Good Morning All. Here is the 1st draft of my HWS Skill Tree Suggestion.

The purpose of these ideas are to turn the HWS skill tree from a simple linear path to an actual tree complete with choices and options that allow you to specialise your character to your liking.

Due to the sheer volume of what I’m proposing, they will be hidden behind Spoiler tags. Please Click on the writing with the ‘CLICK HERE’ text next to the little sideways wedge.

HWS Skill Tree Structure

I want you all to imagine an actual Tree Diagram, like so:

Tree Diagram CLICK HERE

Obviously in our case this will be a HWS skill tree and not a family tree. But it’s how I want you to visualise and contextualise my suggestion please.

Skill Tree Structure continued…
My proposal is for the Skill tree breaks it down into several branches of specialisation. For example, There are Origin Skills, Character Skills and HWS Feature Skills. To unlock the more powerful skills in each corresponding tree you have to work your way ‘up’ them.

Anything in Italics is just a little description that I’ve added for flavour, and has no real meaning other than adding to the whole HWS Universe in terms of lore/roleplay.

Without further Ado, let’s get started!


The aim of the following origin skills tree suggestion is to make the origin more modifiable to your playstyle using the skill tree.

I’m currently undecided if you’ll need to accumulate each prior skill or if individuals should be able to choose which one to pick in a non-linear fashion I leave that for open discussion.

Most importantly, I’ve tried to keep the origins true to Rexxus’ original idea and not provide them with anything that will change their playstyle, I’ve only provided them with things that will compliment it.

The idea is that for the Origin skills, each skill is equivalent to 1 skill point, and only 1 skill point can be earned per day of activity (gained through the HWS daily loot system).

Alliance Origin Skills Click Here
  1. Scientific Insights
    Increases Reputation Point Gain from Warping. (3RP to 6RP) And this applies for one additional warp per day. (So a potential total of 12RP per day from two warps.)

Space, the final frontier. It is our duty to boldly go where no federation has gone before and striving towards ever higher levels of technology facilitates this goal.

  1. Polaris Networking
    Doubles Reputation Point gain for visiting ECC from 2 to 4 a day.

Through pursuing a continued trading relationship with the enigmatic Polaris faction we can maximise our visits to the capital system.

  1. Section 32 Federation Black Operations
    Lose no RP when turning guilty, but it costs 25% more to turn unguilty.

Through the utilisation of plausible deniability we can ensure that our federation retains the necessary strength to see off any and all threats.

  1. Galactic Trading Guilds
    Doubles the RP gain from trades made by non federation members.

The continued defence of trading parties has enabled the federation to build a mutual relationship of trust that has led to a boom in trade.

  1. Optimized Autominer Cores
    Reduces the required number of Autominer cores in the inventory for the RP gain from 77 to 20.

The greatest minds in the federation have managed to further unlock the full potential of autominer cores, thus enabling a safer storage and transport of these volatile devices.

  1. The Thin Blue Line.
    Gain 10 extra daily RP for a faction of 10 members or less.

We are the thin blue line that keeps this universe safe. Our spreading of this message has led to a renewed respect for those members in service to the federation.

Freelancer Skills Click Here
  1. Contractual Obligations
    Doubles the RP gain from 3 to 6 for living in PVE and PVP.

As freelancers our word is our bond, this can be made more reliable through the use of binding contracts.

  1. Trader Intimidation
    Be able to purchase 4 instead of 3 NPC packages a day.

The federation may protect the trading ships, but we run a myriad of protection rackets on the capital planet, through this we can force the traders into selling more than they would otherwise be willing to do so.

  1. Centralised Bounties
    Gain 30 reputation points per guilty player kill. (Still should only apply once per day to avoid being super OP).

*Unionising our bounty hunting activities effectively allows us to increase our payment expectations through interstellar collective bargaining. *

  1. Live Tracking.
    A lower cooldown in location information when tracking bounties. Moreover, the said location is more accurate. But this comes at a 20% ‘Tax’ on the bounty in exchange for this greater information.

The outsourcing of the more mundane tracking activities enables a more accurate series of reports regarding the location of guilty individuals, at the cost of some of the bounty itself.

  1. Freelancer Operative Cells.
    Gain 10 extra daily Reputation Points for having a faction of 5 members or less.

Through keeping our organisation split into a series of smaller cells we can stay one step ahead of both the federation and the pirates.

