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let’s not lie now you are trying to ban us all in any dirty way.


Glad we dont have your respect — to have it means we have sunk to your level.


you constantly lie and deceive everyone. you can not fight honestly and can only cry admins what are the red and opg bad



I am sorry you are not happy with the outcome of members getting punished for their own actions.

However I would like to draw your attention to one of the rules of HWS

1.2 Every player on HWS servers is required to immediately report any bug / abuse / exploit upon discovery or becoming aware of it. Report immediately all bug / abuse / exploits you discover or become aware of, in private to RexXxuS or Jascha! ( Please make use of our Bug Reward Program 2! It is way more profitable to report exploit / bugs to us instead of abusing them silently, risking a ban! )

You will have noticed the section [Report immediately all bug / abuse / exploits you discover or become aware of, in private to RexXxuS or Jascha!]

It is up to all players to report any bugs that we see and not use them for any personal gain.

You will also note that:
You keep doors open intentionally - causing the laser ban [No one causes the laser ban only people actions to perform said action over and over cause it]

As for this point I did try to contact OPG regarding this and had this reply:

5:05 PM ] Jafik :

who are you? why would I discuss anything with you?! may have talked with someone who I respect and know. But your nickname doesn’t tell me anything, you’re nothing. another disgruntled gambler?! so sit in the PVE and cry.

[ 5:05 PM ] Jafik :

and re-read my answer to discuss the rules!

Now as you can see I did try to deal with the matter peacefully with OPG.

“You keep docking pad intentionally - causing the ghost ship ban”
The person punished for this you might want to speak to, in order to get the full story.

As you can see from above, the information should bring this tread to a close, knowing the right information and the full details is key.



Why we should you respect? you and write complaints which are all bad, but they themselves are no better (for this?) or for digging for 3 days around our bunker. Paxxo asked the right questions. Why are you constantly opening doors in the bunker? Why do you docket your sv and hv to bunker? Why do you always have problems?


Mono we speak about what, and you know my position if member faction know what have bug when you docket sv to base, why you docket again and again ? you don’t learn from your mistakes? how much time you faction need to understand? maybe 2 or 3 or 10 time?


Interesting - I discovered this bug only yesterday. The difference, again, is obvious - we tell you you have a clone outside your bunker, so clearly there are those within your own alliance who don’t know this. We don’t shoot it - we tell you.

You, on the other hand have had lots of occasions to tell us what caused the bug, but instead you smile whilst shooting up our clones.

You just don’t get it - it’s about fair-play and honour. Two things you have zero understanding of.

And again, this would be less of an issue if it were the first time you were caught doing things that were less than fair, but it’s not.

So, suck up your bans, go on with your lives and try to understand that everyone just wants to play the game without having to second guess what bug/glitch you’ll exploit next to gain whatever advantage you can.


about this bug know Rex all questions to him why he not made an announcement i dont know. i give him video and say hey what bug again come.


play fair? Do you seriously think that I will believe in this nonsense? you want what faction RED and OPG will be bunned and we dont make play on HWS.


and again Why are you constantly opening doors in the bunker? Why do you docket your sv and hv to bunker? Why do you always have problems? why we dont have problem? ahh sorry we have one pronlem 3 days mining around our bunker do you have brain? why we dont doit what?


What personal advantage he gained?
He shoot once/twice with laser and got banned.
On an invincible bunker
On an already dead HV
With an open door
You know that is not possible to shoot inside bunker with laser passing a wall with closed door, thats why you keep doors open because you want that to happen.

Yastreb shooted on a ghost sv and poof the sv materialized inside your bunker. Again what personal advantage he gained? He destroyed a core and ghost sv disappeared.

As i already stated


All you have are insults. This argument was lost for you and Paxxo the moment you guys tried to defend the indefensible. /Wiseman out.


Maybe if you bring some argumentation instead of images you can appear really wise and not only a nickname.


Maybe you deserve the troll tag.

But hey this is an insult? No just my point of view.

Finally the bunkers gonna be removed and we will see what will happen.

Is gonna be fun without an invincible structure, cannot wait.



The only troll here is you my man, unable to accept Rexxus’ decision, but clearly that’s all you guys can do, is bug Rexxus and try and throw shade on the rest of us. It is PATHETIC!

Anyways i’m done on this thread, sick and tired of your nonsense! At least you have shown the server what you guys are really like on this thread and through your actions; none of us need to define them, here the whole world can see and decide for themselves.

(It was also fun to see a bunch of you guys post and then delete comments, funny though, as they’ll still show up for Rexxus :wink: )


lol if you dont know i delete because i want send message Juggoire


You know it’s very easy to not get in trouble if you just obey the rules, correct?


Nice genius find rule where it will be written can’t do destroy bug sv on air


Ah, here you go again with the arguement of “its not explicitly stated in the rules”

Rex is already addressed this previously — guide is not intended, nor ever will state every situation.

It does use general statements covering that which is not stated explicitly.

Bug/exploit is defined as "… creates a condition that was not an intended functionality of the game … "

Your use to gain advantage in game is clear use of a bug/exploit.

(by the way — advantage includes strategic or tactical advantage — as well as material gain)


in simple terms, he said that I would interpret the rules as I wanted. And I’m poking at the rules because I don’t see the rules when you dig around our bunker for 3 days, but for some reason you were not punished. I also don’t understand why they punished opg for a problem with lasers. banned because you presented it as if we were malicious cheaters or exploiter.


And again i make remember when member faction GCGN penetrated our bunker and destroyed our small vessel. becouse we have problem witch door. and after again GCGN destroy 7 sv when captured our security hovers on roof bunker and again error DSL what our problem? why we dont see any punished. but when you cry opg and red every time punished