HWS X-mas Event 2020 | Current HWS 14 release info

Good Evening @everyone

the new HWS EU server migration was initially successful! Better than we expected, even after some fails and working 7 hours straight on it… the current CSW issues have to be checked by Jascha though. Hopefully nothing bigger broke.
EU suffered since 5pm from Database corruption. The whole Database got broken for unknown reasons yet. We will try to fix it now… I knew it was too good to be true…

But, as you saw with the EXP patch today: the new patch has a more or less date now.
15th December is the release Eleon plans and I will see if I am able to finish my HWS 14 work by then or need longer.
I really want to make it an awesome release so I don’t kill myself on deadlines again.
Especially since it isn’t only HWS I am doing, you know.
I updated my Invader vs Defender Scenario for the Official Servers (see EXP release notes), I released a huge eWCCT update, so everyone can enjoy the new Content:

and some real life issues are still going on.

I really try my best to reveal all new HWS 14 content soon guys. It’s incredible stressful for me right now…

HWS X-mas Event 2020

As promised, we run our traditional X-mas Event nevertheless! For the fourth time! Quite impressive to be honest how fast time runs by…

Check out the older once to know how it works:


  • Press F1 to open your PDA
  • Go to the Solo Mission Tab and activate the X-mas Event 2020
  • Go to the ECC Planet, to the X-mas Advent Wreath and use the Codes below to open the Door
  • Inside, go to the Trigger Plate to get your gift

That way we can dive into it right away :santa:
It’s a PDA event, so a server restart is needed

Door 1: 3210
Door 2: 9979
Door 3: 4808
Door 4: 0096
Door 5: 8798
Door 6: 8622 Have a nice 2nd Advent and Santa Day :santa: :candle::candle:
Door 7: 6523
Door 8: 9520
Door 9: 5725
Door 10: 3981
Door 11: 7342
Door 12: 1520
Door 13: 0156 Have a nice 3rd Advent :candle: :candle: :candle:
Door 14: 8675
Door 15: 0240
Door 16: 1658
Door 17: 4561
Door 18: 3540
Door 19: 2846
Door 20: 5214 :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle:
Door 21: 1252
Door 22: 6320
Door 23: 3652
Door 24: 7458
Merry Christmas everyone! :gift:

The Event will run until 31.12.2020 23:59 again.

Hope you all have a nice December, Christmas time and a hopefully peaceful end of this, insane weird year 2020.

Your HWS Team


Alright guys. We found the issue and fixed the issue. Unfortunately at 5pm a database corruption happened in combination with asynchronous backup / database lock.

There was no other chance than to roll back to our 5pm backup. So in worst case 3 hours reverted.

Sorry for the inconveniences!


Rex, with all you have going on, I think the Xmas event is really to your credit. Great job on managing the EU transition (hiccups to be expected) and thanks again for your attention & dedication to the game & HWS. I know of no better admin for any server in any game … well maybe 1, but it’s REALLY close :slight_smile:



Its a short month, we all anxious for 2020 to be over.