HWS X-mas Event 2019

Hi HWS Community,

wow, it’s X-mas time again! What a year…
Looking at my blueprints I can’t believe my eyes… 3 years tradition :slight_smile:

Happy 1st Advent :candle:

As always, we will release each day the lock code for the Doors. 24 Doors in total of course.
I slightly changed the loot but again, it’s a consecutive reward! (each day you get more and more!)
Make sure to restart your game now to get the new PDA X-mas Mission.
So let’s start and make sure to come back each day to check the new code :santa:

Door 1: 9244 :candle:
Door 2: 7886
Door 3: 5363
Door 4: 5922
Door 5: 3287
Door 6: 1566 :santa:
Door 7: 9862
Door 8: 4522 :candle: :candle:
Door 9: 9872
Door 10: 3356
Door 11: 9225
Door 12: 6872
Door 13: 4168
Door 14: 6850
Door 15: 8258:candle: :candle: :candle:
Door 16: 6736
Door 17: 6879
Door 18: 6986
Door 19: 3202
Door 20: 1025
Door 21: 2145
Door 22: 3201 :candle::candle::candle::candle:
Door 23: 5206
Door 24: 9520 :gift::christmas_tree::santa::star::stars::candle::video_game:

How to use it

  1. Press F1
  2. Go to Solo Mission
  3. Activate the X-mas Mission
  4. Go to the ECC Planet
  5. Near the EGS HQ you can use the Door code

All the best and have a nice time with your family!

P.S.: The event will stay open until 31.12.2019. 23:00.


Unfortunately i will miss the last days of this event due to beeing on holiday, but great work and happy 1st advent too

Technically… The restart is by 23:04 so… it’d actually be 4 min longer… i think :thinking:



Any reason that my sv always keep rising when i am parking close to this event :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Is it christmas magic?

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i think, we soon have Server wipe…
sooooo woulndt it be smart to open the doors after the Restart, so we have the stuff in the next season… (my OCD is pretty messed up ^^)

Huh? What doors?

Hi @RexXxuS (or anyone who can answer this). Can you clarify " P.S.: As last year: we will do a full wipe during this Advent event, which means you get another 1-17 round of loot.". I’m not clear - particularly the “during the advent” part Thanks.

you can get day 1 to 17 one more time. he restart the loot after the server wipes!


Actually less as it ends the 31st

@Jascha Merry Christmas. Thanks for all your help. Have a Great Holiday.


Merry Christmas to the HWS Community!

I wish you nice and warm days with your family.

The HWS X-mas Event 2019 has come to an end. All Door Codes are posted at the top and I hope you like the gifts and be prepared for the full wipe soon.



Will it still be there until 31?

Merry Xmas Rex & the team

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