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Yes – ultimately a judgement call by Rex on “grey” areas.

Personally, I am not taking a position either way on the digging.

I could argue either way on the digging, or amount of digging. Whether it is an exploit or not.


dig around bunker not exploit but if you don’t have braian you do it shit. why we don’t go to your bunker and not digg? Yes – ultimately a judgement call by Rex on “grey” areas. and opg get banned for what? what problem camera and pulse laset not opg. opg dont know about what problem, you faction say Rex see he every time doit what. you faction every time lying


Regarding GCGN — I know nothing 1st hand about their game play prior to when most of them stopped playing, and Mono joined AAA.

I am unable to state any opinion on those events.


Lying we do not do.

We reported the bug, and provided evidence of it being used by others.

Rex assessed the evidence and made his decision.


ok you reported and think what opg know what and use? nice you are my hero. That was sarcasm (if you dont see)


The evidence demonstrated they knew what they were doing.


this is not proof. I can also say that you use the camera and destroy the turrets from the hills. (do not say now that this is a tactic, etc.) as it was already said by the problem of the camera and the lasers themselves. until the developers make the physical model of the lasers they will shoot through the walls. And the reason for the ban opg is not justified


all that your words prove that you want to ban us in any way.

If you cant beat them try to let them banned. p.s. Paxxo1985


My last response to you — as this is getting tiresome.

The rails easily hit turrrets with no use of a “camera bug”. I’ve not even experimented with a camera bug in game or out. I have no need to experiment with something I know would never be permitted by Rex.

A gully, ridge, hill or structure at the right distance is all that is needed to snipe turrets with rails shooting over or around the obstacle.

Most of our sv’s are designed to be useable snipers. Some, are designed specifically for the purpose.


Of course you are not. It is just coincidence that your faction and your allied factions are using bugs and unintended mechanics every season and then get mad about being punished for it.


all use game bugs or exploit. but punish us simply because we do not record video. and we are not a little girl who every time cry. Rex help us, bud russian hurt us and bla bla bla. a lot russian dont know what have forum hws crime or hws help. becouse everything doit for you english plaeyer and what big problem, and not all Russians can speak or write in English, if you don’t understand this then this is a you personal problem


No. I never exploited or cheated. As a matter of fact I have reported a fair number of bugs, exploits, and other methods to get ahead through unintentional means to RexXus and Eleon without ever using them.

You need to get your head around the fact that in western culture cheating and beating the system isn’t seen as something normal and natural but rather as highly offensive. And just because your side accuses me of cheating as you have done repeatedly simply due to lack of understanding of how the game works doesn’t mean I did it, as multiple investigations by the admins and HWS Police have shown. I even specifically invited Rexx to check if what I did was within the rules and everytime he came to same conclusion: Well within the rules. When he checked what you did he rarely came to the same conclusion.

And you are not recording videos and that is why you were never able to record us breaking the rules? Is that a joke? The first few posts from your alliance in this very thread revolve around a video were I am accused of cheating. The streams & videos thread is full of videos from your perspective.

Furthermore you complain about that all discussions are in English. Well, this is an English speaking server so I am writing in English instead of German, the first language I share with the admins of HWS. If that language barrier is too much I’d recommend finding a server with a language that you understand.


I tried to convey that everyone used something. Not specifically you, if you did not notice it very badly. Not only did you report bugs and exploits. and no matter how many who found. a fact is a fact there are players who hate us and this is a reality and they are trying to ban us in any way. As for the video, maybe to formulate correctly, we do not always record. Basically, we find all the bugs or exploits on our test server or accidentally on the HWS and we don’t run to Rex with shouts and joy that AAA or other such bad ones are specifically used against us.

And as for English, if the Russian community has already come to play on an English server. I believe that the administration should do everything in order to communicate with them in a language they could understand without using a translator


Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Why should Rexx and Jascha learn Russian when they specifically state that this an English speaking server? Sorry, that just doesn’t make sense!


he make take admin who speak English and Russian. and other alternatives do not happen only to learn Russian?


Simple fact is that there wouldn’t be a need for any of this if people simply:


Edited because i believe that all of my good words will be wasted on this crowd. So i’ll just leave it with that bit in capitals…


Hey Wait a minute. That admin that speaks English and russian should also speak Afrikaans coz loads of afrikaans speaking players also playing. Maby this admin should be able to speak all the languages of the world and play 24/7 to always translate. Mmmmmmmmm. Where would you find someone like that.




Lol promoting Siri to admin on HWS. Siri could replace chatbot lol


You and every other person made a choice to join the HWS server, therefore you must accept its rules. If you don’t want to abide by those rules you can always go to another server. No-one is forcing you to be on this server. If you don’t like it - GO!