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Hey @everyone,

it was quite silent past couple weeks. Not only alpha 7 EXP hit the day but the preparation for HWS 7 is hard and even more if you decide to redesign a whole website.
After 2 weeks I’m proud to present my current work. Not yet 100% finished but good enough for public release I hope.

Redesign of HWS

Choose your favorite theme from the sidebar (top right)

Two themes - Dark

Two themes - Light

Of course mobile ready


The old website / design was done by a kind of need for the first presence on the web. But it was more harder to maintain the structure and the code over time.
I tried to simplify things and only focus on important stuff.

With that in mind you can discover the

HWS 7 Teasers

If you are a good observer you will find couple of spoilers for HWS 7 around the pages (home and donation page hint).
Have fun in finding them but of course some key points will be highlighted here

Offline Protection reincarnation

One of the biggest thing will be the comeback of OP. We skipped the OP quite early due high PvP gameplay and the discover of couple of exploits.
Now, as you can read, we have a delay time and turrets shooting again while OP is active while they don’t consume ammo doing that.
However, even though you maybe don’t have played the new OP in detail yet I will use this place to ask for your input!

OP Delay + Time + Rules

What OP Delay time should be used in HWS 7?

How it works: as soon as the last member of your faction logged out the Delay will activate. Example OP Delay = 30 seconds. Means after all members logged out the Base is 30 seconds destroyable and turrets consume ammo.
After 30 seconds the blue shield will be activated, the base is indestructible and turrets do not consume any ammo anymore

  • OP DelayTime: less than 5 minutes
  • OP DelayTime: 5-10 minutes
  • OP DelayTime: 10-30 minutes
  • OP DelayTime: more than 30 minutes
  • Other times as comments
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Remember that you see bases now 500m on planets in alpha 7!

What OP Time should be used in HWS 7?

How it works: set the duration of the blue shield. How long it should last after it’s activated

  • OP Time: less than 12 hours
  • OP Time: less than 1 day
  • OP Time: 1-2 days
  • OP Time: More than 3 days
  • Other times as comment
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OP Rule

I will be clear straight ahead: we will have a brutal OP rule in 7 which will be something like

Structures which belong not to the main faction / building and have OP built in will get instant destroyed if caught / reported!

3 Origins

Please have a closer look at the new start page to get some nice details but with HWS 7 we will change our very old Origin / Story system from 5 origins to 3.

  • Freelancer
  • Alliance
  • Lawless

More information about balancements etc. will come.

Tax change

The taxes will change in alpha 7! We don’t want screw you away. The recent high one was need though die Inflation caused by interest. Economy is a living thing you know

Donator planets / orbits

As you can see on the new donation page. We will reimplement some donator planets into the main server and add new donator orbits into HWS!
We will also have a new donator planet option called “Event planet”.
More information will come but just so far:
The time previous active donator planet owner will not count of the “end of 2017” rule.

HWS Blueprint Class Size

With the implementation of good performance code, removing the core from target and possible good looking future setups we will increase the global blueprint class by a lot!
To be more specific:

HWS 7 Blueprint Class will be 7

Easy to remember, hm.
However, we will have dedicated arena playfields with tiny structures.

The main reason for that change is the struggle of people having fun with workshop blueprints or own migrated ships from singleplayer / creative game.

PvP on the other hand is the counter part but for that we have the possibility to downscale and more features we get (firepower hint).

HWS Connect Daily Loot

Last but not least I want to show you this brand new feature. It took me very long and is not 100% ready yet (the visual counter is not synced with the internal server time. However in the background the counter is ticking correctly - every 24 hours).
So as long as you don’t show me exploits with it I hope you enjoy the first step into HWS Connect 2.0
(still working on a smartphone app)

It is simple as that: claim your loot at HWS Connect and see it coming ingame after 1 second :slight_smile:

More info about the loot system:

We hope you enjoy everything so far and trust me that it was and will be a lot of work.
More teaser will come and let the feedback for now begin :popcorn:

Your HWS Team


Amazing work . but quick question what will happen to sanctuary ? i know u said some donator will move back to main but want to make sure that csw will still be alive .

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Great work again =) =)

So… time to upgrade ships again :wink: :wink:

CSW will still be alive… NA-EU…

Thats slightly unclear… can you expand on that? What do you mean “main faction / building”?

10 minutes. Max 15.
Less is prone to abuse, more will still allow offline raiding.

Thats pretty… low. Nearly the range of the base guns, that may end up badly for explorers.

I’d say 12 to 18 hours.

Nice :smiley:

Nnnot nice D:
I liked C3 limit, gotta be creative on how to make the ship to make it fit. Era of giant behemoths is back, yay… i hope the PvP limits will be more than that, with quick enforcement.

If there’s lower Class limit on PvP than PvE i can already see newbies whining about their ship getting seized tho.

Also one thing i’d like a statement about - Alpha 7.0 states autominers will deplete deposits (by default) but can be set not to. Will the autominers on the server be depleting stuff or not?

You do not often hear or see me praising without complaint, but for what I see here, I believe you have done well with these upgrades/changes.


Looking forward to it. Class 7 though? Will anything ever die in pvp?

I’m stoked for HWS 7 but i do have concerns about Class 7. Class 5 is beastly… hell my Class 3 was a big son of a… but a 7? and pvp built w/ no aesthetics? gonna have a bunch of death cubes floatin around the galaxy.

anywho… bout to go jump on this experimental for a bit.

Great job on HWS guys.

i was more happy actually with SAN gave HWS and extra dimension :slight_smile: . as for class 7 its still not behemoth style lol my behemoth is still considered Lev 16 :smiley:


Website is looking so sexy! Outstanding!

