HWS 7 Teaser II | Automatic Garage Sales | Better OP | Universe Sneak | New admin | HWS Connect Player Log

Hey @everyone,

This is the second HWS 7 Teaser with more information and spoilers for HWS 7!

Thanks again for the mostly positive feedback regarding the HWS redesign, HWS Connect Daily Loot and overall direction!

The first and second things were very important for me to do, especially since the Daily Loot system is just the beginning … there is much more to come, and hopefully you will like it!

More detailed OP decision

Now since you’ve had some time in EXP and are looking for more we continue with a final OP Poll with the remaining two options left.
Keep in mind though that the current OP is not the final version. There will most likely be a last fix taking the Anti Grief Zone into account.

So, let’s finally decide how OP should be configured in HWS 7 …

What OP Delay time should be used in HWS 7?

  • OP DelayTime: 10 minutes
  • OP DelayTime: 20 minutes
  • OP DelayTime: 30 minutes

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What OP Time should be used in HWS 7?

  • OP Time: 24 hours
  • OP Time: 31 hours
  • OPTime: 38 hours

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Ingame Intruder Warning System

Since OP will again return to HWS and bigger factions may experience problems defending everything around the universe, we will give you a new feature which warns you in faction chat with a red warning if enemies are near your structures.

Please keep in mind that as yet, we can’t difference between enemy and alliance members but a quick call to your allies should give you the answer!

Automatic Garage Sales

When a ship is bought, its replacement will now spawn automatically after a few minutes. This should help make the credits flow and introduce you more, new and cooler Garage ships.

Exclusively for this teaser we have already a spoiler for you created by @DeeExpus.

Garage_Ad.pdf (807.0 KB)

Some of you already know this but …

DeeExpus is now officially an ingame HWS Admin

He made the awesome HWS Logo, many ship designs and is crazy enough to looking for more he can help with!
Thank you so much!

With Hops still on well earned break from his duties, we are at the moment looking to find a second suitably talented NA admin.
Until then Jascha and I will return our focus to support request ingame, as long as we are awake!
We’re also reminding you in Global Chat that in the event of any problem, this Forum or Discord is the best way to get them sorted! Spread the word please.

HWS Watcher / Police

Since there was some misunderstanding and an epic fail for one guy in particular, we will restart this program with the release of HWS 7. Everything prior was for testing / interest purpose…
Many of you like this program and we have a lot of volunteers but it also consumes a lot of time.

Please contact me for interest since Monty isn’t around much anymore and DeeExpus needs some time to get into everything.

Player Log


Check all of your transactions and more!
No need of admins anymore or question marks above your head regarding who sent you credits and when.

HWS 7 Universe

The most important thing for a MP server is the universe and I’m really trying to bring back all of the cool stuff and optimize it even further for the current meta.

In the current state I can spoiler that we will have over 100 playfields, a dynamic way of difficulty progression (the further out you warp, the more difficult life becomes) and a good setup for PvE and PvP. Due to the OP’s return, we will have a lot more PvP playfields to discover and conquer.

The goal this time around is to have very special planets and space everywhere to explore in order to make your time on HWS, above all, fun!

With HWS 7 we’re also bringing back the traditional Universe Map for you to study right from the start.

Donator Planets / Space

Last but not least a little more information about this topic.
I decided to bring back 10 Donator planets to the Main servers and keep 6 of them each on the Sanctuary Server.

The decision is a two way system which you can influence.

  1. Every active Donator Planet (used in season I) will be in the Main System.
  2. Every Donator Planet Owner can send me a message and tell me their wish - if it should stay in Sanctuary or be in the main universe. Please take this opportunity without me having to chase you on it!

Additionally, we will have 2 Donator Spaces per server. The donators can name them and choose from couple of options which I will present at a later stage.

The Sanctuary server WILL NOT be shut down but instead integrate with the whole HWS story this time around.

We hope we’ve got you all teasered up! Thats it for now, stay tuned for more …

Your HWS Team



An incredible server! Cheers for the hard work guys and hopefully i’ll be around if i’m not caught up with Uni applications for 7.0! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the hard work! 7.0 sounds better and better each spoiler :smiley: and grat’s to @DeeExpus!


