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Consequence: anything over 10 deaths within a short time frame is considered excessive and is ammo draining. It is punishable by a sentence to Elemental Prison, loss of property and/or a Ban. the rules do not apply to them

HWS Police - Report a crime

We lost half of our RP and Credits, so i’d say that the rules apply to us.


wait a second so what did I do to lose 1/2 my credits/rp?


Police and rexxxus if you read this stuff would you tell me what i did wrong?


Ammo Draining. See this post: HWS Police - Report a crime


The And/Or is important here

It does not mean that everyone will get banned on the first offense. Generally, first offenders get a more lenient punishment, repeat offenders will recieve more harsh punishments. Since this is the first case for them, they got the metaphorical slap on the wrist, rather than a ban.


"Were not camping people, its been kill and go policy. I have advised people not to loot unless its an epic. We’re doing more than just camping people, its good RP on starter.

Ranzeth your bias against Op4 is clear. You should try a pvp start :wink:

I am loving this planet! POI’s, Zirax, need to get through my PDA, its only day one."


The screenshots show you camping the place where players literally start. This sort of behavior turns them off because they are killed before they can even start the game, they literally don’t even have a chance to do anything but die and not be able to do anything.

Op4 has done this on fresh starters 2 or 3 times now? Each time, you guys were punished, so why do you think it would be acceptable to do now?


Were not camping people, its been kill and go policy. I have advised people not to loot unless its an epic. We’re doing more than just camping people, its good RP on starter.

Ranzeth your bias against Op4 is clear. You should try a pvp start :wink:

I am loving this planet! POI’s, Zirax, need to get through my PDA, its only day one.

HWS Police - Report a crime

camping spawn location for 5 hours is not spawn camping ? Having 5 sv while fresh players spawn in and get killed is not spawn camping ?

That is very honorable of you :roll_eyes:


Thanks, I think its honorable too; its that or make the planet pve. You dont expect pvp?

Atleast then maybe they get started, but if they become to threatening, then we wipe em. I think that you guys are more insulted, we didnt rush for golden globe and are bored. You guys should break up your alliance and fight each other.


Because what you’re doing on pvp starter planet is totally great for player retention.

Not that it makes any difference. This is completely expected by op4. In fact, I remember several op4 members serving bans in the past for starter camping.

Makes you think.



I agree to a certain degree; I dont believe in camping noobs… nor do I believe in looting noobs fully (Even when I catach them in space) … I believed this since the end of 5.0. When you wipe players out they generally quit (my first season).

Most players are hypocrites… the real question is, should lawless starter be pve?

Players should expect PVP, its not easy. The description should read, extreme difficulty, only recommend for veterans. It should also tell them how to reset if they need to.

Last season do you really think the killboard was legitimate? Thats why I called for it to be UNIQUE KILLS ONLY… so that players arent encouraged to camp players. Because last season I think I had less than 5 kills… now please, tell someone who cares.

I guess my point is made again; I am currently off starter, but I do like the way its setup. Explored most of it, got RP in the process, I am playing the game. Stop complaining on the forums because you hate op4, when you are the ones who are toxic and camp noobs, and mad because we wiped you off @Ranzeth (Note its not only ACP,but specifically this season we wiped em off lol … others avoided us on pve planets)

@Ranzeth would you like Lawless to be pve?


I started on PvP. I disagree, the way you guys were camping the starter will turn players off from the server.

If you didn’t have a base right there, then yeah I’d have been like - no worries. But you had it setup so yours get warnings and could go and hunt newbs. As a vet you should be giving them a fighting chance.

In previous versions Rex made this is illegal, so I dont know why he changed his mind now.

You can make all the claims about the whys you want. Fact is, what you guys are doing is poor sportsmanship. It’s a game, and you should allow other players a chance to enjoy the game. This will lead to extra players later on, and will allow us more people to hunt later on

But no, you want to kill them right at start and ruin their gameplay experience. New players arent going to stick around to pick a new biome or to restart, they will just quit and find a new server.

So in reality, you are messing it up for the new players, the vets, and yourselves.



I would like you to read this as well. If op4 wasnt camping the very start point people come in on, and giving people a chance its be different. But they powered up to 25 and made weapons no newb can compete against.

Remember, they have fully stocked auto miners and can pull down rare resources in quantities that other players cant.

This is creating a receipe where we are going to lose new players because they will get frustrated by being spawn camped. They arent going to stick around and try a different start - they leave.

And why wouldn’t they? This behavior is not sporting , vet factions have the advantage and can now farm newbs for RP.

Please change your mind, make illegal for people to camp starting areas. We need this so we dont hurt our player base later on. It was illegal in past seasons, and it should be illegal now.

If its going to be legal, let it be done on a planet only the vets start on - at least then everyone has the same access to resources and it’s an even playing level.

@rookie @Churra @Vandruis @Serious_Squirrel


Concur wholeheartedly. I dont know why this was illegal in the past and suddenly there’s a change in heart?

isn’t it just a band-aid fix to “just restart and select pve”

I’d understand PVPing on a starter if everything was started on the principle that everyone starts with the same resources, but when players powerlevel each other to 20-25, draw down rare resources for high-level weapons… and then camp the SPAWNING zone (i.e. you get nothing but a pistol and your starting inventory at level 1) how the hell is that even remotely balanced?


What are your suggestions except rules, someone needs to babysit?

  • prevent OAM access?
  • prevent do:re?

But even then, and some do it the hard way, they can return and camp these spots.

So the real question is:

Are PvP starter planets reasonable or not? Why are there PvP starter planets in the first place? What is the characteristic of PvP on a start?

Overall… either we remove PvP as a start option and map “Hardcore Survival Hail dancing” to Lawless or we do a new CCC with the theme “First Person Shooter Arena for Multiplayer”.

That way we have 50 player spawners they get randomly placed. And need to do a kind of Counter Strike trip through the center where a Stargate or Ship brings them to Lawless-HQ or so.


Restrict do:re and autominers on starter, and make a PvP Starter Vet map where you can use them. I know you don’t want to enforce rules left and right, but we also need something to separate new players from vets at the start.

Make free for all anything goes starter - this way people know what they are getting into. When I was a new player, I would love a pvp start, but I quickly realized that players with CVs would slaughter me and I had to get crafty. But, at least I had a chance because they weren’t sitting there scouring the planet for falling pods.

Actually, make a PvP free for all planet for vets with falling pods. We dont need the tutorial POI (as good as it is), and just have us come down in escape pods.


@RexXxuS I think it would be best to have no PVP start; and let the big boys leave for the pvp areas. Keep it simple !

Then theres no incentive to kill noobs on starter at all. :wink:


of our city, of our city


Agree, if this is an issue after all. Lawless is already pve on their HQ, just make their starter pve too.