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Lawless are supposed to be to the bad guys. so prove yourself be the best of the best Lawless.
no changes need to be made to Lawless starter it’s fine just the way it is. even the Lawless HQ should be PVP.


Is this type of building really needed? We experienced disconnects and major lag from this base. @Jascha you will see the issues starting around 1:25 in the video. https://youtu.be/obbqp_Jk7LY


Maybe i’m wrong but it looks to me like those hv turrets were on hv blocks before someone shot them off then took a screen.

What makes me think this, is that if you look around at the other hv defenses you can tell that it’s been in battle, and some of the hv blocks that had turrets on them are partly gone as well.

HWS Police - Report a crime

Very disturbing if this is the case. Rexxus If this is proven to be a ‘false accusation’ and the image intentionally made by shooting off blocks then it should be punished in my opinion. But that’s just me.

Maybe someone came along before red and shot them off? But if it WAS red who shot them off and then RED reporting then that’s very suspicious, and is akin to a false accusation and should be punished severely as such.

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I’m sensing ‘deja vu’ here… Haven’t we been down this road before with exactly the same group of people? If so, whatever punishment was or wasn’t dished out last time is clearly having no effect whatsoever.

For me, I’m happy to acknowledge this is already the HWS RU server, just didn’t realise they were all so blatantly above being punished for repeatedly committing the same crime. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.


I dont know what happened the seasons before, but punishing all the players of the faction i think is not good.
Maybe @Darkside did a mistake of report not seeing that was the same model of HV like the others. Yesterday i was there and was a lagfest, maybe in the heat he genuinely thinked that was floating turrets because before arriving so close to the base we needed to shoot from long distance without seeing what we were shooting.
If punish needed to be applied i think only one person need to be punished not the whole faction.
You think if one of your faction make a report for genuine mistake all of your faction need to be punished?
This will create fear in people of reporting crimes and maybe true crimes will be not reported anymore because of this fear. Is a picture, a mistake of one player, is not like tackling that all the faction members involved need to be punished. The punishment is unbalanced for the report of one person. Honestly if one of OPG made this report and the day after i was punished for HIS report this will make me mad.

For one report of one player was removed
475 X 9 = 4275 RP
1400000 X 9 = 126.000.000 Credits


Its Crazy, u delete 15 mln credits and 600 Rp for one screen from one of member of RED?
Its normal now for this server?

HWS Police - Report a crime

Mb its mistake in game but it not Judgement - its marasmus.


Why do you punish players who did not break any rules? What rules did I break?
And again, a disproportionately large punishment.


I talked with @_muha_Felix, the owner of the screenshots.
@Darkside was (again) too fast and just accused others in the public.

As suggested multiple times: if you are unsure: ask me in private if you are unsure.
This offer from me was ignored and I spent 1 hour with restoring the FCE structures to reproduce the fight.

However Felix made a exchange deal to load the punishment on him instead of his friends.
The 8 other pilots got their EGS Recycle level back.

Guilty + 50 RP loss keeps though.
You as a group spoke in Discord together as you can see in the screenshot and you should have told Darkside that he made a mistake.

Do not come here and be soo surprised.


It is the responsibility of faction members to keep each other honest and rule abiding.

Same as the driver of the getaway car also being charged with murder even though it was the passenger who pulled the trigger.

If a faction has a member who continually violates the rules — causing all to suffer, it’s time for the faction to clean house and kick them out.

If you are in a faction that practices rules violations, then its time for you to leave the faction and start an honest faction.


I dont think that was mistake screen. Looks like planned abuse of system, and a witchhunt im glad that Rexxus gave fair punishment, this kind of behavior its lowest of low even for RED.

Seriously RED im most disapointed in you guys since glitching through walls of our megabase on gg.


You so much want to blame the RED faction for all sins, while not seeing the log in your own eye.

Placing base on the GG near the invisible green wall for difficult attack, creating additional factions and spawning additional structures, pseudo-alliances and friendship of factions without alliances. This is the behavior that I saw in our opponents in the last week. Maybe it can not be called a violation, but it does not seem like a fair game.
As far as I can tell, I see honest battles on our part, and a game on the verge of a foul by opponents.

Last incident, it was just a mistake of one person and a hasty report from another player by our side.


When you are a member of a faction having a long time member, speaking on behalf of RED admitting openly in discord chat that RED does not care about rules and punishment –

  you should not be surprised when all in RED are thought of as not caring
  about rules and punishment.

See my post above for solutions.


Can please post what you are referencing to?
I have checked discord and in last messages i didnt saw something like that.
I hope for you that is not something old because you are making a misleading accusation.
Instead of making the keyboard forum lions try to defeat them in game.


It was a conversation between loopsie and I in hws general discord. I believe sometime towards end of hws season preceeding season 8.0.

To find have to go a few months back. I did not save a copy of it. Will look, but cant guarentee will find it.

Those who recall the conversation can also verify.

(Update: Conversation took place May 8, 2018 — in hws general. Found them using search feature)

One of the more telling statements from loopsie (aka: darkside)

@SwissSteel If we want we will follow the rules if not then we will violate. but obviously not because of the fear of being banned or taken away OCD

Missleading? No — I dont see any way to missinterpret what he said.

This is very fresh and I fully believe, as do many others, it remains REDs operating principle. Only RED, can change this — if they wish to do so.

Will take a lot to convince others that loopsie’s statement does not accurately describe RED, and by implication, their allies also.


Here it is in General Discussion:

Darkside (Vladimir) 05/08/2018

@SwissSteel If we want we will follow the rules if not then we will violate. but obviously not because of the fear of being banned or taken away OCD

I don’t think last May is too long ago.


5 MAY 2018

Is still misleading because is an “old” phrase reported here today to increase the tension between factions.
You need to bring also the context when was said. He was angry for something? At all people could happen a bad day. Stop necroreporting phrases.
If you think you could win banning all RED faction because you are not good in game is not your lucky day.
See you in game <3


What he said, he said.

Dont over analyse it. It is a clear statement reflecting REDs attitude.

And, continually reinforced by day to day events.

You cant argue this away.

No, it doesnt increase tensions – it is an explanation for others to understand better what is going on.

And a challenge to those in RED who want to change it — to change it.

Lastly, I dont care about win/lose — it is a game meant to be fun. If it’s no longer fun for me — I stop playing.

I didnt post all this to be about win/lose.

You have failed to understand the point – because clearly, you dont want to understand. You just want to tell others you’re right and everyone else is wrong. Regardless of what facts are presented to you.

And just when, in any of my posts in this thread — did I ask for any punishment, or banning of RED?


I dont see any other motivation of NECROREPORT an old phrase except a greater punishment for them and increase tension.

Internet have the right to be forgotten.

You explained nothing with an old phrase

If you want to be RED mom you should apply