I submit - the OP timer should cover through a 3-day weekend (72 hrs).


Great JOB Guys!!!


@DeeExpus - Love the PDF and artwork style, very professional/atmospheric.

@RexXxuS @Jascha Intruder warning system - Awesome! Automatic Garage Sale Replenishment - Fantastic.

So many improvements to the basic game it really is great to see these constant developments.

  • I confess to being a little bit worried about the class increase and sheer number of playfields, but only because I don’t want t see any performance issues detract in any way from the excellent work the HWS team put in! :wink:

Would like to know on the next teaser, how in game AM’s will handle ore depletion and if there will be a difference on say the sanctuary server or donators etc - but guess I will have to wait until the next teaser!


Well done !
PS. For NT fleets - please pay bonuses ))))

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Hey @sacredglade, thanks for the comments mate, much appreciated. More to come … :slight_smile:

lol @NikolaTesla - good luck with that!

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@everyone I couldn’t resist to code it straight away! (updated also first post)

Let me introduce a new HWS Connect feature / card

Player Log


Check all of your transactions and more!
No need of admins anymore or question marks above your head regarding who sent you credits and when.

Enjoy and as always: thanks to master @Jascha :smiley_cat:


SOOO cool!

Thanks guys

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OOO that’s epic!

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Sweet! Longed for the day this rolled out.

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Thats great - a really useful addition that will see a lot of use. Thanks RexXxus. :slight_smile:

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Might I suggest that if it is possible, to make some of these special spaces change? For example, blackhole is wiped daily, is it possible to make its respawning random? day 1, 2 iron, 4 gold, 1 copper, etc, and on day 2, it has 1 iron, 1 gold, 4 copper, etc. Each asteroid, and the field/fields there in, becoming random rather than fixed? Further, could this be applied to other playfields, which you want to make unique?

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This new player log is really a big plus for HWS.

OP delay of 30 minutes is not good, no fortress will hold 30 minutes versus the main HWS griefer faction assaults. Means that we have to stealth/build in PVE.

All this means is that you won’t be able to combat log, which is a good thing, IMO. If you plan on going offline, you have to be prepared for a 30 minute wait until the base is safe. Otherwise, you’re probably boned.

Awesome work HWS team!


Oh man I knew it was coming but this soon. Great work Rex this will be very handy indeed.

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Is not a big issue, we dont have OP now and all do quite well without.

My issue is more :

Either Rexxus brings a working OP… or none at all (as we have now). I just dont understand why he puts so many efforts into a non-working-OP ? ( and this is EXACTLY what we will have in HWS7 with a 30 minute delay OP… thanks for confirming that FACT by your critics… trap closed :-)). )

First of all there is only one thing missing for OP and that is the integration of the Anti Grief Zone.
If it won’t come in Alpha 7, we will have strict rules to prevent exploits in that matter. We know how to deal with it then. Other than that OP is in a very good state to experience a reincarnation.

Regarding your blind complain about 30 min delay without a single fact or proof… well… told you already that you post very subjective stuff…

I made some tests, I watched some videos.
What I saw is:

  • if bases are built on planets with destructible terrain people can be very creative to hide the OP under the surface. The approx. time of finding and destroying this device is ~ 20 - 40 minutes

  • it all depends on the faction size. Again you make no statement here at all except QQ but a one man faction is of course doomed against a 20 member attack coming. No matter what delay, we would always come to the “combat logging” point. Check.

  • even with our ingame intruder warning system 30 minutes will be just enough to either warp to your base or communicate to a large faction to logout quickly. Still to prevent combat logging.

Remember that you will die in the blue shield, no matter if you are in a cockpit or not and there must be a reward for the risk.
whataboutsmee already explained perfectly that OP means to be save when you are offline. Like really offline. And not a “Help me to get offline protection” thing.

You even adviced people to combat log and I am sorry that this era will have an end for you.


Everything looking good :slight_smile:

Just going to mention an english error I noticed looking at the log screenshot: “payed”; the past form of pay is paid.

I apologise on behalf of the English for having such a confusing language :smiley:

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