HWS RE v1.7 | New Season Information

Love all these changes except the global ocd get, that would be extremely op in pvp areas at least, since you’d basically be giving me a functionally infinite ammo magazine and infinite fuel tank

Everything else is golden though some great changes up there.
Also I’m 100% down for a HWS RE+ that sounds awesome :smiley:

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Welcome back!

Harsh words for something we plan to do, thus waiting for constructive feedback.

I don’t like rhetorical questions. Look up for the benefits for other Origins.

That someone can pull stuff out of the OCD is not infinite. I think it would be a great incentive for PvP, especially casuals. Sooner or later they have to restock which then is an incentive for PvErs to farm it for their PvP mates again. Also driving economy up, since the ask/demand cycle increases.

As I wrote more details will be released but since we are here already: OCD get will be streamlined with OAM. Means you have to pay fee per item you get out, when not in a zone. Taking credits away from economy, helping against inflation and making it a decisional act, when to put items out for “attrition” or not. The fees on PvP are higher than on PvE, so it for sure won’t be infinite.
Also the fee is based on the OCD Category. An Ultra Epic item to get is way more expensive than a Common on for example.
It all can be balanced quite nicely but giving more tactics, more incentives overall in my opinion and what I heard from others feedback.

Sure there will. Or how you gonna drop 50000 Large Generators in one SV Container?

Can you please explain in a constructive way, how you think a Fighter only (right now the least picked HWS Origin across the board) feature, with the given more details, have a negative impact on the gameplay overall?

Hi Rex, one question please about the things which are going to be removed from OCD, I see you put the Disrupter charges, even through we earned these from Zirax ships and bases, so why remove them from OCD? Thanks

10 Quantum’s , NOT FAIR . NOT FAIR and yes NOT FAIR . Disrupter charges too , wow , why we need OCD , to collect what , or to build what , since we are limited to 10 Quantum’s .


Hi DarkKnight,
oh, let me recheck.

I have only used one in two seasons :smirk:

on this note, Zirax Laser Cell, Zirax Heat-Seeking Rocket and Zirax Artillery Shell are also found in loot in larger quantities

i have also looted Alien Plasma Charge, Advanced Plasma Charge, Zirax EMP Charge, although in smaller quantities

and i am talking only about things i looted in first month of current season, not playing much lately

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@DarkKnight @Marko
I doubled checked and also asked Vermillion.
There is a misunderstanding…

My table is correct but Vermillion used the same names for legit player items and illegale NPC items. See here:

So I just make sure that the real illegale items are not allowed, just in case, even if nobody have them in their OCD right now.
Your legit player items like ID 5734 are fine.

Thanks Rex

I will have to think more on the other changes but one issue that stands out to me instantly is the engineer/recycle change… I understand that you have to give the other origins something good to compete with fighter’s OCD pull in RE, but that shouldn’t mean taking away already established features that were previously available to everyone after spending in game currencies; with this change, in order to recycle bases you literally have to be the engineer origin or spend real money whereas before you could recycle things fine if you spent ingame money/rp.

ETA: is the legitimately obtained Disruptor Cannon safe in the OCD? I looted it from a container ID 2194

I was still thinking about the new Quantum limit, the problems I read is about 100++ Quantum CVs…
You don’t think 10 is too extreme? I mean, goin large CV can be fun without being EXTREMELY LARGE…
For guys who like create nice looking CV as me it’s barely impossible to put more than 40 turrets… The only way to make small CV with suffisent Turrets is to go with wings over wings with loads of turrets stacked on it… These builds looks ugly AF…
So I tought a solution would be too double the turrets damage, divide their maximum quantity by 2. Less turrets equals less projectiles it would help to have the server more stable, and we would still be able to build decent size ship without goin turrets crowd style…
My two cents, I really appreciate your work guys!

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It’s not about compete. It’s about making each Origin meaningful, giving each their own HWS Feature ability.
If recycle is important to you, just pick it or use the HWS Quadrolith to change Origins during the season.

Exactly that is what needs to be done, to make each Origin individually.
It’s also a bigger incentives for factions to create their mix. But even Solos, as I said, have the Quadrolith.

cool, Are you bringing over the t.e.a.m. industries thing too? That was tedious but allows for people to upgrade factions one at a time… for those who want to do it one faction at a time…

Not for v1.7

@RexXxuS Thanks so much for all this info.

Tomorrow would mark 14 days since this was initially posted, and since Raven gave an estimate of 1-2 weeks for merging PE into RG to produce RE 1.7, have you heard any updates as to whether he’ll be hitting that mark?

Welcome back,
Friday 25th is still the plan.

Looks like Raven hit the mark. : ) Steam Workshop::Reforged Eden Test 1.7

Good Morning HWS RE
Ravien released the Reforged Eden v1.7 in a “test” state to the workshop:

Unfortunately there is still no clear date when it’s fully released, so we still plan with the 25th March. If it’s not fully released by then, I have to evaluate my own, if it’s worth the wait or if we can implement the “full version” during the season.

A full wipe involves massive time and coordination for both Jascha and me. It’s not good for us to work with “end of month”. So the deal is as following:
Please prepare and plan with a full wipe on 25th March. Be ready for that day.
IF we have to full wipe on e.g. 26th though, because unexpected game breaking things got added by Ravien in the meantime, then you are ready anyways and just start on 26th in a new season.

For new HWS players I recommend checking this guide out:

I’ll do a final announcement at release day, showing the full HWS RE changelogs.
Have a nice Sunday :sun_with_face:

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Good Morning @HWS RE
it’s set, that we do the HWS RE full wipe tomorrow, a new 1.7 season! We start at 10 AM server time. The whole procedure (windows mainteance, uploads, cleanups, etc.) will take most likely ~2-3 hours.

I’m aware that it’s not fully released yet but first, I don’t want to wait until late Saturday/Sunday (timezone) because Jascha and I have coordinated the Friday, second you can enjoy your weekend and third, I’m capable to do any merges and adaptions, especially since most of changes for the full version are most likely only some number changes, I can do during a server restart.

Last but not least a little reminder that there is a **HWS RE New Season Sale + 6th Anniversary Sale **available for you:
Bonus: There are permanent packages available - Keep permanently 100m Credits for example.
If you enjoy your time on HWS, we appreciate any support you can give :man_bowing:

Either way, thank you very much for a great HWS RE 1.6 season and stay tuned for a final announcement, about what HWS RE 1.7 is about in terms of HWS content.

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