  1. The Shield Against Tyranny
    Gain 5 additional RP (10 to 15 daily) in exchange for carrying an additional 300 pentaxid on your person alongside your epic weapon.

The additional provision of warp fuel to our affiliates enables them to avoid federation patrols.

Pirate Origin Click Here
  1. Interstellar Anarchy
    Doubles RP gain per kill from 5 to 10 (This can only tick say twice or three times per day to avoid abuse).

  2. Pirate Code
    Increases each federation kill from 5 Reputation Points to 10 Reputation Points.

  3. "A Pirate’s Life For Me!"
    Lose no RP for being guilty. Instead gain 2 additional Reputation Points per day that you are guilty.

  4. Fools Gold.
    Reduces the requirement of having 999gold ingots for epic weapon down to 300 gold.

  5. Pirate Outposts
    Increase Reputation Point gain from 10 to 15 per day of living in PVP.

  6. Honour Among Thieves.
    Gain 10 additional RP for 10 or less faction members.


The next part of the tree is the HWS Character Skill Tree. Click below to see more.

HWS Character Skills CLICK HERE

The aim of the HWS character skills is to simply expand upon the existing skill tree and to make the progression slightly more logical.

For THIS skill tree in particular I believe that it would be logical to have a linear structure that encourages (but doesn’t force) the player to go down one or two of the trees. But I’d still have it so that they have the choice to go down multiple paths, it just means that it will take them longer to maximise the bonuses.

So these trees focus on Health, Stamina, Food and Damage resistances.

(The Names need work and there’s no short little fun descriptions here. Perhaps some of you guys can come up with some names for it :slight_smile: ).

Health Skill Tree
  1. Enhanced Conditioning I
    Increase base health by 10.

  2. Enhanced Conditioning II
    Increase base health by 20.

  3. Enhanced Conditioning III
    Increase base health by 30.

  4. Enhanced Conditioning IV
    Increase base health by 40.

  5. Enhanced Conditioning V
    Increase base health by 50.

This continues… All the way up to

  1. Enhanced Conditioning X
    Increase base health by 100.

In total, this is an additional 520 health.

Stamina/Food Skill Tree
  1. Marathon Training I.
    +20 base Stamina.

  2. Marathon Training II.
    +40 base Stamina

  3. Marathon Training III.
    +60 base Stamina.

  4. Marathon Training IV.
    +80 base stamina

  5. Marathon Training V.
    +100 base Stamina.

  6. Marathon Training VI
    +120 base Stamina.

  7. Marathon Training VII.
    +140 base Stamina.

  8. Marathon Training VIII.
    +160 base Stamina.

  9. Marathon Training IX.
    +180 base Stamina.

  10. Marathon Training X.
    +200 base Stamina.

In total this is 1100 additional stamina. You can now run marathons!

The food tree would be structurally identical to the stamina tree and therefore I’m not going to produce a seperate food tree so I can save some time. Just look above and imagine ‘Stamina’ replaced with ‘Food’ and you’ll understand what I mean! :slight_smile:

Temperature Tolerance
  1. Smart Suits.
    +5 -5 Additional Temperature tolerance.

  2. Smart Suits.
    +10 -10 Additional Temperature tolerance

  3. Smart Suits.
    +15 -15 Additional Temperature tolerance

  4. Smart Suits.
    +20 - 20 Additional Temperature Tolerance.

  5. Smart Suits.
    +25 - 25 Additional Temperature Tolerance.

I can’t decide if the above values for Temperature tolerance should stack or not… my justification for these skills is that it enables players to further customize their armour slots.

Overall I feel this is one of the least developed of my suggestions and therefore I’m most open to ideas in regards to this skill tree.


Now for the HWS Features, the purpose of this skill tree is to enable players to have an easier time towards unlocking the higher level HWS features.

HWS Ambition Skill Tree CLICK HERE.

These HWS feature ambitions would require MULTIPLE skill points per level AND would be mutually exclusive. Meaning that you couldn’t pick ‘HWS OCD Ambition’ and ‘HWS EB Ambition’ in a single season. These ‘Ambition’ skill trees would reset at the end of each season.

For the Sake of time I’ve laid it out as a single tree with EB/OAM/OCD/EGS Recycle but in reality these would be four different (and mutually exclusive branches of the HWS skill tree).

(2 Skill points)
OCD/EB/OAM/EGS RECYCLE Aspiration Level 1:
5% Reduction on the RP and credit cost on the selected feature.

