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Sorry but i dont understand why Yastareb got banned for this

Honestly if i was me i would shoot too to that ship and did the exact same thing. Sure if you see the video later the hindsight you can notice no marker but on a pvp playfield where there is a lot of action MOST of the times happen you cannot notice some things. Is pvp you just shoot to everithing. Now i need to have fear to shoot stuff because can be bugged etc. Sorry but honestly this is total no sense.
In pvp playfield happens most of the times that ships are floating in the air because people got cockpit destroyed or uncored.
I need a clarification. Ban until alpha 9 ban is a not proportioned ban for this.
We noticed that sometimes the docked sv will float if docked to base. What they need a core that got destroyed? Some ingots?

Seems that they are expert players and they should know that docked ships sometimes spawn in air due to alpha game but i see that they are trying all the methods to ban us one by one. They did not exit from bunker anymore they just open the door open to videorecord something to ban us.
This is pvp or mimimimi?


if it were the first time any of these guys had been warned/kicked/banned for other infractions, I’d agree - but it’s not. And what ever happened to “doing the right thing”? We (as an alliance) actively avoid destroying what we know are cloned ships - you know why? Because it’s lame as Hell to do so. Not much more to add to that…


Югоире в частности использовал баг на мне с камерой и лазерами, до того как они обвинили в использовании рэдов. Он почему то не хвастается в этом. Так понимаю этот баг они пожертвовали, потому что нашли очередной, сегодня во время боя в Селе фракция ААА стреляла ракетами как с пулемета на самолетах, мы не пишим видео, нам не интересно жаловаться лишний раз в отличие от ААА (Администрация должна понимать где и когда нужно смотреть логи). Фракция РЭД имеет много игроков и дает большой толчок для сервера в отличие ААА в плане массовости, донат не показатель что игрок не имеет прикосновенности, администрация должна понимать это, удаляя большой альянс вместо того что бы смотреть логи

Juggoire in particular used a bug on me with a camera and lasers, before they were accused of using rados. For some reason he does not brag about it. I understand that they donated this bug, because they found the AAA faction that fired missiles like a machine gun on planes today, we don’t write videos, we don’t care to complain once again, unlike when AAA need to watch the logs). The RED faction has many players and gives a big boost to the server as opposed to AAA in terms of mass character, donat is not an indicator that the player has no imprint, the administration should understand this by removing a large alliance instead of watching the logs.
Why does the administration turn a blind eye to violations of AAA, and bans only RED and alianse?


Second question:
why you dont use this link to report crimes?
So we see all how many reports you made and people is aware for what you can be banned or not?
We got already 3 bans for your reports and no forum post.
2 for lasers on bunker and one for this (hey i give you a shocking news :open_mouth: with HWS config laser do less than zero damage to hv you putted on doors)
Honestly if you close the door of your bunker instead of intentionally opening it will be ZERO bans and less work for Rexxxus.

Incitation to commit a crime should be punished too.


You do understand that forcing someone to commit a crime and only giving them the opportunity to are very different correct? Please refer to what we refer to as “Entrapment” in the United States as a good measure of this. No one forced you to abuse a bug to take out turrets throguh walls as you could have easily engaged them head-on. It is very clear that no one forced you to do this and that you would have done this regardless of the circumstances the doors were left open. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrapment and while on the topic of “legality” I would like to remind you Serega that as far as I am aware you have been told repeatedly to record your claims against AAA and other factions but you choose not to. On top of that it is utterly disgusting to try and throw your weight around to get out of punishments because of “big boost you offer” If you and your faction mates decide to leave thje only thing I can tell you is Good Riddance.


You skipped the question on why you dont report crimes on forum.
Here is the video on when AAA intentionally open doors of an invincible bunkers just to try to ban us.
Lets show the world how much AAA is in bad faith and intentionally keep opening doors just to get us caught shooting inside with pag up with laser that do exactly zero damage.
You have 3 people inside and combat ready pvp SVs inside. Bad faith? Lets people decide it
Enjoy the show.

