HWS Garage | New feature and Structure Commander upgrade

Hey @everyone,

finally it is live - the HWS Garage!
Not only I tried a little bit having time with my plan to bring in every Freelancer ship to Empyrion but more importantly to give you a very new cool feature in your gameplay and more…

Look in HWS Connect out for special ship offers or come directly to Elemental Marketplace, near of the EGS | Headquarter to the HWS Garage!

HWS Garage story / idea

After the big alien war some professional engineers were able to extract the secrets of their ships and modified very long in more advanced ship technologies. No matter if breaking the turret / gun limits, overstep the speed or armor… everything is possible®. A lot of engineers lost their life in testing their progress but after all it is a big success for everyone… for sure…

The idea is that you can buy very unique ships. And when I say very unique I mean awesome ships - better pimped, tuned and modified than the GTA Los Santos Customs garage are able to do it!

Of course these ships has a price! Not only the credit price but here and there some pitfalls are waiting for you…

Start of the FL collection


This starter ship is cheap but good enough for the most purposes. HWS engineers modified it to 3 series as shown.
Especially the ability to use the CV drill with a SV was very important to them - of course with the needed armor.

However the CV cockpit could be stronger in the next series…


The one and only Titan. Very rare and feared even by the engineers. Not because they forgot to improve the cockpit but mostly because of the kill potential and maneuverability.

They were so excited about the progress that they instantly started to research the SV and even the HV version.
With the HV version a monster came a live… even though the gravity wasn’t calculated in their research / development progress. But who cares! If needed you can fly with the additional gun power!

How does it work?

As before check the command website: https://cmd.hws.global
So just go to the ship and type ts:buy
And make sure you have the money in your bank.

HWS Engineers looking for your help

More and more engineers didn’t survive left the company because the low payment and life conditions so we need you!
Even if you are not so experienced with Alien technology you can send us your custom awesome ships and we pimp them up!
No matter if HV, SV or CV. We make everything possible®

Apply today!

And remember… the war of SVs and HVs have just begun…

Your HWS Team


We also upgraded the HWS Connect Structure Commander table. You can see now following entries:

  • Lights
  • Triangles
  • Structure Class
  • Powered
  • How much fuel your structure has
  • Last Visited



Modified armor :smiley: which means … yes!! finally :smiley: this looks really cool, wonder if there will be a pimped mining laser that mines faster :stuck_out_tongue: hint hint.

Very nice idea, love it :smiley:

Few questions:

Do we build a sv and a cv version or only a sv that gets upgraded, and also do we not have to worry about layers as block hp can be edited or sv blocks are only turned into combat steal? also can we leave out warp drives?

SV fighting back!! tooo exciting!

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Wait, are you saying you can buy ships that are better than anyone can build? Ships that are faster or have more weapons then I can build? Please please please tell me I read something wrong.

Why is that a bad thing :smiley: that just means smaller ships become viable against bigger ships which means cheaper, less laggy pvp, and if my guess is right and admins can edit block hp that means 1 layer ships will own the skies, and ontop of that a credit sink that will help balance the economy :smiley: what a time to be alive my friend :smiley:

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They do not can change armor HP. They can make SV with combat armor and CV weapons. Or make ships with 20 missile launchers for example. Or with 50 plasma turrets ))))) Everyone can make it but only admin can spawn it.

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I’d rather be able to field my own ships in a competitive fight than have to buy these OP ones to stand a chance. Makes the game less creative.

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Remember these ships are smaller thou, so its sacrificing tank for more manuverability + dps its very similier to faction ships in eve online where there is a trade off and they are balanced in the end, but people are probably sick of hearing eve comparisons xD

I love the idea of some people keeping their own big ship designs but pvp remaining competitive for people that don’t like big ships, where this idea fits very nicely.

unless i’m reading wrong and these ships become huge as well xD

mmmmmmmmmmm veryyyyyyyyy intorestiiinnnnngggggg lol

Faction ships aren’t balanced in eve like that, they’re just more expensive and better.

if your comparing them to their t1 counter part maybe, but compare them to their t2 counter part to be more accurate like a cynable vs vagabond, cynable is the faster more deadly version while the vagabond has one mean ass tank.

Anyway I guess the point is those things are balanced by Eve’s market. On HWS the cost to manufacture a huge CV is totally disproportionate to buying one of these ships.

Hmm lets work it out, 3mil for titan cv which works out to 500k resources which sounds about right for a maxed out ship, the question is does 12 pulse lasers balance out to all those extra blocks and all those extra automated weapons. i guess on planet these things will be monsters but in space the old ships will still win.

Better armor won’t protect you from Lag Shots. I think the idea behind this is great, but I think this is trying to solve the problem the wrong way. The fact that all CVs have the same max speed is what is broken, and this is just a band-aid IMO. Someone above mentioned about creativity, and I agree that this takes away the incentive to build your own ship.

I would love to see better mechanics where CVs have a max engine count in certain directions and speed is more directly tied to thrust vs mass, this way a 20k Combat Steel CV is naturally slower than a lighter CV. And a trade off could be that higher block counts unlock weapons. IE: need more than 8k blocks to unlock your first Artillery turret. So people can naturally build either faster lighter ships or more heavily armored tanks.

I understand these are just server modifications and we can’t hope for core gameplay changes, but I don’t like the idea of ships you have to buy being better than a master builder can ever create.

What if there was a way to bring a ship to a garage and select from one of 3 upgrades at a cost? Either better armor, better speed, or more guns? Would that be a possible server modification?

Since this probably isn’t going to change, I strongly request that game balance is the #1 priority for the modified ships.

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Faster speed for smaller ships would solve the problem yes but then you will end up with everyone building huge engines with guns and no tank and then jsut dodging all the projectiles like back in 2.0 :], there needs to be a very strong falloff on speed, so that as you add thrust you get less and less speed added and so on so there is a soft cap of sorts.

While its great to have a Titan SV the warp drive on it is just for show, Hope the engineers get to work on that cockpit design soon,

Just one more tweak the bottom wings show up as container blocks (can not multi tool them)

Anyway keep up the great work

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Hehe thanks guys. Glad to hear that you like it - some of you at least.

It shouldn’t be a problem solver or taking away your creativity - the opposite of all of this:
Just try to have fun till Alpha 6 comes out, send me your ship design which are worth to pimp or just try to do some special SV vs SV fights with it.

These two ship series are simple - after months I just played around again a bit. They are not overpowered or anything like this. I will take care of it. Also other things people will try to do things with it - it’s ok. Just have fun.

If we take it to a more serious note this is a nice idea. Everytime I have some time I try to create special ship series.
It is just a beginning of a bigger idea later on.

Whatever you like.

As you can see with the Starflier the replaceblocks command isn’t always so accurate. The transition from CV to SV is better to have high HP blocks. The upgrade from SV to CV just for special SV stuff only.

Haha, yeah… in pre-alpha this worked… too bad, too bad… lazy engineers :smiley:

yeah they are not scaling well as a CV xD Had some problems to color them too. The hitbox is near on the top.
Also the SV cockpit on CVs needs the right angle to enter :wink:

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I totally want to get in on this action! :slight_smile: What a great update, Rex!!! Always know when you go quiet something cool is coming out.



time to make some great sv type cv’s :smiley:

Can we plz get a SV that has HV drills? that would be awesome :grin:


Tried it of course but sadly they don’t work in Orbit and on planets they are buggy. Too bad