HWS 8.X Teaser II | Universe rework | PvP | Part II + EGS Bunker Auction + Story

Hi HWS Community

After the updated 8.X Universe got revealed and explained in the first Teaser it’s time for a second teaser — this time covering more PvP.

PvP — Back to the roots

I know this title isn’t new for some but it’s always good to learn from previous decisions and actions and go back and polish if needed.

Straight to the point

Golden Globe

This planet is one of the most known planets in the whole Empyrion MP world I think and had tons of variations. Looking at all the things which worked and not worked I’ve decided for a kind of new rule set:

  • Golden Globe is a Class 2 planet again
  • No Anti Grief anymore -> prepare for 3-Dimensional attacks
  • No Elite Buildes League anymore -> you can spawn Base blueprints at your will again
  • Only 1 Faction and 1 Alliance Class 1 Base -> the focus is now to get Gold at the max. possible risk and focus on SV and HV fights. A planet domination should be either a new hardcore late game content or just not by design anymore
  • 20 Faction SVs (3000 Blocks) -> the sky is filled with angry birds
  • 15 Faction and 30 Alliance HVs (5000 Blocks) -> the ground is filled with angry moles
  • 1 Faction and 1 Alliance CV (150 Blocks) -> to carry your angry animals back and forth
  • A lot of Gold Deposits (more Voxel than SSOR as a test) -> removed the Gold surface everywhere except the Red Gold Crater
  • Daily Surface wipe + Deposit wipe -> Gold needs to be delivered fresh all the time
  • Gravity from 3G down to 2G -> was a nice test guys, thanks for your Hopping stamina!
  • 2 EGS Bunker available! (check bottom) -> Yes, I said no domination above and some think Bunkers are exactly that. In fact though I want to give 2 factions the option here to give others always a reason to go and attack them. Without the Gold crust and some glitches fixed we found due Bunkers in previous seasons I want to give it a try again. (and domination was addressing the tons of bases player could built in previous seasons)

Bottom Line: In preparation for the future and current gameplay change, gathering Gold the “old” way is rewarding and always available on the one hand but very difficult and dangerous on the other hand. I’m looking forward if someone is able to “dominant” the planet with Bases meant as “Outposts” but smooth, awesome SV / HV fights is what many of you and I want to see the coming season.


The Class 5 Homeworld last season was a joke, I admit - but a good test at least, no?

  • Homeworld will be Class 3
  • 3 valuable resources are available via Resource crust layers in 2 special biomes (maybe you can find them in the new screenshots further down) -> with the new Alpha 8 planets you have to say goodbye to 12 resource crust layers guys
  • Anti Grief if the Landclaim Device is used -> because of the points below
  • Builders League active -> this planet should be enjoyed in a bit slower mood and give a honored reason for the reason below
  • No matter your Origin: if you are able to have a faction base for 24 hours up and running on Homeworld you get 10 RP per day -> it’s called Home-world for a reason now :slight_smile:
  • Same limits like Golden Globe with the exception that you can build up to a Class 7 base -> to boost the point above
  • Almost all resources are available here in abundant quantity in form of deposits -> I better stop writing “because below / above”

Bottom Line: Homeworld on the Homeworld Server should be your Home again… while it is PvP you can still find some hidden places on a bigger Class 3 planet but should feel the high risk = high reward mood once you enter the planet.

Titan 2.0

Titan was quite accepted with the “No rules” mindset last season but the motivation to go there was greatly missing.
That does change in the next season!

  • Class 2 Titan is the only (out of 2) planet with plenty Magnesium Deposits available -> hunt for Space Asteroids, relieve your OCD finally from it or find lucrative trade routes for it.
  • Still “no rules” available -> No class restrictions, no Anti Grief, no Elite Builders League, etc.
  • The planet is also a survival challenge, just in case someone wanted to live there comfortable
  • You can only reach Titan with a Supergate from other locations around the Universe

Bottom Line: You remember we had a third HWS Sanctuary server to achieve this? Not needed is the claim! Let’s give this very dynamic and hot spot a try everyone will for sure meet each other there — in case Supergates are being found. And don’t forget Auto Miners have to be found / traded first!


While this planet shined in HWS 7.X.X again, it was empty and sad the last season. Let’s poke it

  • Class 4 PvPvE rotation planet now / again
  • the idea this time is that it’s an Auto Miner War planet! -> Indestructible Surface + Voxel Deposits of almost all resources gives you infinite supplies IF you are able to protect your Auto Miners once the planet turns into PvP during prime time. Set your timer!
  • Anti Grief if the Landclaim Device is used -> but the “soft” rule of Armageddon will be removed that you can’t place stuff near others in PvE. It is now part of the planets nature to take this into account no matter what
  • Elite Builders League active -> because the point below it will be more rewarding to build a base - but watch out for angry birds above you (during PvP)
  • Zero HVs allowed -> the goal in this harsh terrain will be either to find good spots for SVs or BAses… for attacker and defender
  • 10 faction and 10 Alliance Class 1 Bases allowed -> per resource 1 Base but coordinate with your mates where and who is doing it
  • You can only reach Armageddon with a Supergate from other locations around the Universe

Bottom Line: Supported by limits, game mechanics and design this Auto Miner War planet could be a potential dream of a very smart Casual gamer. Especially because it’s the second planet with Magnesium as resource available.