OP im not sure about. Biggest question is: Will we finaly recive message when on Mars while base on Venus will get under attack? I remeber being locked on Venus as you really dont want to be on Mars when base on Venus is under attack and you dont have a clue about it. It was huge problem in those times…
I remeber when members of faction logged in on Mars so all those bases around Venus base had a good day while on Mars it was still nice and peacefull.

Class 7 O_o just keep them isolated please, on Sanctuary or NA preferably :smiley:

Wish you much less problems than with 6.0!

OP - :face_with_raised_eyebrow: LOL. Turrets shooting? - DEVS smoking something strong.
Class 7 :grin: Hmmm my SV 7 Class will be fun.

Where our PIRATES???.. fail

OP? - will see.
7th class - as I understand - ONLY for PvE-playfields?

New textures, looks cool - but they got 3D visualization - how it gonna download system in MP - interesting thing.

All other stuff cool. w8 for new HWS 7 map.

Yea I agree with 15 min even 10 min is abusable as if your fighting and someone Combat logs, 10 min isn’t enough to break through defenses and find the offline protection, 15 would make it a race to find the op and if they hid it really well they will still live after combat logging but if they hid it well enough they deserve to live.

I think what Rex is saying is that anyone that use’s an Alt to build offline protection around they’re base while they online for added protection will have all their bases removed for abuse of systems.

Iv been testing this and you can see the graphical model from much further than 500m, at 500m before guns start shooting (Assuming atmospheric pressure is higher than 1) the distance tag and colour of that tag show up so you can tell if its an enemy or not but you can’t tell which faction it is, I kinda like it like this you need to be risky as hell to spy, but at the same time you will be able to identify threat’s way before they start shooting you.

About Class 7 damn… the performance updates must have been amazing for class to jump to 7, ill still be pvping in my class 1 lol since its already huge but ill make a class 7 for fun ^_^.

Op turrets shooting without loosing ammo solves 2 problems at once, You can’t ammo drain that base and you can’t build structures around that base so that when they log on they die instantly its a very good design, and to make sure combat logging isn’t effective that delay will solve that too xD Op seems perfect at this state if you ask me, don’t see any way to abuse it.

Yea this is crazy was looking up close at those textures on experimental they went from normal maps to some sort of cheated displacement map, but they not really displacement or everything would have been lagging to death, if you look at high angles you can see that the texture carries on way past the block and if you look at an even higher angle you can see the extrusion break up into a few plains, I tested it by spawning a few 100 class ships to stress test and after 10x 100 class ships my pc was still at 60 fps, really amazed at the optimization.

Sanctuary will still be available but with a bit changed story :wink:

Since this was and will be abused for sure we will make a very clear rule about that.
For now just keep in mind that if you or someone build bases around with OP as defense systems they will get removed.

Before it was 350m. I did some tests and 500m are perfect: only artillery turrets are still firing at you what prevents campers. But you can see the tag before and turn around. At the moment homing missles would have killed you already.

Yes I know but something cool is coming regarding PvP damage and I analyzed that it is better to limit downscale than upscale.

If you know how to implement them properly this is a great addition to stop resource inflation and change the meta.
Yes, for now I plan to activate depletion for AMs.


It is planned to upgrade our intruder feature for something like this…

Hunter and Pirates got merged into Lawless. You are free to create your own Story system within one big one.


I just hoped Eleon will implement something, simple to do, I know we wanted that a lot in times when OP was on. I hope OP will work, im worried all old problems will come back, at least cooldown on it should stop some so thats good.

One more thing to ask regarding Sanctuary server @rexxxus
Currently its pretty much obvious you will want to change something there as server is not used that much so it might look like unnecessary to pay for it. What about OAMs and OCD there? Any spoilers for Sanctuary?

What do you mean by that?
OAM and OCD are active for a long time there.
Yeah maybe unnecessary… we will give it a try last time. If the donations are still not coming in then we will make a cut I guess.

Let’s see about OP. It has pros and cons but the overall motto for 7 is to make it more appealing to everyone and move the meta a bit more to PvP with some boosts like class limits and op.
From there we will have then a new feature you will see soon.

I meant if you will switch server off, because it want be necessary to maintain it, or waste of cash, can we be certain we will ahve time to get all back or refund for OCD and OAMs cost? I would say it might be obvious we will, but also it might be something like we had some “profit” from having them there so we got our cash abck already…not sure.

Most of all i was interested in whats going to happen with that server and if there are any plans for it, i kinda liked it it was such a nice place, sadly POIs on Hera and similar wasnt respawning so that also might be why we lost interest in it.
I mean, its whole server for your creativity to go wild, maybe something liek Battle Royal will be moved there or so. Titans?! :slight_smile:

NOT less than 30 mins! 5-10 mins - NOTHING for nowaday balance in weapons dmg.

Very nice RexXxus. Well Done :grinning:

The problem with 30 minutes is you can wait for someone to log off then you know where their base is fly to it quickly and kill it all within 30 min ez, its too much time.

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If we use OP and 7 class… please unfreeze the weapons count. 7class with 4 main weapons it is madness. ) lol - fighting forever. 8 is the best. but 16 is more best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: IMHO Turrest restrictions - kill the base like a defense. (Put two bases with 20 missile turrets, but buff the range of the missile, REMOVE base artillery (now you can ill any base if you have free time and support) and you dont need the OP).

Kogami - you PVE lovers i know. So for what you need OP? Keep planting potatos (or tomatos) and do not thinking about big things. :joy: I SAY AGAIN OP it is buuuuuUUUl s…t. But you will see it in 7.0 (Forum is blow up when all start crying). But i think i miss most of 7.0 I better go testing Dual universe.

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