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Although Tripwire is a faction mate of mine and I might not agree with putting structures around the bunkers like this (disregarding the fact that Psythe has been doing this to us on GG for the past week+)

I do not see why Tripwire would be getting into trouble if this was done on a PvP playfield and if it was falsely reported as PvE griefing then the poster should receive reprimand.


I think the issue was that it’s a rotation planet. In PVE, its griefing since it cant be attacked or otherwise removed.


That is pure Art.


This was done during PVP with the OWNER of this bunker online who knew I was there but did not want to come make me leave nor remove the blockage.


Guys, I’m not stupid if I check police reports. You dropped that grieving CVs shortly before the 9AM PvE rotation. Together with HVs helping you until the restart. Of course your intention was to grief him in PvE but thought about the quick PvP loophole. Nice try.
(if it would be done earlier in the pvp cycle it would have been of course legit. But then again it could have been destroyed)
Matter closed.


Thank you for clearing this bit up Rex. I was not present or even online when this happened but assumed it happened during PvP time and was not aware that these were placed RIGHT before the rotation time/server restart disallowing them to be removed by the bunker owner.


You are the biggest troll on HWS you can dish it but not take it this is a joke right ? Why do you think they are teasing you ? You don’t shut up.

If you want to stop the problem just stop being a keyboard warrior.

HWS Police - Report a crime

Ok. So let’s get this straight. 1) I happen to log in with another player’s name (a name I’ve been using for quite a while in other games), and without warning, I get banned. 2) Ranzeth starts griefing, for which I give him a perfectly reasonable tongue lashing. He then goes crying to admin (probably a habit picked up from running crying to his mother’s lap after being beaten in the sand box), and I get banned.

Lame. Not sure I’m coming back ladies. Enjoy the circle jerk.

HWS Police - Report a crime

Oh man Pjams. You’re going to have to live knowing that you took the time to take a video of my BBC.




Would just like to say I appreciate the literary reference in that last police report - dont often see a reference to the great ‘Bard’ on Empyrion :slight_smile:


Way to keep[ things good and balanced there Rexxus, give the russians a warning but us a ban

HWS Police - Report a crime

If you complain further about your disrespectful disgusting words I can revoke the ban if you want and instead take 50% of your credits and RP?

And if you keep further your russian slander train, I don’t see your position on this server.
I’m sick with all this bullshit accusation guys. My patience is sometimes also over.


Just to clarify, you wast Rex time for this? If this is harrasment in your eyes, you better go back to kindergarden.


I just don’t get how we get bans and they get warning all the time? They’re constantly glitching into our base, exploiting, and all this garbage that YOU KNOW ABOUT and yet for words you ban? Honestly the way you go about things is ridiculous and I don’t get it. And to call them “bullshit accusations” is honestly a lie. How many times have they gotten off with warnings after bans? How about you just give both sides warnings like a sensible person. You should also understand if we’re all very hostile in chat after they keep getting away with all this garbage.


I’m gonna put a post up late. Everyone needs to leave Rex alone (every one needs to stop bothering him!) and take a bloody chill pill.

Nobodies personal honour is on the line, there are no real life winners or losers (I’d argue those who play less are probably more likely to be ‘winners’ of real life lol!) So let’s just all take a deep breath and move the f************** ON! :slight_smile:

Regards and Love to one and all!


He is not worthy of a troll tag.


image I have had a chat with Chief Engineer and I would start by pointing out that Chief Engineer is from the EU playing on the NA server so his ping is high which can create many visual glitches including shooting at a point that you are no longer at and a delay in the visual effect of the projectiles firing.

I also see from your video you are regularly using a macro which from his point of view makes his fps drop every time it’s fired which also won’t be helping with the visual glitch you are seeing if anything it’s making it worse.

I would also point out that Chief Engineer is a very young player who wants to play and learn this game so would you please be so kind as to stop with the foul messages directed towards him like the one in your video at 12:26.

Kind regards

HWS Police - Report a crime

lol. everyone uses macros man. don’t try and use that as an excuse. And if you could please revise that section about directing it towards him because if im correct, I called it out to your faction in general, not specifically him. thanks. also im sure he knew it was shooting like that and did nothing to change it. I even told him and still he decided to do nothing to change it via relog or anything.


I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with either of you but this kind of information about someone’s age(especially if they are so young as you state) should not be shared by you.