HWS Marketplace RC

Hey guys,

we decided to announce the release candidate for our HWS Marketplace so you can test it before the 4.0 and please give feedback. It is for now only on the EU server activated.

Go to HWS Connect > EU > HWS Marketplace.
On the green Information Button you get all info you need.

Thanks for any feedback!

Your HWS Team

It is written in chat that the price is set per-unit, while in web-interface it is per-stack. Should be consistent.
Why is it needed to combine different separators in one command? It looks more logical to me to type ti:buy:1:2 than ti:buy:1 2, it’s the same way as with OCD (ocd:get:1:2).
It should be possible to choose slot from which to sell, creating 1 order per re-login is really tedious.
If possible, creating mass orders is needed, which would be probably the only better thing than in Eleon Marketplace. Something like ti:sellall:price asks to sell ALL items in your inventory with the type placed in slot 1. It would make pentax/blue crystals trade with significant volume possible via marketplace instead of only in person. Items of the same type are already combined in one order, which is good, but if I want to sell, say, 200 stacks of pentaxit (it’s actual amount of some deals), I would need 200 relogins.
Do I understand correctly that there is no buy orders whatsoever? Not even local for marketplace?

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Thanks for the feedback. Good sugestions. Will implement them.
Yeah so far we dont have buy Orders… will see

Buy orders are useful. It seems to me that buy orders are responsible for more overall volume than sell orders, and I’m one of the most active market users.
It is currently impossible to set fractional price per unit for sales. It is common to see diference of 0.5 credits per unit of ore and other cheap items. Some items even cost close to 1 cr (crushed stone, hydrogen fuel) so it’s even more significant for them.
Also, be aware that people will use the marketplace as a free ocd. It’s much more attractive when you don’t have to pay comission and don’t have the limit of 10 orders.
Overall, I said that in the poll post and I repeat now, Eleon marketplace has indeed some inconveniences, but HWS marketplace is by far inferior in terms of convenience/usability. Main impediments being the relogin and requirement to swith to web-browser to see orders and commands.
P.S. Nice long arithmetics!

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Hmm yeah but you playing alone and not like a warrior like others. It was one of the main reason why we want the HWS Marketplace player driven, that you can abuse the “Buy / Wanted” orders. Before an attack place them and during an attack grab them, globally, easy. Or your teammate via Discord / TS places hundreds of Explosives and the other guy spawning all the time at near location till he is in the base and grabs all explosives from there and easy. All this sneaky stuff.
If you really want an item then make it yourself, ask in chat / forum or wait till it comes up. Smart Trader know what people need and sell it by their own.

This is not an excuse for a BIG work we need to do to get the Website perfectly synchronized with the game but just my point of view regarding gameplay, since the Trader faction is currently just a joke.

About the free OCD yeah… do you think a 10% Stop-ID tax would be good like in HWS 1.0? We thought that it is free only in the shops since you have to get their with a lot of pentaxid which is a kind of tax…?

The usability… yeah we know. As long as we don’t have a real API this is the only way for us which to be honest could be worse :wink: Back in the days you got kicked what was even more annoying. Now you can queue up your stuff and after toilet / lunch you have your stuff.

Well after all we had the poll and it was the community wish :slight_smile:
But like I said we can customize it like you want as good as possible.

It seems to me the HWS Marketplace doesn’t function as extra OCD, since you have to visit the Market or pay the tax. I don’t think number of people willing to hoard extra stash at market will be large, if present at all. Perhaps wait to see if that issue comes up before we try to counter it. That said, I do not object too much to an additional early-end tax, but that really hits traders trying to under cut each other getting locked into offers.

Edit: After thinking it over, I do see some possible exploits, but instituting an early end tax really wouldn’t counter them, only impede legitimate traders. Will require more thought and seeing if and how people try to abuse.

That makes sense, but with HWS marketplace you are able to prevent that by allowing to withdraw items only on HWS Marketplace. So it doesn’t justify abolishing neither buy orders, nor fulfilling them globally.
Moreover, you don’t need buy orders or teammates to do that “sneaky stuff”. You can just place sell orders with the items you’ll need and cancel the sale when you need them.

