@HWS NA | The RAM Bottleneck | New Server?

It’s not that easy. If HWS becomes P2W, many haters will come, and i also think many people might leave HWS. Right now HWS is at a good stage, where supporter packages are useful, but you can’t really buy richness.

Making “Special” packages, would be a little difficult.

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Yeah, true and good point. I guess maybe just a minor one-time spiff was all I was thinking. But then, you guys are better at knowing what people will tolerate and what they won’t. I defer to you guys. :slight_smile:

  • I have noticed average ping is a bit high, I’d guess most players in the US would benefit from moving the server to the US.

  • The only reason an upgrade would be worth it now is if it means the server can support the big fights. If its still going to restart during the big battles then I’m not sure what the benefit would be.

  • Are you saying the entire server will reset again from a clean start like a new season? Or just the blueprints in our factory?

  • If you have to choose between the upgrade now and garage ships now I’d want the garage ships available first.

It’ll only be the ready to spawn BP’s in factory. They’re sticking to the server, so when Rex buys a “new” server, they won’t follow. However with everything else, Rex can just transfer the data to the new server.

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Thank god. I’ve barely started this season, I’m not ready for another reset. :joy:

Support big fights and restarts are two different things.
Will a forced restart happen outside the common 9AM-5PM-11PM cycle? No.

Will it supports big fights? No. That is a fundamental Eleon game issue, not the best quantum pc with 1 trillion CPU cores can handle.
It is just a nature law. Like flying dogs. Not gonna happen.
Same with Empyrion and Hardware. Not gonna happen to have a smooth game, no money in the world can fix it.

A weird choice but nope, Garage ships are available once the Garage Contest is over:

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I just know you guys are really busy, that’s all I meant. :+1:

How is this even a question? 128 Gigs?!? As far as I’m concerned wipe the damn server and fix the thing!

We got this guy… Not Sure… He’s going to fix all our server problems.


Wait, are you saying there will be no garage ships at all until after the contest deadline which is the end of July? No garage ships at all for at least 5 more weeks?

Ok sure but that could have meant 2 weeks. I didn’t know it meant over half the season.

Yes, we are using OVH since over 3 years and it’s cool.
I found a great deal for the HWS EU server at Black Friday.

Have to see if I’m lucky for NA if we are going for it.
Overall it’s at least true that we have to choose the first day of a month of a switch to not lose money.
I see the overall feedback is YES… so I’ll start searching I guess.

Exactly. They can advertise CPU or hipster modular upgrades as much as they want. More than 128GB RAM cost insane lot.

That is very insane but appreciated! The spirit overall :slight_smile:
I will think about such “funding” carefully.

It takes time to build all those submissions. Then it takes more time to go through each and every one and check things, fix them, and ultimately then go through the process of implementing them in to the server.

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There are already submissions and new ships have been posted to the garage page already though. I guess I didn’t realize that absolutely no ships at all would be available until after the contest so even if a previous ship was updated we can’t get it. Its a little frustrating because I based out of a Safe Harbor last season and planned to base out of a garage ship again so I had been waiting. I didn’t think I’d be waiting until August for a ship that might be submitted and updated already or any day. But its ok, plans change.

Remember what the contest said exactly though. There are only 20 spots available. This means nothing can go up until all the submissions are in and voted on for the top 20. I would imagine so anyways.

I agree with this. Anyone who knows me knows that I will definitely take advantage of anything that’s available to save time and spend more time doing what I consider to be the most fun in this game (PvP) but there is a fine line between pay for convenience and pay to win. I think it’s well balanced right now and that any additional paid benefits should focus as much as possible on convenience.

Another way to look at this is that spending real money on resources directly seems like a bad idea in general. If there is no limit on the amount you can buy, it’s too pay to win. If there’s too low of a limit, it’s not going to be more worthwhile than NPC trader packages. Also, if there was no limit and someone buys a bunch of resources to stockpile in OCD, some items they paid for could easily get selectively wiped in another patch as has happened with autominers, z/e and magnesium in the past. It’s just all around bad news.

I feel like if the server really needs the fundraiser to make some money for the upgrade, I think a very good option is the “Permanent” upgrades being reinstated for a bit, as that will boost money… I know I’d go into that with an open check xD

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Answer: none.

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Then why did we do it for this season? Just put last seasons ships up and run this contest for the fall reset.

And there is 20 prize spots. Its doesn’t say only 20 total ship designs can be sold.

I’d love to see it hosted somewhere on the east coast or the Midwest

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