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@_muha_Felix Ignore him, he wasnt prepared to reply to someone that
disassemble his statements piece by piece. But the music is changed here.


What does that have to do with the discussions ---- oh, right. Another personal attack attempt.

Thank you again for confirming your arguement is lost.


So, im member of RED faction. Does that make me rule braker?

That is what you implement. That all RED members are rule brakers…


No, it does not.

Go back to my early posts — if honorable members of RED want to be viewed differently, then its up to those honorable members to change it.

I never said all RED is dishonorable.


So you want to condemn all RED members by what one member said?

How do you propose for other all else members of RED to change view?

Then if one member of any faction does something wrong or says something, must and should condemn all members of same faction, yes?


Although not said — will say this, there are several things I admire about REDs abilities and capabilities.

It is a reason I have for continuing to enjoy the game. Constant persuit of ever better builds to respond to the challenges presented by RED, OPG and other builders.

Without that, my interest in the game would soon end.

I am quick to admit ---- I am only a casual pvp’er. I can easily be bested by many. At 61 with arthritic hands — would be a fool to think otherwise.

For me, pvp provides reason to keep building.


Im not a builder. But i use those builds and i do admire all PvP builds, from all side. Even ones i dont use, but see in target or behind me.

I would say that its the builders who keep this PvP more interesting and more fun.


When people think of a faction, they will think of it as a whole — not as individual members.

Therefore, whatever they think of the faction — they will apply that to every member.

Right, wrong, or otherwise — this is how many think.

I am not condeming all RED members — I am pointing out why many think negatively of the entire RED faction.

And, some ways it could possibly be changed by those in RED who are honorable.

What I have said applies to any faction. The princible I’m trying to make clear applies to all factions.

We have a saying here — one bad apple spoils the bunch (all).


totally agree


Unfortunatelly that is true. Even if only one member does something wrong it condemns entire faction.

That saying fits that. One bad apple spoils the bunch.


This forum drama is so boring can we spice it up ?


Your NA friends right now:


It’s no guarentee – but only hope towards understanding is through reasonable discussion.

This is discussion. By no reasonable definition is it drama.


I’m gonna bite.

Most people is condemning all RED members for that last report for a single reason. It was an attack 10 of you guys did together. The screenshot showed around 10 people, and the screenshot was made in mid of a battle.

There is no way you guys make a screenshot showing something like HV floating turrets and doesn’t say anything in the discord like: “Hey, this guy is using floating turrets, I’m gonna report it, I just made a screenshot”.

Anything like that. And anyone present could have said: “No, we broke the blocks ourselves, don’t report it”.

So 2 possibilities are here:

1.- Who ever made the screenshot, and who ever reported it (two different persons) didn’t say a word to the rest of the faction and the report was made without anyone else in the faction knowing any better. Conclusion: Those 2 guys are guilty and the rest of the faction is innocent, so you guys have 2 guys breaking rules in your faction.

2.- It was known to the entire faction (or at least, the 10 members present in the discord), and it was allowed to be reported. Conclusion: All the participants in the battle are guilty and Rex choice of penalizing all 10 members was correct.

So it’s 1, and you guys have people in the faction breaking rules and you guys are not expelling them, or 2, this is the faction way of playing. I don’t care either way.


Couldn’t have said it better myself


Rex punishment was reverted and applied only to me and Darkside.

Report was my mistake. I joined battle later and saw those turrets not connected with blocks. So i took screenshots and sent to Darkside and Rex.

After report, days after i explained personally to Rex and only i got punished as it was my report and my pictures.

It was my fault. I did not brake any rule. I made poor judgement call and mistake was done.


And you didn’t ask your own faction about the turrets at all? That’s not really credible, more when it’s being asked to be FULLY SURE some rule was broken before reporting.

And even us, without being part of the battle and checking the screenshots, suspected the blocks were broken in the battle and not as part of the HV blueprint.


I dont speak and very little understand Russian. Same goes for them about English so i did not bother asking them. I took pictures and send Rex first, as he did not reply i sent those pictures to Darkside as he was not in battle.

As i said it was my mistake and my alone. I made bad judgement and sent those pictures. After the battle i was in hospital and did not see that this report was sent publicly on forum.
So i talked to Rex in discord privately.

This drama is settled by the admins and rest of server. You can keep dveling on it and make more drama or move on…


May not matter much to many — for the record, I trust and accept this explanation, and recognize the honorable way both you and darkside took on the punishment for all.


It was me who took and sent those pictures, so i am primeraly guilty of that report, and Darkside who posted it in my name.

So it is fair that only two of us be punished and not all that was present in that battle.