HWS Deathmatch Ship Events

Hi HWS Community,

we start a very new concept of Events, where you don’t have to worry about all that grind, blueprint and loot topic. These events are all about real PvP and skill!

HV and SV Deathmatches | How does it work?

Every hour there will be 1vs1 HV, SV and CV Deathmatches where the only thing you have to do is type either
ev:start:svdm:a/b” or “ev:start:hvdm:a/b” or “ev:start:cvdm:a/b”.
Both players will get the exact same ship, ammo, fuel and backpack. Only skill or luck will decide the winner!

You get teleported to the spawn platforms where you only need to type “ev:spawn” to get your ship and fuel + ammo it.

Win condition

To be declared as winner and win the prize at the end, you have to trigger the Loot Crate in the center of the “Arena” once. Then wait 5 minutes and the Loot Crate will open for you.
Who ever has the Bomb Drone item in his inventory at the end, is the winner.

You have then 20 minutes to be the winner.
In certain situations you have also an objective in the center of your “Arena” to get one specific item, to be declared as winner in the end!


It changes from time to time but for now:

  • 25 000 credits
  • 5 HWS Reputation Points


  • Your backpack you had before the event will get stored and restored after the event
  • Your RP will get stored / restored
  • Your backpack items (fuel + o2 + ammo) will be given at the event automatically

The Deathmatch Ship Rotation

To increase the fun and stop boredom there will be different ships for you to fight with / against.
Instead of the initial Poll, we go now about a pro-active feedback system.

From time to time I will change the ships by myself. But if I missed it or you just want a new rotation, just leave a commend here:

Technically only HWS Garage ships are candidates to fly for now. A nice incentive / advertisement to get used to them. Later we will implement also player ship deathmatches.

I hope you will like it and have fun!

Your HWS Team


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To everyone who is interested in Event announcements in Discord:

You can apply now to the Event Role with

?rank Event
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All Deathmatch Events:

  • Increased reward from 25k to 50k credits

SV Deathmatch Ship is now: Kolfskot X2

CV Deathmatch Ship is now: Xenaster (new)

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