(5 Skill points)
OCD/EB/OAM/EGS RECYCLE Aspiration Level 2:
10% Reduction on the RP and credit cost on the selected feature.

(10 Skill points)
OCD/EB/OAM/EGS RECYCLE Aspiration Level 3:
15% Reduction on the RP and credit cost on the selected feature.

(20 Skill points)
OCD/EB/OAM/EGS RECYCLE Aspiration Level 4:
20% Reduction on the RP and Credit cost cost on the selected feature.

(35 Skill points)
OCD/EB/OAM/EGS RECYCLE Aspiration Level 5:
25% Reduction on the RP and Credit cost on the selected feature.

**As you can see, these skills would take a LONG time to level up, the number of skill points required is open to discussion. The general idea is that you specialise in this for an entire season in order to give you the really powerful bonus at the end to unlock the higher level HWS features without breaking the bank. **


Finally, the Misc Tree, this is also one of the least developed and I would appreciate any and all ideas for what could come under this and the other HWS skill trees.

  • Orbital Autominer Endurance Cores
    OAM Cores last 50% longer but they mine 30% slower.


  • Overclocking
    25% Bonus to common ore mine speed and a 40% bonus to rare mine speed but the cores last for only 2/3rds of the time (A 33%/1 day reduction in core life, so you would have to fill up your autominer more often).


  • Kugeblitz containment
    Double as much storage capacity in the Orbital Autominer but a 25% reduction in mine speed.

  • [OCD] Designated Containers
    Rare specialization, less room for commons and more room for rares/epics. (Not sure on the exact figures. Perhaps a 20% reduction in common capacity in exchange for a +10% to rare and a +5% to epic storage.

  • [EB] Tax Haven
    Carry over +20% more money to the next season in exchange for a season-long debuff to interest (A 20% reduction in interest).

Ok that’s all for now I think!

Let me know on your opinions regarding this and please tell me if you find any major formatting or spelling errors.

Feel free to drop additional ideas regarding the HWS Skill Tree below!

Please be constructive…this post has taken me several hours to construct…
Best regards,


My notes about this:
I’ll edit it more and more, as i read and think…

Freelancers are suppost to not be in big factions, so to me this does not make sense.

I also consider OAM really cheap already to anybody. It costs like 1.05mil for each(which is easy to get). I don’t think you should get that cheaper.

Also i have a question.
When you say something costs for example 35 skill points. Does it actually cost that much, or do you just need to have them? Also if i choose to target cheaper OCD/EB/EGS, does that mean it’ll cost for Origin skill tree as well, or are those 2 different point types?

I also consider it fairly easy to get OAM’s which is why i’d this is also too generous. You’d need 150 OAM cores, to fill it a whole season, where right now that’d be 300 instead. Quite big difference.

I also consider this too generous. Maybe double storage for common ores only, and then they mine 25% slower??


Hey Dr Dark! Thank you so much for reading and replying my friend!

Yes I wanted to do something that rewarded smaller faction play. Therefore Freelancer factions with 10 or LESS people get an additional 10RP per day. This acts as a bit of a counter to the current zerg meta with big factions (Which I used to be a member of).

I hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

Best regards


I still consider a faction of 10 fairly big, so instead i’d say either 5, or 10 active members


Really good points! I’ll certainly consider changing that! I could rename it something like ‘Freelancer Cells’ as in small squads of people!

Best regards

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Regarding the Skill Tree, Its COST is 35 skill points. So once you spend those skill points they are gone.

And yes these are the same skill points for the whole tree. The whole aim of the tree is that just like researching technologies on Stellaris or Hearts of Iron IV you’ve got TONS of choices and you have to prioritise which ones you want to focus on.

The one thing i’m UNDECIDED on, is whether or not the whole skill tree should reset per season. I do believe that the HWS Ambitions skill tree should reset per season as it’s basically a skill tree investment into getting better deals for the HWS features.

However in a previous thread I made with a similar idea, Rex pointed out how long it’d take to get the total number of required skill points, so I may need to refine the numbers more so it doesn’t take almost an entire 3 month season to max out that single tech tree as that would be too intense.

Good point! Maybe I give it a drawback like -25% Mine Speed? So for instance, Say I’m going on holiday or something, I can have them drilling slowly but surely and it’ll be full when I get back.

Ahaha see above, great minds think alike! Yeah I’d be up for having a drawback like that! :slight_smile:

Best regards

I see your point here, but I think we need to be careful to judge it solely on our own experiences. As we’ve seen with the drill changes, HWS could change quite significantly and suddenly 10 Mil could be quite a lot of money again so I’m cautious on removing it entirely.

