Suggestion: Rules against toxicity, trolling and trash talking

Ok I’m a n00b to HWS, who am I to suggest new rules? Well, I’m not new to gaming communities. As well as getting involved with lots of different communities, I helped run a fairly large one for a number of years. The reason I bring it up is to give context for my opinion: the atmosphere in this forum, and to a lesser degree in-game (probably discord too but I don’t spend much time there), is being spoilt by a very small minority of toxic trolls who trample over and bully and rile up everyone they can.

This morning I tried to make some of these people realise how aggravating it is when these tactics, which they so often use, are employed against them. They certainly got riled up, but sadly the irony appears to have been lost on them.

The thing that I’m most upset about is that these people bring very little to the discussion (discourse [the software used for this forum], in particular, is designed for discussions) and instead belittle and undermine any point of view that disagrees with their own. As RexXxuS has just posted about, this toxic minority is so relentless that they’re even affecting the admins to the point that they get disheartened with running the server for the rest of us. It’s really quite bad here and I think something needs to be done.

Let’s say we did introduce some rules, I think the community should come up with what they should be. I’ll start with my suggestion:

Respect. Respect for your fellow players and the admins. I’m not sure of the right way to word such a rule, but this is something sorely missing here. I’m so tired of seeing people being told to ‘STFU’.

I know, I know. ‘Respect’ is already in the rules. So I guess that’s the other part of my suggestion: swift punishment for people that break the rules. Presently it seems like people only really get punished if there’s quite blatant breaking of the rules and then the punishment might be severe. The problem with that approach is that people feel emboldened by the seeming lack of supervision and then push these boundaries to their limits, ruining things for everyone in the process.

Instead, I suggest frequent punishments for even coming close to breaking the rules. The punishments should start small and exponentially get worse. Something like a ban (from all aspects of the community where such bans can be implemented) that doubles in length with each transgression starting at 1h, then 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… and if someone still isn’t getting the message by the time they get to a 128 hour ban (just over 5 days) then I’m pretty sure they probably deserve the following 256h (10.5d) and 512h (21d) bans.

I don’t know how overworked the admins are feeling but I’m sure there are members of the community who could be trusted to act as moderators, being impartial and trusted enough to pull the trigger on such bans. There’s plenty of ways such people could be prevented from abusing said power.

I know I’m going to be called a care bear by these toxic people for even suggesting such an idea. That’s why I started with the conservative idea of respect, which happens to already be in the rules. So please, keep your toxicity out of this thread. If you disagree with my point of view there are many ways to make that obvious while still being respectful. The polite ones are often the quiet ones but If you agree, please speak up. Your community needs you :wink:


We have Forum Moderator roles – However we dont have the volunteers to fill them. :frowning:

Will be watching this post. Thank you!


Haha finaly someone who writes longer posts than me :smiley:

Its a bit anoying that every thread turns to accussations of enemy side from exploits, carebearing, and…ahh you know it well enough. Some constructive disscussion is possible with not so many ppl.

I personaly still belive that we can do better without any rules or punishment. I dont like rules, i like when theres no need for rules, I never read rules of HWS and im fine since server start, recently im slooowly getting to it as its becoming necessary. And its a bit sad for me. Just be cool, be like Elfias :bear:

Guys just chill out, relax and play the game, be polite, kind and when you see enemy…have no mercy. But that means kill him and thats it, no need for humiliating, bullying etc. If you take it personaly and want to be best…I feel like i have to tell you that all you can achive is to be best in bugged alpha game where half of combatants gets disconected, lagged…ahh you know it well enough.

Most of all, theres no need for real hate…we are here for fun right? :shinto_shrine:

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I recommend I become HWS Police with access to all systems, to travel far and wide with unimaginable powers to defend those who might not be able to defend themselves!

I always wanted to be space police! Stop evildoers like Colin2Sultry … give me an excuse to make a Police CV

Ill be judge, jury and executioner, please give me the power of unlimited resources to investigate those who would abuse HWS!

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Im all for what you wrote. I see the insults Nikola Tesla gets everyday and wonder how nobody does anything. there are so many instances where I would kick or ban people, that Im glad Im not an admin :smiley:.

On a sidenote…I read the thread you linked a bit and damn I envy you for the raider. I really like the design and look of it, sadly Im awful at building anything looking good :frowning:

Coming from a guys faction who start post like “Calling out Op4” good way to get some trolling started. Tsk tsk forums won’t make your PVP experience any better guys! :kissing_heart: Try to last longer than 15 minutes next time around, trashing the play field can be disrespectful. I am a helpful, friendly player… I will always rightfully defend myself… Just as well as any other player does. Stop with the post please… First it’s let’s troll and get our post closed and now it’s “no more trolls they are bad people” :joy: My views on this post. I’m not “trolling” or anything… It’s a forum. Just speaking my mind in a friendly manor.

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Colin but is it really only about you? You described it as OP is “forum weapon” against Op4, to be honest thats first time Im trying to look at it that way and I dont know, I think there are many others who will “fit in” so…Im just not sure now.

But there is one thing which got me :slight_smile: I think its like general post about behaviour on forum and suddently you rushed in and its starting to be

[quote=“colin2cold, post:7, topic:6671”]
Tsk tsk forums won’t make your PVP experience any better guys!
[/quote] So it feels like its on good way to become another git gut thread?! Why the hell?

Now ill try to explain it a bit more. I wasnt online at start and joined later but i guess this is like it was. Bunch of ppl was bored on EU so what are we gonna do? They jumped to NA and you seemed like good target, they rushly tried to attack your base and withdraw when fight lost momentum. No big deal.

I dont know, try to imagine OP is not about you, maybe there is TCH vs OP4 thread as example so i admit it can feel like that but i dont really think it is.

Of course i might be wrong and Fenix meant you guys and only you but im sitting here with my coffee thinking what the hell?! Just chill out and do your stuff, I dont find it anyway offensive that someone should rush in to defend himself?!

And to the previous closed thred…Im usually not online so i miss all the background, also im rarly on GG but it seems to me like it was normal “Will you accept the chalange?” post which turned into disaster from many reasons. While PvP is sometimes pretty barren this is common way how to chalange someone to fight, im sure you know that with your game time. Just dont be so touchy guys.

(for everyone…unless im saying im speaking in name of TCH my posts are always just mine opinions, im member living a bit on outskirts so i dont even know enough about all whats happening. Also by OP i mean Opening Post to avoid any confusion between OP and OP4)

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I understand where you’re coming from, Just going to stay off the forums. I was joking around, considering every time something happens there’s a forum post made about it.

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I am not sure if there is an ignore function for chat in game, maybe that would be the solution for specific players … or mute/ignore all chat function so you see nothing from chat.

Good suggestion , I like it.

I find it hilarious that TCH started a post for no other reason than to troll Op4.
Now they’ve started this post against toxicity, trolling and trash talking.

Perhaps had TCH not posted their initial post meant to garner toxicity, trolls
and trash talk there would be no need for this one.

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