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You’re a lost cause.

Obviously, I overestimated that you may truely want to understand.

Nope – you’re now just reinforcing that there is no hope of having reasoned discussion with you.

So typical. Have no facts, or want to hide the truth – go for the personal attack.


FACT: You necroposted a 5 months phrase said by Loopsy because he was angry for something

SUGGESTION: Stop to modify your replyes 1 hour after i already replied to you.


Perhaps if you read my posts carefully — you will see that most of my subsequent edits are to correct grammer, spelling, and for clarity where I think it could be misinterpreted.

But, I’m sure an explanation wont matter to you.

Saying this so others understand your implied, negative assumptions are misdirected.



Grammar you said?

Inserting a full phrase after i have already replied to you is not correct. Push the reply button.


And I also said “most”.

not “all”.

that was added for clarity – to answer your statement about it being old. May is by no means old, and there is no indication RED has changed their operating approach since then.

And yes, after I reread a post I’ve written – I may change something that I dont think comes across in the way I intended — also done for clarity.


You’re attempting to pick at nits, and divert the discussion away from the subject to a personal attack.

As I said earlier, typical tactic when you have no facts, or trying to hide the truth — go for the personal attack.


And what truth do you present?
Some texting from loopsyi thats couple of months old and that it was written same time when drama errupted dou to last battle on Golden Globe when ACM, GMT and AAA took brake from server. When they lost their base dou to admin removal.
You posted that discussion, do you remember whole discussion that took that day?


No need to remember, facts are in the record.

Now you have moved to 2nd stage of personal attack — pile on by others.

I seriously doubt you are convincing any others of your stated position.

Please, keep going — you are quite well making this case for others to continue believing what is said about RED by loopsie himself.

Recall that loopsie posted the most recent complaint and screen. Recall also that Rex used the word (again). At the very least this indicates a consistent pattern. Not a mistake of posting in haste.


So you are posting a phrase without context for others to understand better what is going on and now you say that we dont need to remember when it happened?



I dont dismentle what he said there.
Im pointing that you made wrong assumption based on couple months old text to last missled report that was my fault.

In previous text i dont see any direct “attack” on you.

There are a lot of facts that have been forgotten and you keep bringing only one side.
If you want to bring old facts here to make a point. Then bring all facts from that day, and not only point into RED faction. Because on that day all factions that were in that battle were punished.


really fishing for a way out of this, aren’t you?


Hahah i see you are the only one here that is doing this


“Recall that loopsie posted the most recent complaint and screen. Recall also that Rex used the word (again). At the very least this indicates a consistent pattern. Not a mistake of posting in haste.”

Rex was quick to judge, as i was the owner of report and pictures that were posted by Darkside.
And Rex did answer and posted this info publically…

Rex also said i talked with him, and that im guilty about last report that was posted by Darkside.


Fact is: in conclusion to those discussions, Loopsie made a statement clear about REDs mindset and how they operate.

His statement is not limited to just that issue.

It is a statement of overarching operating principle that RED applies in any given situation. They decide when to abide by, or break the rules.


Your jumping from subject to subject. Stick to one subject and we can have normal discussion.


Do you want discuss about last report or his old statement?


Maybe if you stop aditing after reply i would know what you mean. I dont want scroll every time up and down to see did you change something.


Ah, next principle of a lost arguement — accuse the other party of doing what you are doing.

I am not jumping — I am responding. My position has been, remains, and is being reinforced by this discussion.

What loopsie said is the ongoing operating principle by which RED plays this game.


This will not change.


What loopsyi said is not ongoing of all members of RED faction. Never was. Damages that were inflicted by one or group of members does not mean ALL members of RED.

I am member of RED faction. Does that make me rule braker?!