I can’t make a tour through all other remaining PvP planets but the Homeworld sub-planets as Desertworld, Lavaworld, Iceworld and Waterworld will wait with new POIs, tons of loot and their own “touch” for you. Let’s see if these Homeworld Moons will be still underrated in 8.X…

And maybe you see from the Impression Screenshots that I showed one little snippet of a PvP orbit, you want to waypoint for sure.

More Impressions from HWS 8.X



As you can see in the last Impression Screenshot, Freelancer have got an update to their starter Story!
The Freelancer Jets are not waiting for you anymore (and causing sometimes problems…) but you now call for your ship! With the command


while standing on the yellow marked spot, you get your Jet above your head to start your Freelancer Journey nice and easy!

But keep your eyes open for such EGS Spawn zones… I’ve heard in some special locations and missions you can get even cooler ships… maybe even Alien ships… ¿


A new very dangerous planet is waiting for you… let’s see who can survive this one the longest…
(second last screenshot above)

EGS Bunker Auction

Well then! This time I had a complete different idea to solve the “Election” or “First come, first serve” problem for the EGS Bunkers! This time we have a hopefully hot Auction! :hammer:

  • 2 Bunkers available for Golden Globe: 1x V1 and 1x V2 Bunker
  • 2 Bunkers on Jupidor (one of each version)
  • 2 Bunkers on Sathon (one of each version)

Auction Rules

  • The auction is open NOW : HERE
  • The auction ends as soon as we start the HWS 8.X season with the server (re)start
  • The minimum amount per bid is 500k credits
  • The start amount is 25m credits

Faction abc bids 25,5m - faction cba bids 30m - faction ddd bids 30,1m

Faction cba would win, because faction ddd must have bid at least 30,5m credits!

So let’s see how much the Bunkers are worth for you :money_mouth_face:

Here are the EGS Bunkers explained & showcased again

That’s it for today because I still have to work day and night to catch the deadline for you guys!
I’m interest in your thoughts, even though I know PvP is where the loudest crowd is sitting :wink:

If all works out as I thought the next season will have incredible depth for PvE but also for PvP. For casual gamers but also for big groups to coordinate smartly.
But still with the main focus: Performance and a good experience for all of you — with the best tools and features available!

Your HWS Team

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I have a question about bunkers after reading also the guide.
Bunkers are externally invincible and doors are invincible. Internally all can be destroyed if an enemy can enter? How it works for Alliance to use all together the bunker? I mean doors open for all on the alliance? Crates/devices inside can have own codes?
Which are the differences between bunker v1 and bunker v2?
Thank you!

PS I have some perplexity about no antigriefing device at least on homeworld since is only one base. Btw i have never played without that and i dont know if i will put a base there that could be digged from underground when i am not online, why i should put a base there?

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Mostly it look great and like an amazing inprovment.
Here are just a few points i think might not be so good:


  • it might be good to reward people only with bases class 2+ to avoid buried mini bases


  • personally i hate big planets(class 4,5), it could work but i am very sceptical just because of the size

base building

  • i wouldn’t mind base building by hand in every pvp playfield
  • if i don’t have to put effort into building something, it is almost not worth it to place it or defend it


  • i can’t really say why, but i am not a fan of bunkers

Overall i can’t wait for the start. :slight_smile:

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To begin with I was thinking “now factions might need to retreat from gg since they cant hide behind big bases and keep spawning vessels” then I came to the bunker part… Am I missing something when you wonder if anyone will be able to dominate GG? Looks rly promising for next season though. Wipe hype!

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Bunker answers: EGS Bunker
Who you let in your bunker is your gameplay / decision / task.

Since the LandClaim Device works in water, it would be the same as having default antigrief and someone puts a base with page down key in the ground => invincible.
As long as we don’t have submarines or Land Claim Device does not work in water, Homeworld is not PvE => fight for your base 24/7


  • I’m sure there will be dedicated groups to hunt down these mini moles :wink:
  • Class 4 is the compromise between the very hard PvP in the coming season
  • Elite Builder League is active on all other non-hotspot PvP planets. I just want to make it hotter this time again

Bunkers are not liked from many but the details matter a lot here!