Then you require the seller to be a “smart trader”. What if it’s just a new player willing to get some initial money? Or just someone not interested in monitoring prices to know market value? Should he mine copper or silicon? Maybe it’s better to gather fiber? Or blue crystals? At what price should they sell? When will they get the money, tomorrow?

Tax will definitely minimize if not eliminate such usage, but it is bad for trade, meaning less goods at higher prices for sale. Is it justified and how much would be that usage anyway is hard to say. I personally would vote against the tax, but I’m biased.

You can only cancel your orders in the HWS Marketplaces. PvE. Far away from an attack. If I understand you correct.

Just saying that it would more fit to the Trader faction on HWS. We increasing the fa:survival starter money amount to allow a first day on a faction planet and using the marketplace. The prices need to adjust themself anyways after so much items people have on their OCD.
All these questions are the job of a trader, yes :slight_smile:

Like cnemus said, let’s see if people abusing it as a free OCD. They have to travel to the marketplace anyways for getting their stuff.
But if we see they doing it then we implement kind of stop decay time maybe. After a week or so they get automatically placed to inventory again.

I was referring to the Eleon Marketplace.

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:9, topic:1328”]
All these questions are the job of a trader, yes
[/quote]So you’re saying that everyone must be a trader if they need any money except for starting package.

I think prices will go up except for items available in NPC shops. Maybe not drammatically and not very fast, but when you increase the transaction costs, the goods become more expensive.

Ah, yeah, Like you did you mean. Placing them for billions of credits… hm. Also a value we might adjust over time. Maybe 3% tax even locally.

Not really. I mean a new player needs to get at the shop anyways first. And the questions should be always answered before stepping into the world of economy. Otherwise we see again buy orders for 1 credits.
In the end it is player driven and beginner or not - you see if your items get bought or not.

But of course there are other ways of getting money…

1cr orders point rather clearly that the item is effectively free and without the 10-orders limitation there would always be offers at sensible prices for every common item (I personally would take care of that). I’m just trying to get the trade system as convenient as possible given the limitations. Otherwise there would be little economy and thus less interesting gameplay for me and more tedious trader-ish tasks (like growing food, mining ores, crafting ship components and ammo) for those who don’t like them.
The point about buy offers is that it is a) a baseline for price estimates. b) way of getting credits right now. c) way of requesting a specific item not currently present on market.


I love it. finally we can list/purchase ammo…ammo suppliers will make a killing. I will buy so much so often!

Pentax, no more 50 max list…feel like travelling, we can go buy 500 in one go!

Weapons/ Tools/ Charges/ Oxy bottles…no more bound by silly limits. It’s how the Eleon market should be lol.

Some feedback OFC :wink:


When i went to list a few items it said tax 5,00000000000000001 (sorry thought i hit f12 but turns out no)
It’s awesome we can list all of item X in our inventory for a cost per item, not total which i didn’t know at first., however, you have to relog every time you want to list another item which is kinda time consuming…see below

Only actually took Flak, Shotgun ammo was still in inventory after relog.

Fix, Much like we use ocd:put:1, ocd:put:2 etc for hand-slots, can we have


Each number relates to hand slots, then we can do all in one re-log.

Last for now, server spam. people list very regular. the spam will be bad as even though faction chat so no one sees, they do see the server response.

any way so that only user sees this response?

if not, perhaps keep the messages very short and sweet.

EG 'Server:Achilles: Sell X Epic Shotgun for X each? Tax X

CB:yes CB;No should only be seen by noobs, its a command people who have played even for a few hours understand…its used in most commands

basically 1 line :slight_smile:

Having only you see would be best case, not sure if this is even possible?

Just thought of another, Alphabetical order…if i want to buy all pentax on market i’d have to scroll at find, is it possible to sort at all, highest first etc…IGNORE didn’t realize i could click the icons at top, AWESOME!

