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Hey HWS Community

we are still on “hold” mode regarding the next Empyrion patch. No clue when it will come, except “before Christmas”, I guess. Keep preparing for it (OCD).
I am also still working very hard on all the content and stuff for HWS 14. Pressure is again at its limit, so I can’t share much teaser still - but there will come videos and announcements, no worry!

The reason for this announcement is the Black Friday though. As I said some weeks ago, we have to exchange our HWS EU server for a new one with more disc space. 450GB is a joke nowadays for our Empyrion usage.
That means: you have to spawn all your Ready-to-Spawn Blueprints out from your Factory!! Do it now, so you don’t forget.
Even if there is no good deal on Friday, we will buy the same spec server like NA has, but this time the location will be my Homeland Germany, Frankfurt.
We try to migrate to the new server on 1st December (depends how fast OVH is).

All blueprints that are NOT spawned on HWS EU before we migrate, are lost!

Last but not least, a little pre teaser, that we continue our tradition… :santa:

All the best,
Your HWS Team


Please tell me what will happen to the resources stored in the factory?


Good Morning HWS Community @everyone
I don’t trust OVH and doing now a full backup of HWS EU - just in case.
This will take a while. The savegame is 19GB big…
I will do another full backup on Monday at 11PM.
Then we just have to assume that OVH is pulling the plug at 12AM 1st December. We can’t “hope”.

Hetzner unfortunately didn’t do anything and I don’t even have received any plan from them.

So prepare for a HWS EU downtime, starting on Monday 11pm, I guess :disappointed:
Sorry for the time collision inconvenience here. But I didn’t want to pay $330 just for 1-2 days, until we migrate to a new server anyways.

just a few question here:

  • what will happen with daily login/vote/bank interest/OAM, will you adjust them and give the missing rewards/interest/ore when the new server is up and running or will it be lost/paused?

  • will the HWS features timers also be adjusted, things like o:supply and “last touched” timers for structures so no bases/ships get lost?

  • when new server starts, will the in-game time be continued as if nothing has happened or will some in-game time be lost?

    • for example: old server is off at 11h real time and new server starts 36h later, will the fuel usage be as 0h has gone by or as some time (12 or 36h in this example) has gone by?


based on ingame time afaik, so all good.


should be

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Good evening @everyone
last REMINDER for HWS EU: if you have “Ready to spawn” ships in your Blueprint Factory Window (press F2) spawn them NOW!! I repeat: NOW!
We will start with the backup in few hours, since Hetzner delivered our new server.
The migration is starting once the Windows OS is installed on the new machine and we are ready for it. Can happen before 10pm.

Don’t forget we get benefits for using HWS, like upgrading both OCD storage and HWS web bank account for 90 day Wipe or beyond so times. I remember post some issue on very early Wipe before 90 days was up, due to bad patch for game. With be able to be made whole with bank account of 80k, and turn out by use the remain game time before the wipe, I made myself whole before wipe with just plying on HWS server.

Have fun. :slight_smile: