Hws + api = <3

Hey guys,

ok, the NA guys are the first one who will get it but here we go… the surprise is…

Next level HWS experience

Everything is now integrated into the server / tool!

You don’t have to logout anymore… you do ocd:get:all and see how your items magically coming into your inventory… if you fly to a restricted planet now you get ingame warnings. No chat, no. The same warnings like a Drone attacking coming. So you CAN’T miss that for sure :smiley:
We have also almost full control over structures now and can even rotate your buildings, devices warnings are now correct or do other fancy stuff.
And even more is coming…

Well just see it yourself and just enjoy :slight_smile:

By the way it was a really damn crazy hard work for Jascha… so even more :popcorn: for him !

Have fun
Your HWS Team!


Awesome work Rex / Jascha :smiley: can’t wait to test that on EU ^^ it’s time for a popcorn party !!!

Wow!!! just wow!

I was always thinking "Dam this relogging " and you guys did it!. Thank you for this and the changes… well done and for me its a huge change and surprise.

THANK YOU for this!

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This is overall a good change - but I have some mixed feeling about the OCD being even easier to use.

The easier it is to use the OCD the easier the game gets for established factions and harder for new players.

OCD is a great way to keep your stuff through wipes, but using it as an everyday inventory which seems to be possible now will cheapen the game significantly in my opinion.

The only ones who has an advantage to this are traders since there’s no ocd cooldown (yet). I personally love the changes! great work! I guess it’s time to make another donation!

Our ingame story balancing will be more important now - since we also can do a lot more now too.
OCD is meant for storing stuff and not for aggressive stuff.

noobs had the relog pain and got annoyed. Don’t think it is harder for them. The opposite. People can leave starter planets faster / easier now.

As soon as everything is established we move on to this.

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It’s not about that.

It’s about risk taking.

I can go to Gold planet and mine gold and immediatley dump it all in the OCD because. If 5AP kills me - they get nothing but a miner and some drill charges.

I respawn at home in PvE - ocd get my gold and laugh at 5AP in global.

Or I do what GamesGlitches did. Respawn nearby over and over till safe - buy a new T2 drill and charges on market and keep mining and putting gold in OCD.

Is this really how we want the game to be played?

New players cannot do the above - cause their OCD is lvl 1

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Thanks @Jascha & @RexXxuS . All that relogging when doing miners or mass generators was pretty annoying.

Was hoping for ingame pets so we can play pokemon in random encounters in space but this is better.

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They can, but not so much. And with your described method they can get it faster to lvl 2-5 :wink:

But sure, I get your point and the fix is easy: cooldown on ocd:put command.

As I wrote: balancing will be more important now and we tackle this next.

That’d make me to shut up about OCD.



@RexXxus please implement this. I’ve been trying to get this guy to shut up for years.


Man now if only there was a way to implement a logout timer… -drool-

Unfortunately relogging is the only way to fix some bugs such as the 500m lag teleport / stuck in ship bug / can’t use F or P bug.


I’m fairly new to the server, donated early on as I found the server to be awesome. The benefit of an instantly leveled OCD ended up being huge.

The ability to negate risk through OCD is far too easy to manipulate to great personal advantage. I find myself OCDing just like I save a Word document; often. Oh, an Epic Weapon! OCD. Full stack of gold! OCD. POI’s been salvaged, better OCD before I fly back to my ship.

Though I love the OCD and have used it to safeguard materials in dangerous situations I’d love to see a restriction or timer (as has been mentioned) on the ability to ocd:put:all - It takes away some of the thrill when you can easily negate the majority of risks.

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Yeah, I don’t think it should be terribly long or anything, but just something to make it so you can’t logout as soon as you see someone coming as many do. 15 second even.


This is awesome, thank you for putting in all of this work to make a great game even better!

The do:bp function appears to not be recognizing that I have a blueprint in process. Is that a known issue?


yeah, Jascha will fix this tomorrow.

@to the NA guys:
for now there is a bug with the new api that if you fly with ships with weapons you have in the left slotbar you lose all your RP.
We saved your RP but hold on with that for now.
Jascha is sleeping.

Tax on NA is deactivated till it is fixed.