Sure it may be more redundant than the rest, but I think having the option to choose is a nice one :slight_smile: Especially for people who can’t play often and OAM/OCD are really vital investments.

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Maybe, there could be some special permanent skill points, you gain 1-5 of each season??

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Yeah I was thinking of something similar, perhaps a prestige thing on the character skills where if you max out one of the character skill branches last season then you start with the first couple of levels for free. Nothing game-breaking but it could be useful for getting off starter.

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Idea thief. Just playing wiseman I like that you took it to its own thread. And you put it out in a way that seems easy to understand. I was picturing things like this. But like all skill points the boost would only be seasonal.

I think being able to max stats out at 10k for one stat would be awesome if the player is rich enough to buy those kinds of boost levels.

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Wow, I can tell you put a lot of effort into this, thanks for contributing! Perhaps the tree should have several different endings and paths, where the highest tier skill will be powerful but only if you specialize in that tree. Like Federation for instance, there would be 3 paths with three end points: (1) mining related with some OAM bonus and the end, (2) RP Gain requirements with RP containers giving 10 not 7, (3) Peacekeeper or trader where the end is no market tax paid in pvp space & higher limits or lower core sweep costs & higher RP gains for pirate kills.

Interesting stuff!


Thanks DoktorSchmerz! Yes you’re absolutely right. That reminds me a little bit of the skill tree from borderlands and could totally be do-able. We’d just need a few more skills which can be created by all of us! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


The core stats should also have skill points upgrades beyond what is already available. I keep repeating myself because I feel like it is important for skill points progression, some players don’t care about RP and only care that they can run through a POI or consume less food.
This means there should be a 4th tree for general skills that all factions can use.
This tree should focus on character progression.
Health, Food, and Stamina.

Sure some might think more stats would be over powered but, really it would not. 1 good hit from any vehicle, even with 1k health still kills a player instantly. even 5k health would give players the feeling of having reached a max level, and still leave them vulnerable to attacks.

If you run POI you know how bad diseases can be. so having that extra stamina or health would be a big deal in getting out to your medical bay before it takes you.

It would be awesome if other core stats could be added such as base radiation resist, or move speed.


Ahh yes there actually is :slight_smile:

Check that bit of my forum post. Above the Green Line and Below the Red one :slight_smile: It’s a whole set of skills for people to invest in regardless of origins :slight_smile:

Best regards

I read the whole thing and can’t believe I missed that one the first time through.
I always miss spoilers. LOL sorry man. =)


No apologies required my friend :slight_smile: It’s a HUUUGE post and took me hours to format correctly ahaha! Even then things sometimes like to hide! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


I think every skill you unlock could same time cost credits like first one maybe a 100k second one 200k, third one 400k etc to counter inflation. The basic skills (food/health/stamina) could be free of credit charge.

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This was what I suggested on the other post, saying that because it is not permanent it creates a cash sink for rich players.
Though your numbers are too cheap it should end up costing a few millions, that is unless the gold mining continues to stay nerfed.

Hmm…I’d prefer if most of the skill points were earnt as they are now, through daily loot. But maybe something like the ‘Misc’ options could require hard cash.

The Ambition skill tree, the Origin skill trees I really feel should be able to be progressed through the use of skill points. But I wouldn’t mind a kind of stacking 10k, 20k, 30k on the character skills. As that can add up a little bit like the A.M.

Maybe you guys can recommend some good prices for those skills and we’ll see what we can do! :slight_smile:

Another big thing I was considering, was introducing some additional ‘taxes’ to HWS that can be mitigated through investing in ‘tax avoidance’ skills in the skill tree. This way for instance, you might have a much higer market trade tax of something like 30% that can be reduced down to 5% or even nothing with the necessary investment in a tax avoidance skill.

What do you guys think?

Best regards

More taxes and ways to avoid them? Well that sounds interesting but also like a lot of Drama from the new Players and the “ididntreadthis”-people.

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Yeah absolutely! That’s why it’s just an idea for now. It also goes with one of my previous ideas about having a taxed PVE planet relatively close to the important PVP systems. Like Arma but in a permanent state of PVE.

This planet could have taxes (not as insane as ECC) that could be reduced through the necessary skill point investment. Things like that. :slight_smile:

What do you think my friend? :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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