This is really good, It has its cons, obvs the reload etc and not as ‘quick’ as Eleon however, the market with HWS is what it should be…

1: Large
2: Constant
3: Variety

Traders like you Veber, a little unfair you as a trader can only list 10 items, I’m a hunter…i can also list 10 in Eleon version. Now, Fill that market with everything. You will earn loads, plus your market has opened massively…why not stick 10,000 plasma on or 1000 pentax or 100 canned veg? everyone knows rations were silly overpriced for what, a part of the game that is just frustrating…hunger!

Traders can be unique AAT ‘All Ammo Traders’ PPT ’ Personal Pentax Traders’ You get me, You don’t have to just be a trader, you can be the servers main supply of X…now that is role play my friend :smiley:

I need to edit my 4.0 base now, After 300 server hours and all the money i’ve mined to get where i am…why do i have to farm frickin plants…i’m not a farmer, I am a HUNTER. We buy all our food from HWS market, Yea we pay over the odds…but we aren’t the ones sourcing it :smiley:

Another thought,

What happens if you buy 250 Pentax, you can only hold 245 in your inventory. That’s all 49 slots.

Does it dissappear much like Eleon version and you lose money?


When we buy can we have items put straight into your OCD from marketplace, like delivery?


Achilles: ti:buy:ID:ALL:OCD
Server: Achilles you want to buy X number of X for X amount into your OCD
Achilles: CB:Yes

I’m probably asking way to much here :joy:

Yeah. And than add that ability to web-interface along with the ability to list items from your ocd on the market. And than I would not even need to log in game to trade!
Seriously though, if I understand correctly, it would not have the concern of getting items to inapropriate locations as you can put items in ocd by other means, so it’s probably OK to not even require presence on marketplace for such trades.

That’s very much doubtful, but it’s not the point of this post to discuss who will benefit from the changes.

Not really “silly”. It’s only x1.5-x6 price of cans (if you count per-food-unit, not per-item, of course).

First of all thank you guys for your feedback.
Sad though that the people who will cry the loudest later don’t participate here in the discussion.

Anyways yes we can build so much more, like you can really play part of the game over the website. Not overdoing things but it just adds another dimension if you are able to play over your smartphone on the toilet x)

Well coming to facts again:

  1. HWS Marketplace missing buy / wanted order. With like crazy efforts on our side we could implement it. Is it worth it? Especially what I wrote above.

  2. Jascha will build the option for mass selling stuff

  3. Of course with a fallback if you want to buy more than you can hold. We actually have ideas to start playing more with OCD. A sell button there where you can sell stuff from your OCD straight away. But yeah… really lot of work.

So it fits great to HWS and all but if people are crying to much about missing their abuser easy peasy market we need to think of a fallback. Having both Marketplace is possible but wouldn’t make lot of sense I guess?
Dunno right now… need to sleep :wink:
Thanks guys.

  1. Having buy orders would help the market to stabilize, but I don’t feel it is essential.

  2. Mass selling, vital to me.

  3. Direct to OCD, very cool, would definitely use, but not essential to me.

I imagine a lot of people will resist the HWS only option, but hopefully we can run with it exclusively for a couple weeks and see if they adjust. If they really don’t, running both might let serious traders use HWS for bulk trading and exclusive items, then redistribute through Eleon for the… um… ‘easy-user-interface-group’. More market options=more opportunity to make profit.

Well, it’s not of ultimate importance, but my estimate is that absense of buy orders will roughly halve the trade volume.
And what would be the difficult part? Maybe there could be some workaround for it or some halfway implementation? Is it storing/receiving bought items? Then maybe they should go straight to ocd. Is it making convenient commands for specifying orders? Is it keeping credits reserved for orders? Something else? Maybe just make a wanted list in HWS connect with no actual trading? That would still solve “c” from my post above. For “a” it may be good enough to display trade history.

That makes sense as right now HWS Marketplace already has some significant advantages (no limit for order quantity, easy bulk sales, more items are tradable).

I’m unable to buy any of the Achilles’s orders. No confirmation prompt, no effect after relog. Other orders (mine and RexXxus’s) are still OK.