HWS Halloween Event | New HWS Garage ships | HWS NPC Trader change

Hi HWS Community

first of all a little info that I’m travelling from tomorrow until monday. I’m only available via Smartphone => not available at all :hear_no_evil:
I tried to rush to integrate the big Commodity Trader 2.0 patch before but still need to adjust few things.
It will be coming next week then, together with more announcements regarding limits in Orbits to improve especially Atlantis and Binomi System.

But let’s get to the cool stuff

HWS Halloween Event

This Event is done by @Ju and should give everyone a better chance and reward to understand the story / method behind the Teleport Monolith.
Once you solved it, it will be easier for you to travel around the Universe.
Maybe you ask also others - maybe they can help you out :wink:
Keep in mind that all the “Decoy” Pepper are not regenerating — first come, first serve :slight_smile:

The main Pepper Event is regenerating though - a nice NPC Trader inside included.

Enter it via the EGS HQ Event Teleporter.


In the main Event Halloween Pepper there are Personal Container, so everyone have the chance of big treasures. It is worth for sure :slight_smile:

We wish you a lot of fun and remember: Trick or Treat!

This Event will last until 01.11.2018

New HWS Garage ships

After a whole day yesterday I was able to check the 13+ submissions and integrated for now 5 new Garage ships. It also includes updated versions as you can see in the Screenshot above.

Thanks to the contributor and I hope you like them!


  • Mite | 17m
  • Nomadder | 15m
  • Romanova | 5m
  • Panzer | 30m
  • Oriole | 3m (oldie is back)


  • Companion | better equipment + higher Price
  • The Eye | better equipment + higher Price
  • V-Wing | better handling

HWS NPC Trader change

Alpha 8 changed quite a lot regarding our Economy with just one single thing: the Deconstructor. The HWS NPC Trader got because of that quite imbalanced and even though they are a Supporter Package, we have to make sure they are aligned properly with the whole HWS Eco System.

Before we make further changes to the Deconstructor maybe (I don’t like the 100% return rate) I adjusted the HWS NPC Trader credit cost by a factor x2.
This should help to make the player / HWS Marketplace more competitive.

You can see the changes here: HWS NPC Trader

All the Best,

Your HWS Team

Damn didnt make it in time to you Rexxx, whole night I was dreaming about how bad idea is to put missiles on V with current meta. Well we will see if theres some engineer capable of taking advantage of better propulsion, more power and reinforced hull :slight_smile:

Event? Count me in!

Lol you are like Paxxo, sending pictures of ships, I hope it wont get more Paxxoish :rofl:

Rex just wanna tell you how much i love teleporters <3.

I went to the event and of course completed it ;D It was great. As i teleported back my game froze in loading screen. Then i relogged to fix it, and when i come back in i had a nice suprise, and a very long walk. Thanks Eleon :laughing:


Appreciate to hear you did the Event already! Fast as always… guess you beat @Fasgort even! :popcorn:

But the Teleporter should work back… I hope… will check.
Maybe because of the disconnect… too many structures to load for you :expressionless:

I decided to go back to check if i possibly missed something. Then i got disconnected again. I might need some admin help( a teleport to ECC) soon enough. I’ll tell if i do.

Okay situation is Not good :laughing: This time it was a desert i got stranded in. Please teleport me to the halloween event if you can rex :smiley:

Just testing myself atm. second

Nope, it works fine for me. Back and forth.


I am happy to exploit the imbalanced game mechanics, but i still think they are really bad for the server in a long run. Changing deconstructor won’t really change anything.
The biggest issues with economy i see:
NPC traders without a proper change that will address the exact material amount and rarity of materials can’t be balanced. This is example of 2 packages after latest changes.
Power coil package - price for 1 ingot 2,28 credits. Repair console package - price for 1 ingot 3,05 credits. Rep price (1 rep = 7k) is included.
Bank donations (keep bank lvl and credits) it boils down to 2,5 - 5m credits every day without doing anything. It is especially bad with combination of trader packages, overpowered garage ships and ammo traders. You can get anything you need and still horde insane amount of stuff into your ocd. All that with 0 player interaction.
Donator planets Having resources and even Poi’s in is not good, but probably minor compared to the first 2 points.
To end this in a positive way… I think that fixing even one of the first 2 things would help a lot.

Something fishy is going on with teleporters @RexXxuS

Entered Gas Station on Orbit. Got kicked with there is something with playfield you try to get to. Closed game, opened.

Now im here: (thats EGS Hospital to southeast)

2nd time i got disconnected. 1st time I just entered teleporter on Gas Station and all worked fine.
Might it be related to 8.7?

the teleport from the autominer factory to egs hq breaks all the time for me, even before the recent engine patch

People should be warned that the halloween event zone is PvP. As it is now some xxxxxs keep camping spawn area and kill everybody just after spawn. No way to fight back, no way to survive. And they will take your backpack.

xxxxxs = guys from FCE faction - looking forward to meet you in PvP, I owe you something, cowards

Ya, maybe not the best idea to make an event zone PVP. Got insta whacked by 3 people on warp in.
A warning that the zone is PVP would have been nice, its not a wild guess that it would be camped by some “PVP lovers”.

+1 to the “no pvp in events”. I downed someone for the first time there when I was checking the event :joy:

Now i feel lucky. I was not alone when i finished it, and i had some value on me

I have nothing against PVP. It’s an important part of the game. Even though i avoid it, i can see it play a part in events as well. I guess the unfortunate combination was; a puzzle in a PVP zone … with a spot easy to camp for easy kills … together with the lack of a warning that “You’re entering a PVP area”.
If i had gotten that warning i would have zoned in, half expecting someone to camp the gate in spot. That’s PVP, people will do whatever it takes to get free/easy kills and it’s my job as a carebear avoid it or to deal with it.

Please keep doing stuff like this, i love puzzles and i enjoyed this one alot ! =)
it further reinforces HWS as the best server out there, keep up the good job!

I noticed the event zone is now PVE, if someone wonders.

The reason why it’s PvP, is because it’s not made for this Halloween event. It’s made for a FPS Arena event. FPS would require it to be PvP. So if rex was smart, he’d make 2 event planets. One for PvE events, and one for PvP events @RexXxuS . This would solve a few things. Unless rex do 1 event per planet, which has a lot of disadvandages.