The Elemental Galactic Services (EGS) Corporation experimented long time ago on a method to boost their Clones with specific experience points. That way the Clones were able to get stronger and smarter over time.
To be able to inject such boosted DNA into the Clone’s body, a special gun had to be designed.
Once equipped, after short time, the DNA is automatically injected and the Clone gets better and better.

Origin Specific HWS DNA & Guns

How it works

As soon as you have one HWS DNA in your inventory a check is made to determine whether you also have your Origin’s Gun with you.

If the system check finds them both, The HWS DNA (DNA) gets removed fairly instantly from your inventory and replaced with 1 - 7 HWS DNA.
Just verify with the o:info command if you got it or check your Player profile at HWS Connect.

Location to buy or find HWS DNA

Note: You must play actively (daily) to get HWS DNA from your Origin system

Note: If the system cannot retrieve the Origin DNA items, you will not receive the HWS DNA bonus.

Note: HWS DNA is the most valuable item in the game. Especially because you can convert HWS DNA into HWS Ingots, which are basically real money. Therefore, if you find any suspecious amount of HWS DNA (for example more than 100), make sure to contact @RexXxuS and let him know about it. Don’t take it for granted.

What can you buy with HWS DNA?

Note: HWS DNA is wiped at the end of each HWS season when there is a full wipe. Each HWS DNA point is rewarded with 7000 credits in your bank for the next season.