HWS RE EU is back online. Partially recovered!

Dear @HWS RE
here we are again. HWS RE EU is back online shortly!
Big thanks to Jascha who did again some magic and thanks for your patience!
Unfortunately we still don’t exactly know what happened but it was a needed lesson for us to improve our backup management. Next time something bad happens, we are prepared!

So… what now?
We were not able to recover the whole savegame and we have to start a new game. This is very unfortunate…

HOWEVER, we were able to recover the EAH databases, which means your OCD and other HWS Features like EB credits is restored! (Approx. from 11th April, 5AM.)

More over, whatever tried to kill us, did not succeed completely. We have partially, hopefully recovered your Structures from around 11th April 12PM.

BUT… you can imagine, it is now a cherry-pick system. The universe is different. The playfields have not your structures registered (in the ents.dat), which can’t be just copied over / injected.
And because we can’t restore 1000+ structures by hand, we decided that we try to restore MAX. ONE structure from you (the most valuable one for you of course).
Keep in mind though, that this backup could fail and you have to provide the ID or Name of the structure in a ticket in discord or the forum!
Also we do NOT respawn your previous class 50 base/ship on starter planets. So again, make ONLY a ticket if you know the ID or Name of your most valuable structure from before and only if you left the starter system.

Please understand that this is a massive time sink we offer to do for you, for free.

Last but not least there are some compensation offers (apart from the structure restore):

  1. Since your old player file got wiped, our Tool still had stored some of your blueprint factory resources. Those got automatically injected in your OCD now - for those wondering, why their OCD did change.

  2. If you login, you can activate a special PDA Chapter I added, that brings you straight to level 25 and to get 5k UP.
    This is a temporary offer, which I’ll remove on Thursday 6PM again.

  3. Until tomorrow OCD is usable globally

  4. Not really a compensation but HWS Connect related data should be good (HWS Marketplace). So not all is lost…

Again, we are very sorry for the losses but we tried our very best to make the best out of the situation.

If you have questions please post them in #general-discussion or in the forum.
Your HWS Team

P.S.: Since everyone needs to redownload the cache again, the start will be laggy again! (edited)

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Would really be more fair to rollback to the wipe ocd, or wipe everything. Like this people who had everything in their base lost everything, while people who had everything in their ocd lost nothing. And if you want to recycle anything in RE you have to empty your ocd

you can ask for a restore of that base.

So youre restoring all the contents too, not just the structure?

of course. If the backup is healthy. But my tests looked good.

Will we be able to get the purchased stargates/ocd zones etc back?

Will discuss it with Jascha but most likely. Depends on recovered database integrity

I purchased an XL Resource Box which I would like to get back if possible.

I lose all. How many peoples remember id structure? My base and ships were in system Gete, in asteroids field nearest sun. Its all what i remember…

The structure name will do as well.

My ship was under construction. She didn’t have a name

Might want to give the rules a read again. You are supposed to immediately change the name and not leave it as the default “Small Vessel (SV)” or the other default names.
Always name each structure something unique immediately…
Even if it is still in construction, you can still name it immediately after placing the starter block.

They may not be able to restore it at all if you didn’t name it like you were supposed to.
Without that they would need the id number.
Unknown if a dev can help you at all, you’ll have to submit a ticket and wait and see.

For reference, this is where the renaming rule is,

My ship had 2 generators, 10 aux core, 10 quantums, bastion shield, 32 very large engines, many turrets and everything else.
There are a lot of rare resources and items at the base.
6 months of game and life lost… I cry…

Fusion generators. 25 millions each…

It would be much fairer to roll back the game and connect to March 25th.

Don’t think they have a save that far back after the crash and wipe.

where i can ask for my ship to get back the name of the ship is MEDIUM?

Good Morning @HWS RE
I hope you had a more or less good start after that unfortunate incident.

I woke up to 200 Tickets in Discord and the Forum combined. Jascha helped through the night.
We knew it would be a lot but we also have our limits and other things to do (HWS+!).

Also, since I know this could lead to a very uncomfortable situation where in 4 weeks there are still people coming and requesting for a restoration of their structure, we have to draw a line.
TODAY is the last day you can request a structure restore!
Make a ticket today with a structure you want restored (even if you can’t play today), if you haven’t already. Tomorrow we will just close/reject your ticket, sorry.

Thanks for your understanding.


I still dont know who to get of the starter planet to ecc and find a new place today.

TODAY is the last day you can request a structure restore!

Ok several people lost many things. I split up our ressources to our base and our mobile base and have a nice battleship (10q,10aux). Now you even set a timelimit of … 15h to request or TooBad for your…