Please explain to me. Why you keep intentionally opening doors?


Please refer back to my previous statement, why the doors are left open does not matter at all. It could be for a myriad of reasons. Why do you choose to break rules? Why do you shoot through structures when you know that this is against the rules? Also, no one is obligated to fight you whenever you show up and the insistence that they do “zero damage” is a lie and you know it. If it did not damage it would not be against the rules.


“Ahh that money was just sitting out there in the open, it was IMPOSSIBLE not to take it!” . “It should be a CRIME leaving money out like that!”

What an insane comment…don’t bother @CommanderCabose. Paxxo is doing a perfectly good job of ‘digging a hole’ for himself here.

Best regards


Nah Mr Wiseman you alliance is just trying to use the tactic.

If you cant beat them try to let them banned.

Anyway you are not in game since 2 months nice too see you ready here.


I like you Paxxo, although you can be toxic at times you can be a nice guy. But what you’re doing here is losing my respect; rapidly, and i’m sure i’m not the only one facepalming at what you’re saying here.

Take my advice, quit this nonsense now and you may yet save some respect I have for you. Or continue trying to spread doubt on everyone who disagrees (as you did try to do with me just now) and you’ll find yourself having a very lonely time in game and on forum/discord.

Best regards


Furthermore second-guessing Rexxus’ decisions is not the right way to handle this. The punishment has been handed out, the guilty party has been punished; move on so we all can too and so Rexxus can work for ALL of us on 9.0 instead of dealing with this NONSENSE.



Sorry but I only came to know today after a week that Yastreb got banned so i posted here today.
I look forum and no police report was made.
Still no police report for other 2 crimes.
We have instruments, lets use those so we can Discuss about it.


It shouldn’t be that someone is innocent until reported by someone. That is silly, and it’s good that Rexxus is doing pro-active moderation to keep all parties on their toes. This is my last post on this, iv’e fired my six. Not going to waste anymore of Rexxus’ time forcing him to read my dribble on here.


roflmao - so, if a girl’s wearing a low cut dress, you’ll just reach in a grab those puppies and obviously it’s HER fault for wearing that dress, right? Your argument is invalid, as is much of what is being written here. You have exploiters and glitchers in your alliance, so sorry they can’t keep their ‘hands out of the cookie jar’ when the lid’s off it.


Are you high, @Serega_Nomad1? Please, before you post utter bullshit, please feel free to post evidence (screenshots/videos/etc) - don’t have any? That’s a surprise!

Your veiled threat to Rex about leaving the server is pretty pathetic as well - you’ve done it before and simply returned when you realise that other servers won’t put up with your shit either.

Frankly, I’d be happy if the server population had far less of your style of players, y’know - the ones who glitch/exploit at every opportunity.

So, in a nutshell, check your facts before spouting off. I can back-up my claims of your alliance’s exploiting, YOU however have nothing. So please, stfu.


Of course there is nothing forcing you to shoot through open doors or through walls with lasers. It is the choice of your alliance mates to do the shooting. If you shoot when you should not then it is your fault not ours. Just take the responsibility for your actions - don’t blame us.


The bunker drama is made by your actions.

You keep doors open intentionally - causing the laser ban
You keep docking pad intentionally - causing the ghost ship ban

The players will keep their ban, you will keep no honor.


You just don’t get it do you. Your actions which get you banned are your choice and your responsibility. If you are dumb enough to do the exploit and get banned that is your fault not ours. My honour is perfectly intact, thank you very much.


Paxxo and RED ---- thankyou for the compliment.

To think we could cause the biggest, badest, most experienced and mature faction on hws to react to our actions ---- amazing compliment indeed.


Wise you ally every time typing Rex or go to forum and say what RED and OPG cheater and use bag - expoit what shit avery time from AAA. and we dont have any respect AAA becouse what faction cry girl who make capable of waging war on the forum and nothing more.