HWS Half Time of season 8.X | Votes | New help command | Roadmap

Hi HWS Community

The 8.X season started at 13th September and we have about 50% of run time done. A great moment to look back and forward in my opinion.

Just a little snapshot of some stats. These stats though mean a lot to me / us and considering you all are part of it, makes me / us proud!
It means a lot to me / us and we really want to thank you for that!

It’s especially special because we never had so many numbers! In almost 3 years this 8.X season is the most successful season so far!
There are many reasons, be it your great help to others players (HWS Police, HWS Helpers, nice players), the new Universe layout with both focus on PvE and PvP or the new and so far welcome addition of Commodity Trading.
Overall one of the main reason is PvE (sorry PvP guys).

This season showed us once again the big potential we can generate with PvE and how much welcome it is, even for PvP guys.
PvP with lags and glitches generate frustration and drama — unfortunately.
The game was design around PvE (Singleplayer) after all.

However this should not mean I stop concentrate on PvP. I think if you want to do PvP, HWS is a very good place to do that. Especially with upcoming dedicated PvP Events.
Let’s wait also for Alpha 9, which might have some PvP surprises for you…

New help yourself command: cb:warprescue:ship-id

There is one bug since the launch of Empyrion in the game and after almost 3 years we tried to finally give you the option to help yourself with it!


This command is active now and we welcome you to test it out if you experience the most annoying bug in the game:

  1. you warp
  2. you get a disconnect
  3. you are separated from your ship

I think 99% of players know this bug.

Use this command to hug your ship again and spare frustration and time to create a support ticket!

Please let us know if it’s working as intended!


Well, that is a bit tricky topic but I try to make it short:
Even though HWS 8.X is very good, the time was really missing to make it “complete”. A lot of stuff is undone and my hard attempt to make it “complete” during a season is more and more painful.
Every day I am doing this and then that. 70% of the day is filled with answering your PMs / requests and I just can’t make fast / big progress.
Nevertheless I want to at least tell you one last time what I plan to finish… this season or the upcoming:

  • Patron reward feature complete | there are still some missing I’m coding all the time. I’m almost ready, so you can enjoy more Hotviews and buy / sell to the HWS Marketplace via your OCD!
  • Trade Commodities 2.0 | I’m not satisfied how it is at the moment. The trade routes are too easy covered in PvE for now. The price ranges are not justified for the efforts you are doing right now. I want to push this topic and especially place on ALL CCC Trade Stations Commodity Trader in there — different one too!
  • Stargate and Event Manager Events | the differentiation is small but still big. Hence I want to create way more Missions / Events for you! My goal is to have 36 blue / red Stargates in the ECC EGS HQ as soon as possible :slight_smile:
  • The Event Manager is a black hole regarding ideas… FPS, Deathmatches, Story hunts (you need a specific item in your inventory to participate in the first place) are planned
  • A BIG rework of Thruster and RCS in our HWS Config. At the moment the Jet Thruster are useless and the whole movement topic of CVs / SVs is a joke. Not sure though if I should better wait for Alpha 9 regarding this, if Mass / Weight matters overall…

Last but not least, also in progress already, is the third HWS Survey.
The first and second Survey was incredible successful and helpful (#2 for example: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/1WMWu4M4t0Gb2TZIoYbgIgfGUYBV9wACFIyKKdADO5KY/edit?usp=drive_open&ths=true) so I’m really interested in the upcoming one! I will think about crucial and important questions for you! (let me know if you have good questions for the survey yourself!)

That’s it for now. I just wanted to give you a little impression, headsup and really appreciate you are part of this!
Please leave a feedback if you like — we are always looking for improvements!

Your HWS Team

I suggest wait to change thrusters/rcs (gens too maybe?) Until 9.0.

Most players likely now have vessels designed for the 8.x config, good for remainder of season.

To change now, redesign, change again for 9.0, redesign — nah, I think it makes sense to wait till 9.

Setting up the missions you plan, may be better to devote time there, and polishing what you already created (e.g, traders).

Plus, anything you can do to convince eleon to reduce bugs and lag.


My suggestion: The merchant selling rp containers at a high price was a great addition these days.
Move more to trading to get credits and buy them.
It would be a good idea to add them permanently to the trading system to move more credit and not just the purchase of gold.

I’m sure this warp rescue command checks you are the rightful owner :eyeglasses:

You will be afterwards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just kidding. Of course. And it only works in this case of a warp problem. But thats where we need more live results to check and adapt it if needed.

I havent found any use for upgrade kits so far. So if there is none what in Seasson 9? :up:
Any chance Jascha can code and implement something like fishing or so? :fishing_pole_and_fish:
And AAA is exploiting railguns :railway_track: :gun:

I like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crazy_face::partying_face:

OCD wipe maybe?! No? :zipper_mouth_face: Sorry got a little bit too hyped.


quoted to downvote -1!!!111!!1!ONE!!11!!!

Hi Scorp :smiley:
Dont tell me you wouldnt love it, you are a horder! Once filled, nothing to do :smiley:

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: (should be in survey for sure :rofl: )

I know that i would be killed but… i also want an ocd wipe or maybe partial… just save gold ingots?
Feedback for current season.

  • I love sv fights!
  • I dont love Cv fights because of supergates. You kill after one hour the cv of one player and they go for inertia to supergate and warp to ecc… man!!! Add enemy check!
  • Universe is actually too rich
  • I find totally a waste of server resources armageddon and titan. Nobody is there. Also sathon and jupidor… something need to be cutted. (sathon and jupidor is already the second season that seems to be dead)
  • Pvp sellers should be in pvp sectors only!!! maybe add more so you need to roam inside pvp sectors.
  • i am happy about The prism! the only thing that i dont like it is that the interesting loot is in the middle!
  • remove rare resources from pve…
  • Bunkers… honestly i dont like those.
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Guys you know that inside HWS Connect -> OCD -> Info -> Bottom of the text window. You can request a OCD wipe :smiley: That’s only for you though

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And that would be an immense disavantage. Or all players or nothing.

I’d stick with nothing then :smiley:

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If you have the possibility only to choose beetween 20 slots to save. Wich items you would choose? (gold already included)

What about a hybrid test then? A 30 day on lockout OCD/bank at the start of next season. Let ppl try it and see how it goes and get feedback. Currently its like everyone has infinite resources/gold, so there’s not much motivation to fight because gold/ingots i.e. ‘loot’ in general doesn’t really have any value anymore.

Then you have unkillable CVs that can just use warp gates. Or worse you get in a 5v5 CV fight, everything starts lagging, and half the ppl lose their ships due to disconnects. I wouldn’t mind a less resource intensive meta where you don’t have to worry about losing a 250k sath CV due to bugs. But maybe a block limit on CVs might be the way to go.

It wouldn’t work, with first day of collecting interest you could get 3 T2 gen packages for 4.2M = 1,2M ingots ±. With still 0,8M left for ammo and that’s not even the best package.

I think it would be better if there was a playfield, where you couldn’t bring anything over and you couldn’t use any hws features or even spawn ships. If you are aiming for some extra challenge.

an example of how to use this command:
it will only work after warping and only after disconnecting.
it will only warp the ship between two playfields.

here we go again.
the majority of people that play hws are in strong disagreement with you.
not to mention the people that have taken a break from empyrion and decide to come back, would have a nasty surprise.