k blocks.


Keep players updated Rexxxus we have a great understanding of the game and game mechanics.

@RexXxuS can i suggest Reverting OCD to prior storage space , just until after wipe . thx :slight_smile:




Just build a 20K block combat armor CV class 3. Can be done :slight_smile:

thumbs up

Honestly, I just overhauled a CV design yesterday, and I mean I ADDED a metric ton to that thing, and it still didn’t break CL3. Like 8 hours just adding to a CL3… and it’s still CL3.

It’s not quite the bomb people are making it out to be, a CL3 is more than viable with minor retrofitting, and if it saves on performance, it’s green light to me.

Class 4 is anything but enormous, even the officials servers are class 7 now.

I understand where you’re coming from, for designing pure, 100% pvp combat ships, sure, the smaller class restriction will result in a better ship, and better performance, while having less armor, etc etc, I completely agree with you there that more skill is required to have a top performing ship, and even more skill required to not fly a disgusting shoebox of a design…

But its not always size though, designing and decorating ships so they actually LOOK interesting, inside and out, and are not purely armor blocks with a voided space for a cockpit is where the limits hit hard, you can’t design anything interesting, while still keeping a moderate size with a class 4 restriction. You run over on your triangles too quickly.

This is honestly, more of a game design issue than a server issue, like you’ve said, a class 3 will result in better fights, and it probably is the correct way to go. Because at class 3, people will simply layer armor until they hit the class 3 cap, with a class 4, people will simply layer armor until they hit the class 4 cap, with a class 5, people will… you see where I’m going.

The game needs to have restrictions on these types of things so people can build an interesting ship in class 4, or 3, or 2, that can still put up a fight, and not simply use every last morsel of triangles to add layers of armor onto their shoebox. Limited amount of armor blocks per size class or something. Perhaps if Eleon ever develops their physics system into something better. Who knows.

Maybe if you keep OAM fuel ppl can ‘store’ their Miner Cores in OAM to take with them to the next season…

Thank you Rex and team. Just a couple of questions and suggestions

1- so do we keep ALL bank credits or is there still some upper limit?

2- can we have OCD back to what it was just for wipe as other players asked , that would be immensely helpful

3- can we keep fuel for OAM, it took me a while to get those cores :slight_smile:

Thank you again and look forward to wipe!

Thank you for HWS. Also, thank you for the date of the wipe. Now I know where to head with plans for the future of the faction. How will Penthouses be affected? Will the donator package to “Keep factory” content be changed? Happy I waited to leave the start area. Its that part of me that waits prepares for stable releases of anything at all! :smiley: Pumped for the changes.

I support the initial blueprint size of class three with the buildup option to class 4/5. It is going to fire off some creativity. I look forward to the changes. Well done guys.

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Wish the wipe was sooner lol sssooooooooooo much llllaaaaaaaggggggggg lol


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Oh lots of my suggestions will be implemented I see :slight_smile:

Sadly I can’t recycle because of OCD space. Gonna be multitooling… Really need separate storage for recycle at some point.

Also the factory contents are also transferred as always? And hopefully it will work with OCD lvl6 and not cap out on slot 100?