  1. If a faction has a Bunker on GG they CAN’T have another “normal” base. It’s a decision to make.
  2. A bunker has no turrets or what’s so ever. In fact a Bunker has real advantages but also disadvantages
  3. We didn’t use the Bunkers previously because some glitches. They should be all fixed by now so let’s give it a try again
  4. With the auction I hope to see a big economy battle between big factions. If I would be a Solo player and see they pay 100m for one Bunker I would laugh and mine gold in Phoenix or Orbits or get rich with Commodity Trading :wink:

Correct me if i am wrong but landclaim device will not work if placed under the terrain level(page down). So you can still dig :slight_smile:
Was nice to see new kinds of war since now weapons works underwater and the base turrets do zero damage shooting underwater if i recall correctly in my 7.x empyrion experience on Eleon official servers :slight_smile:
You can take out a base with bombs and plasma cannons
Or i am wrong?

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Ok sounds better when bunker was explained with no turret and no other bae. Thx for reply


Overall i’m optimistic. But not a fan of this; it basically punishes those who are online less: [quote=“RexXxuS, post:1, topic:14279”]
Anti Grief if the Landclaim Device is used -> but the “soft” rule of Armageddon will be removed that you can’t place stuff near others in PvE. It is now part of the planets nature to take this into account no matter what

HVS are base busters. Without HVs SVS will fall out of the sky attacking bases.

Overall i like the rest of (nearly all) of it!

Very excited; good work Rex :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Omg what? I never thouhgt that the last rules kills the PVP! Oh no stop. I can remember. I wrote it 100 times but there are to much crys. Yeah Planet Domination is the worst thing ever for PVP! That could not know anybody … :joy:
I just want to say: I SAID IT!

Only Bunker would suck again

So I love the chances. Now PVP makes sense again.

Be happy! I´m Back!

whoop whoop

Gareth I´m still want you Head! :smiley:

good changes sexy rexxy


Oh, you were right @Paxxo1985 - I forgot!
The terrain level also considers the water level!

That means: All turrets except the Sentry Gun can shoot under the water. It also means the Land Claim Device does not work!

Homeworld will have the Land Claim Device Anti Grief check then.

@Wiseman738 I know - you brought this rule up :wink: But as I said my goal is to reduce rules and we just had luck this season nobody pushed this rule. If some “I didn’t read” rule guys would wipe your whole Armageddon base after PvE->PvP rotation the drama and work to recover from that would be huge. Especially since I will change the Antigrief distance for PvE to have less AG than PvP. For now it is PvE = PvP = 350m. I did that basically only because of the Rotation planets… for PvE it was a big issue “Can’t build near my friend etc.”

So my little trick here were “No HVs”. That should equals your rule out. And the new Armageddon is no Snow anymore so good SV pilots are quite good able to take down a Base I think - cough EWS cough :wink:

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I like @anon76082228 mention of reaching a certain class size, to avoid people dropping down cores. However, how long before HWS would take it back?

@RexXxuS I would recommend some sort of RP daily reward on all pvp planets. Because its risky business :smiley: Also spreads the love

Definitely gives me something to think about, cheers!

Concern: For oversized CV’s entering planets with limits, can we please have them kicked off planet faster? Like how donator planets work.


Love it.

Though I do have one concern about Golden Globe.

No anti-grief/anti-build will lead to people just popping bases out of their pocket for an instant siege against someone else’s base. As someone who specializes in these tactics, I will say that they should not be allowed on planets with an no anti-grief.

@RexXxuS Please implement Elite Builder’s League on GG. Please. Please. Please.

Re: Bunkers, I’m not a huge fan of them as they usually lead to camping said bunker, but I guess that’s more a pain to the person being camped and they knew what they were getting into :stuck_out_tongue:


Waiting in suspense

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Yeah, maybe 12 minutes are too long. This time is coming from an old gameplay where “no” CVs were allowed in the first place. But a 150 block carrier can be pretty I saw…

I’m well aware of it and decided for it :wink:

Because the reason were first Class 2 planet, second no Antigrief and third community request.

With no Anti Grief but Elite Builders League the only winner are the attacker here because the time investment to build such a base with hands but lose it due moles is negative.

GG is now meant to be a “Materialschlacht” (german word… dunno english… “Material Battle” or so)

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Fair enough. I just have dreams of drilling a tunnel to the enemy base and popping my base custom built to destroy theirs right next to them :stuck_out_tongue:


How close are the bunkers to the red spot?

Equally far away. If you split the planet in 4 parts, 1/4 each

Hmm should probably put the survival tent back into the game in this case for the campers to sleep in.

I do not really like the idea personally about an invincible base because people do everything they can as it is to not fight and just run away in PvP.

In regards to the changes, i don’t like the smaller planet sizes for pvp but i’m excited to try them out either way. I think with such smaller planets people will be less willing to stay on the planets and set up bases. But either way thank you for your efforts, Rexx.

To clarify, can the faction who owns the bunker place turrets on its bunker? I think if i’m not mistaken, you can add turrets and other blocks to the bunker if you own it.

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